aviation love

“Off we go.”

Needed to get this out there, sketch/color practice out of my sketchbook. It’s been really cold and snowy here, so i’ve been playing War Thunder… a little too much, but still. I love aviation, and classic dogfighting is pretty intense. I enjoy the strategy of it all. 


Happy Valentine’s Day, hope wherever you are, be it with a special someone, with friends or on your own, I hope you have a lovely day.
And if you’re on you’re own, that’s ok, just remember to love and treat yourself well :) you’re worth it, you’re special.

Much love from this pilot wuff x

180,000 applicants. 1,800 new hires. 1 job of a lifetime.

2 years ago today I had an interview with 75 other people and 6 of us were offered a spot to start training to become a Delta Flight Attendant! That day we sat in awe that we were selected out of everyone else to begin this adventure. I thought I was lucky then.

Little did I know what these two years would hold for me. I thought I was just beginning a new job, not starting the beginning of the lifestyle I had always dreamed of! Over these past two years, I have traveled to 12 countries, I have received 4 raises, 2 profit sharing checks, and haven’t worked a single day. When you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

I honestly feel like I am being paid to travel the world and am so fortunate to be given all the opportunities that Delta has provided me with! I am looking forward to the many years that will follow and all of the new adventures that I will embark on!☺️❤️✈️

Lapidot Aunts? Shipping clue?

Was rewatching the episode Space Race and Steven and Greg were visiting the barn for the first time: 

Greg: “My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation and each other. They cherished the years they spent together, and they held onto every belonging they ever owned-.” 

At first, I thought it was odd for Greg to mention some of these details while introducing this new location. They were there to build a space ship for Pearl after all. Then suddenly… 

…I remembered who would be living in the barn later on. 

“They held onto every belonging they’ve ever owned”

(Knowing Peridot’s attachment to material objects, she’s probably a hoarder too)

“They cherished the years they spent together” 

From the episodes we’ve seen, Lapis and Peridot have become closer friends.

And this picture of Greg’s Aunt and Uncle keeps popping up every now and then.  

So… Was this foreshadowing for the relationship between Lapis and Peridot? Are these details even important? Will history repeat itself? 

Was this already obvious to everyone and I’m late to the discovery?