Yall, it feels so good to finally be back in the shop after a month away. Of course there’s a million little things that need my attention, but the two employees @slolley and I left to handle everything did a wonderful job making goodies and shipping orders (shout out to Kelen, who has totally taken over shipping for me and I couldnt be happier or more grateful!). We ran out of our old top inserts, so we had another run made with a bit different look. I’m super proud of these tops as yours truly designed the text, while @benkocinski digitized it for us and of course designed the killer airplanes that is our new #aviatormug mascot. We hope yal like the new look! In case you didn’t know, we’ve added a sale page to the site, which many items including bags $20-250 off, depending on which item it is. For example, one of our rucksacks that is normally $750 is now on the site for $575. Can’t beat that! #loyalstricklin #coffee #airplane #aviator #pilot #leather #travelmug #travel #woodwork #spoons

不機嫌ランデヴー (PellyColo Remix)
  • 不機嫌ランデヴー (PellyColo Remix)
  • Especia
  • Aviator/Boogie Aroma [Mar盤]

Especia | Fukigen Rendezvous (PellyColo Remix)

「不機嫌ランデヴー; Moody Rendezvous

From Aviator/Boogie Aroma (Mar Edition) [2015]

Composed and remixed by PellyColo
Lyrics by mirco

ショーウィンドウ映る2人 少しチグハグだけど
“We look slightly mismatched in our reflection on the shop’s display window.”
悪くないわ そうでしょう?
“But I don’t necessarily think it’s bad. Would you agree?” [x]


1.  Katherine Sui Fun Cheung - Stunt Pilot and first Chinese-American woman to earn a pilot’s license.

2. Barbara Ann Allen Rainey - First female pilot in the U.S. military.

3.  Sabiha Gökçen - First woman to fly a fighter plane in combat.

4. Touria Chaoui - First female pilot in Morocco and seen as a symbol of independence from France.

5. Bessie Coleman - First African American to gain a pilot’s license, an international one since her home country would not train her.


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