magicalengland  asked:

O-Oh, uh, hi there.. daddy..? [the Omega raised an eyebrow] //@ask-theenglishomega//

Woah there darling… You’re showing a little too much skin~ I won’t be avke to focus on that wonderful personality of yours like this.

A very random day.

I just wanna share how happy I am today! :) 

I think I’ve already met my soulmate. My dream guy.

He’s God-fearing, sensible, funny, responsible, futuristic, NO VICES.

We have so many things in common.

We think alike.

He drives me home.

Everything a girl could ever dream of.

Too bad we’re in the wrong time and situation.

Sadyang mapaglaro ang tadhana. :|

Pero I’m so thankful I have found a friend like him. 

After millions and billions of people in the world, our path have crossed.

Maybe God has his own reason we may not understand by now.

Only time will tell.

04/18/2011 ♥