Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 - Anime vs Reality

So, me and my friend @nimurun live near Barcelona, so we did a tour of the locations from Yuri on Ice episode 10! The photos were taken during the day, so they don’t quite look the same, but it gives a general feel of the place ^^

Here are some of our favourites, with a side by side comparison from the anime:

First stop, Sagrada Familia, where my baby Pitchit took his selfie xD Victuuri were also here!

The hotel the skaters stayed in is called Hotel Princess and it’s on Avinguda Diagonal. Lots of conferences are held there and if you look it up on Google Images you’ll find pictures of the pool where Victor and Chris were hanging out!

Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to go inside and take pictures of the lobby, but maybe next time we will ^^

Next up was the Fira de Santa Llucia! This one looked pretty different in real life: the font has change and there were no decorations hanging behind it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find Maria Dolores, the shop where Yuuri buys the rings and when we asked around we were told it didn’t exist :( 

There used to be a jewelers in the square called Majorica, but it’s closed down now.

The final stop (for now) was by far the most important: La Catedral del Mar a.k.a. the place where VICTUURI GOT ENGAGED AJAIDHPUEQFJGUCFG (still not over it xD)

Again the anime wasn’t quite accurate, but pretty close. While we were here we met another group of Yuri on Ice fans from Barcelona who acted out the scene! They were so cute! >.< 

The gates were open do it’s so it’s not quite right >.< 

You can’t see in this image but people were looking at us funny lol 



Near the Cathedral we found this Restaurant:

The name of the restaurant ranslates to “Victor’s Cafe”! XD

It’s literally right next to the cathedral, to the right, but unfortunately we’re poor so we couldn’t afford to eat there (T^T) 

UPDATE!! @the-wintry-mizzenmast has informed me that Maria Dolores is actually a shop called Carrera y Carrera! https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/images/int/shopping/passeig-de-gracia/101b-carrera-y-carrera/P580/carrera-y-carrera-shop-barcelona-9369.jpg

Thank you so much for the info, will try to go there soon and that more photos! ^^

… in the middle of the street (Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, BCN)

grow-withthe-flow  asked:

I am a huge fan oh my god your work is breathtaking. I love it so much and would like to thank you for your beautiful works of art. I wish I could sit down and go through your journals one by one page by page. They are stunning and make me so happy so thank you. I love to paint myself and would like to get as much advice from you as possible to better myself. I would like to know what are some of your favorite paintings and places you've traveled and why? like some of the best sights you've seen

I am sorry that I took so long to answer your question! I’ve been saving it for a rainy day because I wanted to give it some time and attention. First of all, thank you for your kind words about my art. Second of all, you have already seen my favorite sights because those are the moments that I paint and share on my blog. Following are a handful of places that are especially important to me, with accompanying paintings of each. You may notice that earlier work is quite abstracted, but was still inspired by the location. 

1. The rock jetty in Provincetown, Massachusetts. As a university student I subsidized my studies with a summer workshop in Provincetown where I painted plein air daily. After every class I would walk to this jetty at dusk. (2008) 

2. The Palau de Musica in Barcelona. I felt like I was inside a music box. (2009) 

3. The Erg Chebbi dune in Morocco is the most impressive natural wonder I have seen. (2015) 

4. My daily walk holds a special place in my heart. This includes my hour-long commute to school along Avinguda Diagonal when I studied abroad in Barcelona, or the walk from my apartment to the 22nd Ave subway station in Brooklyn, passing Greenwood Cemetery. And especially my walk across Taksim Square in Istanbul while traveling between Şişli and Cihangir. (2014)

5. My bed, wherever that may be. (2012)

Superpowers to request in the next letter to Santa Claus:

- Gravitational shield anti-rain 

Between reality and fiction around the 34th International Comic Convention of Barcelona

Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina - Barcelona

© 2016 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

Between reality and fiction around the 34th International Comic Convention of Barcelona

Rain was so real :(

Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina - Barcelona

© 2016 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture