Beer buzz:  It’s official, New Belgium announced yesterday that it has chosen Asheville, N.C. for the home of its second brewery. Anne-Fitten Glenn reports:

The rumors were true. New Belgium Brewing Company has chosen Asheville to be the home of their second brewery and distribution center.

At a press conference today at Asheville’s Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue and Kim Jordan, New Belgium’s CEO and co-founder, announced to a crowd of officials, media and exuberant beer lovers that the company will build a brewery on the site of the former Western Carolina Livestock Market on Craven Street near downtown. The brewery will invest more than $175 million over seven years and create more than 150 new jobs.

#WinterWarmer Beer Festival 2016 #BEERICECREAM FLAVORS at the @USCellularCenterAsheville!

@HiWireBrewing Strongman Coffee Milk #Stout
A winter seasonal from #HiWire that is by itself rich and creamy, and thus translates into a similarly rich and creamy Ice Cream.

@WickedWeedBrewing S'Mores Stout
Another rich stout reduced to produce a thick and sweet syrup. We then added (by obligation) graham crackers, chocolate flecks and toasted marshmallows.

@AshevilleBrewingCo Love Ninja Porter
A Valentine’s Day inspired twist on the ever-popular Ninja Porter, infused with Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. One of the many Ninja #Porter small batch variations.

@Bhramari_Brewhouse Coffee-Vanilla Infused Carolina Common
Asheville’s newest brewery is creating #commondujour infusions with an ever-changing array of additions to their flagship Carolina Common. We added a little locally roasted espresso grounds for good measure.

@NewBelgium_AVL Citradelic #IPA
This sweet and citrus-y beer is one of New Belgium’s newest ongoing brews. The syrupy reduction is blended into our cream base, then for an extra bit of fruity class we add chunks of house candied citron.

Salted Caramel
The Hop’s flagship and most popular Ice Cream made with a dulce de leche base and mixed with locally made Carlitos Sweet and Savory Salted Caramel pralines.

@SierraNevada Narwhal #ImperialStout Almond Milk (w/ Salted Caramels)
This deep and bold malt-forward beer has always made a good Ice Cream. This time we made it Vegan with an Almond Milk base and just for fun added some housemade vegan hard-crack Salted Caramels.

@UrbanOrchardCiderCo Ginger Champagne Cider #Sorbet
A super crisp and tart cider, which is one of #UrbanOrchard’s flagships, thrown straight into our machine to churn out a delicious #vegan treat.

#asheville #avlent #avleat #avlbeer #ncbeer #winterwarmer2016 (at U.S. Cellular Center)

Hanging in line at the @wickedweedbrewing (sporting my favorite @therarebarrel shirt) at the #AngelofDarkness release! You can’t see it really well, but the head has a beautiful pink hue to it. Also - shout out to @amyzingcreations for my fantastic handmade hop scarf! #beer #beergeek #beerme #craftbeer #drinkcraft #craftnotcrap #instabeer #beerstagram #beerporn #allthebeers #hops #avlbeer #wickedweed #ncbeer (at Wicked Weed Funkatorium)

This Friday 5/29 is “Beer” Ice Cream + Free Public Tour Night at The @HopIceCreamery. There will be something there from the casks of the Three Broomsticks, #avlbeer lovers and a couple other beer related concoctions!

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