I’ll try to do a series of these,  get the primary characters down and have a little description about their bird as well.

Sherlock- Blue Jay

A Blue Jay is a species of Corvid, which is among one the most brilliant birds and ranking as some of the smartest animals as well.  They are bold, aggressive, and overall just kind of assholes.  They hog bird feeders, bully smaller birds, and never really shut up.  

They are known to be curious avians, sometimes picking up reflective objects and keeping them until they ultimately get bored with them.  They have been observed using ‘tools’, which is a sign of intelligence   And while they are mostly know to be the dicks of the bird species, because of there territorial instinct, they are known to chase off predators which (probably unknowingly to the Blue Jay itself) helps the neighboring birds who may not be as brave or big to do so.  I like to think that the reason why the Blue Jay is such a prick is because it gets cocky from being blessed as one of the smartest birds.  It uses it's intelligence (and sheer annoyance) to push around the other birds into doing what it wants.

I mean, I understand that we all love Sherlock, but honestly, he’s an asshole.

John- Black Capped Chickadee

A Black Capped Chickadee is a species of Tit. (See my clever little joke in the picture?  It’s funny because John is an actual tit ahahahahah)

A tit is an energetic, social little bird.  They are actually very intelligent themselves, but still rank lower then corvids and parrots.  The black capped chickadee, like most of species of tits, are very adaptable; But even more so in the sense that it can lower it’s body temperature from it’s normal 42 °C (107.6 °F) all the way down to 10 °C (50 °F).  When it comes to humans, they can be quite brave and go as far to eat from a human hand.  Their calls are remarkably organized and complex, having similar aspects to human language.  There are theories that they are able to warn their flock not only that a predator approaches, but the specific type of predator.

Come on, that’s pretty clever for such a tiny bird.



For stitchnik’s adorable and lovely bunny contest

While I know she’s already designed some wonderful wing!lock bunnies, why not some birdlock or avilock?

From my own personal AU.


We’ve got Sherlock as everyone’s favorite asshole- the Blue Jay

and John as the adorable but courageous Black Capped Chikadee.  This is one of my favorite birds because their markings look kind of like they’re wearing an oatmeal jumper uvu

And yes, I know these are North American local birds as opposed to English, but they fit so well I just couldn’t resist.

And here’s the mormor ones I made just for fun