aviculariaversicolor  asked:

How and where do you find inspiration to write poetry?

most of my poems are just stories from my life… the good things i’ve done, and the bad bad things. even just the way i see the world. try to live an interesting life and you’ll probably write some interesting poems.

it’s that old saying they say to writers… write what you know… just make it your business to try to know as much as you can… and the best way to learn it all is just living.

I’m supposed to be sculpting, but decided to spend some time with Crayon instead. I don’t handle him/her very often at all, but try to do so here and there in hopes of keeping him/her easy to work with for photoshoots. So far this little fuzzball is a total angel. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter and prettier tarantula. And I swear those paws just get larger with each molt. <3 #bugluv #tarantula #aviculariaversicolor #crayon #spiderpaws

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