aviation memes

Sunglasses Ask Meme

Aviator - What would your friends say you’re best at?
Browline - What is your favorite thing to just… contemplate?
Retro Square - What are you really nostalgic for?
Round - What are you most scared of?
Sport - What activity physically drains you the most?
Cat Eye - What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done?
Oversized - Where do you feel like you don’t fit in?
Clip-On - What’s the weirdest way you’ve solved a problem?
Mountain Style - What is one of your life goals?
Shield - What helps you cope the best?
Biker Goggle - What do you train hard for?
Wayfarer - What’s your guilty pleasure?
Rimless - What is your most unique trait?
Beagle Puss - What’s your favorite joke?
Monocle - What makes you feel the most powerful?
Visor - If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Shutter - What are you best at figuring out?
Novelty - What art style is your favorite?
New Year’s - Tell me something new you want to try.
Heart - Tell me something about your crush.


QueenCate Meme: @ariml’s Fave drama performance: Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator

It’s one thing to play on screen someone who has lived and breathed, someone people have an image of and regard as an icon, but it’s another thing entirely to play her in the very medium in which she has become so revered. The truth is that I don’t think I would have attempted such a feat for anyone other than Martin Scorsese. Marty and I talked about it a lot. He didn’t want me to do any kind of burlesque or cabaret act in recreating her. He wanted something deeper. He wanted me to observe her mannerisms and her gestures and her screen persona, and try to capture the truth of her personality and something of her extraordinary energy. -Cate Blanchett on playing Katharine Hepburn

FNaF-themed sentence starters

“I’m not just a creature…”

“I’m all fun and games here!”

“I’m not the crazed killer you think I am.”

“I’m going outta my mind!”

“I’m locking this place down.”

“Just an hour more…”

“The show has just begun…”

“You’ll fear what I can do, but you’ll never run…”

“Our little horror story’s just begun!”

“I’m not the ‘bad guy’, I’m just a bit surprising!”

“It warms my servos and circuits to hear some fresh screams!”

“We’re back, revamped! The madness never ends~!”

“It’s what we’re made to do, you act like WE’RE to blame!”