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Avira & Solas in my upcoming DA:4 fic, Uprising.

Working with @limpstella was a great experience. She did such an amazing job bringing my vision to life. Every detail – expressions, pose, clothing, palette – is even better than I’d imagined! If you have a chance to commission her, I highly recommend doing so. Thanks so much for everything! :D

Solas in Haven

I guess I didn’t realize it my first time around, but when you show Solas basic decency, thoughtfulness and consideration in early conversations, he is exceptionally grateful.

I can scarcely count the number of times he has said “thank you” to the Herald for extending him simple courtesies or thinking critically about a difficult issue.

It gets me wondering what his experiences of the year prior must have been, to make him so taken aback by kindness and a desire for understanding.