I relate to Obi-Wan Kenobi because I too:

- Am bad with children

- Remove my clothes by dramatically throwing them on the floor

- Have zero tolerance for Ep. II Anakin

- Avoid urgent work-related business by drinking alcohol

- Develop gay feelings for my coworkers

- Plan on avoiding the consequences of my actions by changing my name and becoming a desert cave hermit

Padme version

Venus signs and what they want

ARIES VENUS: Someone who makes them feel excited or someone who is easily excitable or both.

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TAURUS VENUS: They love romance. Someone sweet, who is romantic or someone they can be romantic around.  

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GEMINI VENUS: Someone who can keep up with them or someone who is always moving from one subject to the next. Someone fun and flirty.

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CANCER VENUS: Someone sweet and nurturing. Someone who is sensitive and affectionate. 

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LEO VENUS: These folks like someone who is bold and they’re into romantic gestures and whatnot. They enjoy showing off and being showed off.

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VIRGO VENUS: They maybe into someone they can serve or someone who will serve them. They could have a thing for perfectionists or be perfectionists when it comes to their relationships.

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LIBRA VENUS: Someone flirty and fun, but who also tends to aviod rocking the boat and maybe even works toward harmony. A social person, even being a social couple would be ideal.

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SCORPIO VENUS: Someone who is mysterious and/or powerful in a way. Someone who has ride or die potential (same with cap imo) Someone who is sexual. Someone thats passionate. Someone a deep bond can be formed with.

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SAGITTARIUS VENUS: Someone who makes them feel light. An adventure in a person, really. Someone they can go to for fun; feeling liberated from life’s dull responsibilities. Someone that makes every moment feel like a grand adventure.

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CAPRICORN VENUS: Someone they deem worthy of their time. They want someone that will put forth effort, someone that can earn their love. Someone who will be as devoted as they will.

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AQUARIUS VENUS: Someone who is friendly, compassionate and most likely intelligent. This placement has been one that indicates a person who falls for their friends. Someone who stands out to them.

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PISCES VENUS: Someone compassionate yet mysterious. Being that neptune is the higher octave of venus, these folks may dig someone who is romantic, they might even like cheesy-ness. 

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check 7th house//possibly mars

I hate hate HATE when people use mental illness as a crutch. The best example I can think of is if a person is sick with a serious physical illness, is it acceptable to just live with it and never do anything about it until it inevitably leads to death? To never seek out help yet tell people" I can’t/won’t do something because my illness impairs me" or “I’m so miserable, I’m so unhappy, why is my life so bad, I’m so unlucky” obviously the solutions to these situations are very different and there may be no actual cure but there are things that can help make everything seems less horrible and make it possible to get through day to day life without too many hangups. And its all fine, as long as theyre are actively making an effort to fix the things that are fixable. I’m not talking about the people who keep it to themselves and just don’t feel they need to actively do something about it, I am talking about the people who constantly complain very openly about how unhappy they are and how much they don’t like themselves, but do absolutely nothing about it. ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE WHO EXPECT OTHERS TO FIX THEM. That is not acceptable for any reason whatsoever I dont care who you are or who they are, it’s not okay to conciously bring someone else down with you because you think they can make you feel a little bit better once in a while. The only way to be content with who you are as a person is to change what you don’t like about yourself and accept the things and situations that can’t be changed. I’m really so tired of seeing this same situation over and over again in so many different ways I wish people could realize the answer is so simple. I’m not saying it’s not difficult but it isn’t a hard concept to grasp

What kind of man are you, Killian?

Let’s see…

  • He’s verbally abused his girlfriend (called her an orphan and a blonde distraction)
  • He’s attempted to kill himself to get her attention (roof scene)
  • He blames his misbehavior on one of his body parts (when he gets his hand back)
  • He killed his own father while knowing he had a brother who also had no mother to care for him…and walked away!
  • He killed the most powerful sorceress in the realms to get his revenge.
  • He brought all the Dark Ones back from the grave to hurt said girlfriend.

But he apologized for it at the last possible second, so it’s totally logical for everyone to forgive him instantly and follow him to the depths of Hell, dispite the fact that he killed himself to aviod that particular thing from happening.

But wait! After the long redemption arcs of Regina and Rumple, they don’t get to finally be the good guys. No, they need to revert to their ways because only Killy gets to be redeemed. Regina needs to separate a mother from her child, because that makes total sense. And Rumple needs to betray Belle again and become the Dark One, because it’s not like he just became a HERO or anything!



part 3 of neighbour cal s/o to the user who suggested this sorry i forgot your url

you were pissed, beyond pissed. it was formal night and your mom had forced you to go because she was getting tired of you hiding in you room trying to aviod a certain someone. but because life hates you you end up here, sitting with calum on the bleachers with a first aid kit you stole from the gym while everyone else was back to dancing and mingling. and your favourite part, the quite murmurs of people who were still staring and gossiping.

you were trying to go as unnoticed as possible dressed in an all black dress hanging out near the door using your phone. it was going well until cody, your school’s residential fuckboy, decides that you wanted his attention. for some reason he had been hitting on you the entire week in school. you didn’t feel threatened by him until he had you cornered and his hands didn’t look like they planned on staying by his side. he roughly gripped you hips and attached his lips to you neck placing slobbery kisses along your neck. you instictively kneed him in the grion making him bend over and scream in pain, making everyone look your way. great i love being the centre of attention. 

just as cody was about to approach you again he got dragged away by someone else and slammed against the wall. 

“ what the hell calum? banged every girl here already that you want y/n too?” cody yelled at cal shoving him back. both boys were seething with anger fists clenched. 

cal didn’t answer but instead lunged forward and started punching cody. what the hell is happenning. they were exchanging punches and wrestling each other on the ground while you stood there in shock, everything happening too quick for you to process. it was only when both boys were pulled off each other that you noticed the large crowd around you and all the people whispering. shit. you panicked and ran out of the hall to try and escape from everyone. but before you could run away someone grabbed your wrists and turned you around. cal was panting with brusies forming along his jaw, you looked down to see his knuckles ripped open. 

“y/n are you ok? where did he touch you, did he hurt you?’ he asked worried, scanning you for any signs of discomfort. he sounded like neighbour calum, not school calum.

“i’m fine.” you replied meekly snatching your hands away from him not enjoying everyone’s eyes on you. of course they were staring , you guys have never hung out in school and suddenly he was beating up a guy for hitting on you. 

you were expecting someone from his gang to drag cal away, or tell you to get away from him. but you definitely weren’t expecting cal to cup your face and kiss you right then and there, in a very crowded hallway. your eyes widened in shock and immediately pushed him off of you. “what the hell are you doing cal we are in school.”

“i made myself watch you get hit on by cody for the past week because i deserved it. i am a dick to you and don’t give you the friendship that you deserve. but i can’t watch him touch you like that, especially since i know i’ve messed things up with us. i love you y/n, so much. you’ve been my bestfriend since forever and i’m sorry for how shit of a friend i have been but i love you so damn much. i shouldn’t have let my friends change me and i’m not embarrassed by what we have, or had, i promise. i want to be able to hold your hand, to show you off to everyone and i don’t want to be able to spend time with you only when we are at home.” 

his eyes never left yours as he held you hands tightly, afraid that you would run away. he looked so upset and nervous, you didn’t know what to say. why now, why did he wait so damn long. “cal, you don’t know what you are saying we’ll talk about this at home.” trying again to avoid a scene. his expression soften, suddenly very afraid that you didn’t feel the same way. “please just tell me you feel the same way y/n.” he sounded so scared, so nervous.

“you want to be with me, like properly?”

he gently tilted your chin up so that you were looking directly into his eyes. “i want you at home at 2 am when i can’t sleep and you are the only person i want to talk to. i want you in school when i’ve had a shitty day even if everyone is watching. i want to be able to hug you and kiss you after every soccer game and show you off to my team. i want to be able to tell aunty linda that we are finally dating and have mali tease us whenever you come over because i don’t care about everyone else. i just want you y/n.” 

shit how do you respond to that. you couldn’t help a smile from growing on your lips, placing your hand on his chest, feeling his heart thumping. you slowly interlaced your fingers with him and he relaxed under your touch, his lips grew into a lazy smile before turning to the crowd and shouting “MY GIRLFRIEND EVERYONE!” with the stupidest grin on his face.

you cupped your hand over his mouth before dragging him away embarrased by your boyfriend.

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Big Plans

I always make these big plans. Plans to do my homework. Plans to clean my room. Plans to workout. Plans to get my life in order. Plans for the future. Plans that I usually never follow through with. I always end up watching some sad sappy movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Titanic, or The Notebook. Or pinning pictures of Zac Efron on Pinterest. Or laying on my floor listening to the whole 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Or baking cakeballs. Or posting blogs on Tumblr.

You didn't think you were gonna aviod all overeating/junk foods forever did you?

Hey. You messed up. It’s okay. Because when you first started? You didn’t expect to never ever overeat, or never ever have junk food again, did you?

Expect the ups and downs. Expect the speedbumps! Expect the setbacks. But don’t it set you back forever. By making a mistake, you are moving forward because this mistake was meant to happen at some point. Better that it’s happened so you can move on right?

You will achieve your goal. It will take time. You won’t have a straight road to success because nothing worth having comes without blood sweat and tears. Nothing worth having will come easy and fast and without its struggles BUT YOU CAN DO IT.


Hello there! I am so happy to present my new Yoga Challenge to all of you! CHALLENGE FOR ALL LEVELS!

I want to share my basics stretchs to gain fexibility in your Shouderls, Wrists, Insteps & Ankles, the body parts that we always forget or aviod to work.

***Poses & Exercises:

  1. Shoulders Shrugs
  2. Circle Resistence
  3. Pointed Resistence
  4. Circle Wrists
  5. Swimming
  6. Tricep Pull
  7. Point & Flex
  8. Grab your mat
  9. Wrist Sequence
  10. Standing Starfish
  11. Rack arms
  12. Circle Standing toes
  13. Pull up hero
  14. Anjali circle
  15. Spiderman

***How to participate:

  • Reblog this post, help me to spread the love.
  • Follow me yogipeach​ (so you don’t miss the instructions)
  • Follow the tag: #FlexYogiFoundations to see your fellow yogis in action.
  • Post photos of yourself in the pose of the day using the tag #FlexYogiFoundations
  • The challenge will be on instagram too!! (my instagram @yogpieach)

Will be some gifts but only applies to the ones that do the challenge on Instagram, sorry but the sponsors are from instagram.

Have fun and find some time for yourself.

I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Lots of love, Savannah.

reminders to the fandom

never ever EVER upload and post gifs that don’t belong to you. you didn’t make them? don’t post them. the creator worked to make these gifs, don’t use them.

make sure your gifs/pictures are in the same size. it doesn’t look good if they aren’t, especially if it’s the height. it just looks messy.

press enter when writing, seperate paragrahps. a new character’s speaking? enter. a new subject? enter. a new scene? ENTER. I saw a fanfic that looks like a rant because it didn’t have paragraphs.

no capital letters after three dots, aka ’…’ or after ’;’ too. don’t write numbers as numbers unless they’re long. aka 12 is twelve and 2856 stays the same.

try to aviod capitals unless you need them. aka a name? captial. wanna shout something? better bold it or use !

same with question marks, I’ve seeb people writing things like ‘what????’ no, use one question mark it looks better than a bunch of them

feel free to add more, I’m probably forgetting a lot.