Korean Particles


  • -가 (for words ending with a vowel)
  • -이 (for words ending with a consonant)
  • -께서 (honorific form)

These particles mark the subject of a sentence. In colloquial speech, -가/-이may be omitted when the subject of the sentence is obvious.

자동차 트럭 앞에 있어요. The car is in front of the truck

아직 돈 있어요. I still have money. (Although not clear in the english translation, 돈 (money) is the subject, because literally it says “money still exists”)

저는 모기 싫어요. I hate mosquitoes. (lit: For me, mosquitoes are hateful)


  1. (I) turns into 내가
  2. (I,humble) turns into 제가
  3. (you, often avioded) turns into 네가
  4. 누구 (who?) turns into 누가
  5. 이거 (= 이것, this thing) turns into 이게


  • -를 (for words ending with a vowel)
  • -을 (for words ending with a consonant)

These particles mark the direct object of a sentence. In colloquial speech, -를/-을 may be omitted when it is obvious that the noun in question is the object. In colloquial speech -를 is sometimes abbreviated to -ㄹ, especially in common expressions. For example: 나 + -ㄹ = 날 and 이거(= 이것) + -ㄹ = 이걸

사과먹었어요. I ate an apple.

저는 칫솔 사고 싶어요. I want to buy a toothbrush.


  • -의

This particle marks a noun as modifying another noun. Most often, as the possessor of another noun. It is frequently omitted in spoken language; more frequently than any other particle. 나의 can be abbreviated to . 저의 can be abbreviated to . 너의 can be abbreviated to .

파리는 프랑스 정치와 경제 중심이다. Paris is the center of politics and economy of France.


  • - 에게 (for nouns denoting something animate)
  • - 께 (honorific form)
  • - 에 (for nouns denoting something inanimate)
  • - 한테 (animate, used in spoken language)

These particles mark the indirect object of a sentence. 에게/ 한테 are used when talking about giving or otherwise conveying something to a person or an animal. Ask your self “whom?

미나가 민수에게 선물을 주었어요. Mina gave Minsu a gift.

고릴라에게 수화를 가르쳐요. I teach sign language to Gorillas.

친구한테 물어봤어요. I asked a friend.

이 드레스는 미나에게 어울리지 않아요. This dress doesn’t suit Mina.

그는 소매치기를 하다가 경찰 붙잡혔다. He was caught picking pockets by the police.


  • -는 (for words ending with a vowel)
  • -은 (for words ending with a consonant)

These particles can follow other particles like 에, 에서, 에게/ 한테, 에게서/ 한테서 and 으로/ 로, but never the subject and object particles. In a casual conversation, -는 can be abbreviated especially with common expressions: 나 - . 이것 - 이건

어머니에게서 아이들이 선물을 주었어요. From their mother, the children received their presents.

In most cases, the topic markers are attached to the subject, however. Subject and topic are two different things. When choosing weather to mark the subject with / or /, it is of importance weather the noun has already been mentioned. If it hasn’t been mentioned before, / is used in most cases./ are used used when something is common sense:

지구 둥글어요. Earth is round.

자전거 싸고, 작고, 조용하다. Bicycles are cheap, small, and silent.


  • -와 (for words ending with a vowel!)
  • -과 (for words ending with a consonant!)
  • -하고 (less formal than -와/ -과, used in everyday speech)
  • -랑 (for words ending in a vowel, colloquial)
  • -이랑 (for words ending in a consonant, colloquial)

All of them translate to “and” or “with” in English. When they mean with (with a person or an animal), they are often followed by 같이 or 함께.

부모님 조부모님 함께 살아요. I live with my parents and grandparents.

  1. -/ -와 비교하- “compared with” 그것은 다른 것 비교할 수가 없다. It can’t be compared with others.
  2. -/ -와  비슷하- “similar to” 그것은 큰 고양이 비슷해요. It is similar to a large cat.
  3. -/ -  -  “the same as”
  4. -/ -와  다르- “different from” 동물들의 삶의 방식은 인간 달라요. The aminals’ way of life is different from that of humans.
  5. , and can be added to -과/ -와


  • -에
  • -에서

can be translated as “to”, “in” or “at”. It is also used to indicate a time. 에서 can be translated as “from“ but also as “in” or “at”. The difference between and 에서 is that is used when talking about something statically “happening” in a place.

우리는 집 있어요. We are at home.

오늘 왜 학교 안 갔어요? Why didn’t you go to school today?

이 꽃은 가을 핀다. This flower blooms in the fall.

독일에서 왔어요. I’m from Germany. (lit.: I come from Germany)


  • -야 (for words ending with a vowel)
  • -아 (for words ending with a consonant)

The vocative identifies a person being addressed. These particles can not be used in honorific speech, but can be used when addressing younger people, children and people of the same age who are close to the speaker. They may also be used with kinship terms when the relation between the speaker and the adressed person is close. 아/ -야 can also appear with playful uses of derogatory expressions.

미나, 너 지금 뭐하니? Mina, what are you doing?

자기, 감자 샐러드 좀 건네줄래? Honey, could you pass the potato salad?

바보, 왜 울어? Hey, you fool, why are you crying?

Note that the vocative exists outside of the grammatical structure of a sentence.


  • -로 (for words ending with a vowel or with -)
  • -으로 (for words ending with a consonant)

These particles mark the noun with which the subject achieves an action. They can be translated as “by”, “with” or “as”. / 으로 can also have a translative  meaning, which can be translated as “turn into”. These particles can also express the reason for a state or action, usually with a negative consequence.

포크 바나나를 으깨라. Mash the bananas with a fork.

이글루는 얼음으로 만들어진 집이에요. Igloos are houses made of ice.

오래된 기차역이 박물관으로 바뀌었다. The old train station was turned into a museum.

이 책은 두 권으로 나누어져 있다. The book is divided into two volumes.

으로 늙은 남자는 죽었다 . The old man died of cancer.

  1. -로/ -으로 = as
  2. -로/ -으로 = by means of (unlike /으로 not used for means of transportation and -써 makes it sound more formal)
  3. Important: after expressions ending in 쪽, / 으로 is used: 이쪽으로 오세요. Come this way.

Plural -들 

When the number is specified, can only be used with human nouns and if that is the case, it’s optional and rare. In general, can be omitted when plurality is obvious or irrelevant.

사람이 많아요. There are many people. (optional)

When the noun is preceded by demonstratives , , , plurality has to be marked. 엔진은 증기로 움직인다. These engines are driven by steam.

can be used with words other than nouns when multiple hearers are addressed and it’s like adding “everyone” or “guys” to the end of an English sentence.

  1. 어서 오세요. Welcome, everyone!
  2. 내 늪에서 뭣하고 있는거야? What are you guys doing in my swamp? (What are you doing in my swamp?!)

들 can also be attached to a word other than a noun when the noun that is being talked about was marked with in the previous sentence:
친구이 어디에 있어요? Where are you friends? - 부엌에 있어요. They’re all in the kitchen.

This particle tranlates to “also”, “as well” or “even”

이것도 사전입니다. This is also a dictionary.

하나 없어. There isn’t even one.


Only is translated as -만. It can occur after other particles but it precedes 이, 을 and 은, but in this case they are usually omitted.

난 작년에 두명 고용했어요. I only hired two people last year.

is another way of saying only, but it is attached to verbs. is attached to nouns and translates to “it is not just”.


  • -부터 (used with temporal expressions or numbers)

3월 25일부터 31일까지 봄 세일을 실시합니다. We are having a spring sale from March 25 to 31.

부터 can be attached to 에서 and becomes 에서부터, which can be abbreviated to 서부터.


This particle is the opposite of -부터. It can be tranlated as “until”, “to” or “by” when talking about time or numbers.

나는 그것을 아주 최근까지 몰랐었다. I did not know it until quite recently.


  • -야말로
  • -이야말로

These particles can be translated as “indeed”, “this very one” or “exactly“

그것이야말로 내가 찾고 있던 것이다. That is exactly what I wanted.

High School

dang i must be the luckiest girl in the world, just a little thing that gets me so worked up, gets me smiling and that feeling you get when you say “you made my day” just the thought that counts, its a amazing feeling, even if it shouldn’t be the case at all, and it shouldn’t concern you at all but it just does….its things like this that make me want to still believe that all you have to do is hold out your hand an they will notice you….have u ever had the feeling like you were avoiding someone but you just seem to deny why you do it? (random) like you avoid them because you have to tell them something that you know they don’t want to hear or you avoid them because you two don’t see eye to eye, or you need to tell them something but you never know the best time to do it….or you avoid them because you care about them so much, that when ever you come into contact with them your mind comes to a blank…currently this is where am at, i avoid how i feel by never really letting people know what am thinking in the inside because its the same “throw-up” I’ve talked about before, an have u ever gotten the feeling that your friends or just people judge you by who you like or who you see attractive an they have nothing good to say, “they” say you should be looking at someone who loves you for you…yet we still try to gain the person who we least expect to be with? why is that? it should come along the lines of you wanting the challenge…people who you can’t compete with, you want to be with someone that isn’t the same, someone who stands out the most an who you see as beautiful. For myself though i realize i uncontrollably started to love someone who at one point i thought i would be with, personality stood out, more of a friend but not relationship-material, but over time as things change an you get to know each other…groups surprisingly start to form in “high-school” an programs were created that seem to isolate what i rightfully thought i could have, than classes started to shape, an teams started to be made…in high school you seem to put yourself in a group….athlete, nerds, cheerleaders, clubs, or by class grade…so on an so forth…kinda getting off topic but the point is that over time you don’t realize someone until later when they stand out in these “groups”…than you start to see comparisons, these groups that you can be a part of and at some point you have your place an your fine with that, couldn’t you be in both?….the point of this was am avoiding her cause am not necessarily part of her group…i have mine and she has hers, i can’t just go to her group an she can’t just come to mine…its this weird system that doesn’t ever stop, I’d like it too but will it ever?

Big Plans

I always make these big plans. Plans to do my homework. Plans to clean my room. Plans to workout. Plans to get my life in order. Plans for the future. Plans that I usually never follow through with. I always end up watching some sad sappy movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Titanic, or The Notebook. Or pinning pictures of Zac Efron on Pinterest. Or laying on my floor listening to the whole 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Or baking cakeballs. Or posting blogs on Tumblr.


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I woke up around 11:30. But sat in bed until 2:00 studying for my psych exam. I showered then went to the study session. Which just got over, at least I have the essay questions down now. Ariel texted me earlier and said he was sick so he can't work my shift tonight. I had asked him last Tuesday if he could cause I have my exam early tomorrow morning so I can't stay out working until 1:00 A.M. So when he said he was sick & could I take it back I told him 'no'. Then he asked me to try and find a replacement for him. No. You took my shift it is now your own responsibility to fin yourself a replacement. Now I going to hide out in the TLC all day and get homework done. Love.
You didn't think you were gonna aviod all overeating/junk foods forever did you?

Hey. You messed up. It’s okay. Because when you first started? You didn’t expect to never ever overeat, or never ever have junk food again, did you?

Expect the ups and downs. Expect the speedbumps! Expect the setbacks. But don’t it set you back forever. By making a mistake, you are moving forward because this mistake was meant to happen at some point. Better that it’s happened so you can move on right?

You will achieve your goal. It will take time. You won’t have a straight road to success because nothing worth having comes without blood sweat and tears. Nothing worth having will come easy and fast and without its struggles BUT YOU CAN DO IT.


reminders to the fandom

never ever EVER upload and post gifs that don’t belong to you. you didn’t make them? don’t post them. the creator worked to make these gifs, don’t use them.

make sure your gifs/pictures are in the same size. it doesn’t look good if they aren’t, especially if it’s the height. it just looks messy.

press enter when writing, seperate paragrahps. a new character’s speaking? enter. a new subject? enter. a new scene? ENTER. I saw a fanfic that looks like a rant because it didn’t have paragraphs.

no capital letters after three dots, aka ’…’ or after ’;’ too. don’t write numbers as numbers unless they’re long. aka 12 is twelve and 2856 stays the same.

try to aviod capitals unless you need them. aka a name? captial. wanna shout something? better bold it or use !

same with question marks, I’ve seeb people writing things like ‘what????’ no, use one question mark it looks better than a bunch of them

feel free to add more, I’m probably forgetting a lot.

anonymous asked:

Rap from the 80s and 90s always have some form of sexism thats why alot of women try to aviod it and thats also why white boys love it

Yeeeah I mean I like the sound of it but when you listen to lyrics, all you wanna do is just turn it off. And white people in general always like black music, like emulating black people, and appropriating us but hate black people, thats not a shock 

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to the anon who asked about the krashlyn fic where they share a room and ash has to quick jump into the other bed to aviod getting caught it is called "caught" and its on ao3

They said it isn’t Caught! I’ve read that one too :) But thank you!! P.S. If the author of Caught is anywhere out there and able to read this… I miss you… we’re dying over here!!!!

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