Tried sketching with my right arm today and holy dang it feels so different!! NO PAIN AT ALL
I drew a conceptual lion bat and also a sketch of an idea for a species, not really a serious one just a for fun one, called a lulu. They are little fluffy sentient creatures with small ears and scales on their faces and legs, they can have any simple type of horn and come in any color. Their tongues are like little tentacles and they will grab things they want and hide them in their mouth. They collect things and what they collect is different for each lulu. They can wear clothes and have piercings and any sorts of decorations. They are the size of a cat but can be a little bigger.
I’m already kinda in love with them heh
They were based off of a little posable sculpture creature I made a while ago.
I’ll post more art and stuff on them soon

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people in my life, chymandah! I’m going to be extremely cheesy and say that thank you so much for being my friend ever since 8th grade! My life right now would be so different if I hadn’t met you omg. I’ll say this every year too- don’t stop singing, because you’re an absolutely fantastic singer. I hope this year treats you well- just one more year until you’re legal, buddy, hehe. 

These are adoptables I purchased from Aviator33@dA, one for myself (left) and the other for Chynna. UvU Pipsqueaks are © to her, but these guys are ours now, yay!