If this gets 1+ note Krunk will get the courage to come within 3 feet of Avity
If this gets 5+ notes Avity gets a kiss on the cheek from Krunk
If this gets 10+ notes Avity will take up skateboarding as a hobby
If this gets 15+ notes Krunk joins her
If this gets 20+ notes Krunk gets punched in the face
If this gets 0+ notes Krunk sneezes

skribbleshots  asked:

So since Krunk is ace, does that mean he doesn't like Avity anymore? ((I'm so sorry if I got her name wrong, I forgot her name))

Oh, you must not be familiar with SAM (split attraction model)!

Basically, romantic and sexual attraction is separate. Asexuality only deals with sexual attraction, or rather a lack of it.

And yes, asexuals can also be aromantic (asexuality’s romantic counterpart, and probably what you were thinking of), but they can also be alloromantic (the term used for non-aros). Just think that not every asexual is necessarily aromantic, and not every aromantic is also asexual.

Krunk is asexual but not aromantic. So, all that means is he experiences no sexual interest in anyone (including Avity), but DOES experience romantic attraction (to Avity). Hope that helped!