My Dearest TURN Fandom,

I write to you on the night of our very last season premiere to tell you how very appreciated you are.  

As First Lady of the Black Petticoat Society, I have been honored to have had the pleasure to interact with so many of you surrounding our mutual love and enthusiasm for this fantastic show. So many of you have so deeply impressed me with your talents, thoughtfulness, and intellect in all that you bring to this wonderful group of individuals. 

For Krista, Karen, Robin, and I, incredible things have happened because of this show, the majority of which are never seen or talked about on social media, and the opportunity to have made the connections and friendships we have in the 18th Century world has been so tremendous a privilege I dare not attempt to express its magnitude here. 

We so look forward to enjoying this last season of TURN with you.  My doctoral program has kept me away much of the year, but I look forward to interacting with all of you again as this season begins, and as The Black Petticoat Society moves forward with our 18th Century appreciation efforts at the conclusion of season four.

We will be proceeding with our podcasts this year as always, but given the fact that the episodes will be airing on Saturdays, we have elected to record our after show episodes during the week and post them shortly thereafter.  We look forward to bringing even more special guests to the show to discuss their work on TURN.  

We have some very exciting surprises coming up for all of you during this, our final season.  We can’t wait to share everything with you.  

xoxo AvK 

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A very random day.

I just wanna share how happy I am today! :) 

I think I’ve already met my soulmate. My dream guy.

He’s God-fearing, sensible, funny, responsible, futuristic, NO VICES.

We have so many things in common.

We think alike.

He drives me home.

Everything a girl could ever dream of.

Too bad we’re in the wrong time and situation.

Sadyang mapaglaro ang tadhana. :|

Pero I’m so thankful I have found a friend like him. 

After millions and billions of people in the world, our path have crossed.

Maybe God has his own reason we may not understand by now.

Only time will tell.

04/18/2011 ♥