Words can not describe this music. At times the noise is so chaotic it begs you to leave, and just as it becomes too much, the melody shifts and you are drawn back in, curious as to what comes next. The most unique and surprising act of the night for me - a drummer who used chains, bottles, rattles and just about anything to produce a panic-attack inducing beat, which was softened by the melodic hum and twang of the distorted electric guitar. 

A rollercoaster of awesome.


Explosions in the Sky. 

This is the music that should be playing as two lovers hold each other and watch the world end. Each song uses the same progression; an easy melodic intro grows to an awe-inspiring-eardrum-popping-cinematic-worthy climatic plateau of cacophony, holds itself there and without warning decays into a romantic reverberation of the echoes of what once was. Regardless of their songs having this similarity, each individual song’s subtle uniqueness and timing of the eventual climatic explosion keeps you on the edge wanting more. An amazing way to end Friday night at Moogfest. 


Keebz, Chad Hugo (N*E*R*D) and his collaborator Daniel Biltmore made up the Moogfest Mashup in place of Actress’ apparent visa problems. I’m still not sure why Keebz was waving his hands around like a madman (it looked a bit like he was summoning a spirit ball), but it had something to do with a gesture recognition technology he’s been working on.