bendy and the ink machine bad end: some weak plot twist about how it was actually all henry’s hallucination while inside a mental institute/he was already in purgatory/hell

bendy and the ink machine good end: the game sticks to a creepy yet whimsical plot and continues showing its brilliance by delivering a creative well though out ending

bendy and the ink machine true end: alice, bendy and boris (and other cartoon characters that may be introduced or not later on) walk out of the studio and into the streets and they fucking, they do this

Top of the World (reader x Tony Oneshot)

Characters: reader x Tony Stark

Summary: You take the reins at planning your own special day, to which Tony protests at times. Adding a few surprises and spending it with the man you love, it’s exactly what you had hoped for. 

Warnings: none. Just straight-up fluff! Tiny mention of sexy times I guess?

Count: 1470

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Y/N: This was written in honor of the lovely @beccaanne814-blog !! Happy Birthday, my darling Becca!! I’m so happy to know you and I really hope you enjoy this fic. I love you!! Any feedback is appreciated, as always. It’s been a heck of a week, but I’m heading out of town in a few days for a much-needed break. There might be writing? Hopefully? I appreciate you all!! 



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Consciousness slowly seeped into the edges of your mind, taking its sweet time. You loved mornings like this: waking with no jarring alarm or rude phone calls. You had turned your phone off last night just for this purpose. Parting your lashes to test the brightness of day, you stretched lazily and felt a happy flutter when your hand brushed against the warm, solid body beside you. He must have slipped into bed in the early hours, never one to believe that nighttime meant sleep time.

You rolled onto your side to face him, taking in his handsome features in their relaxed state. He looked younger when he slept, more vulnerable. Part of you thought you should let him sleep, but then you decided against it. This was your day. You got to do whatever you wanted.

With a devilish smile, you began to trace the patterns of his unique facial hair. He was meticulous about it and you swore he either shaved once every hour or had invented some way to keep selective areas from growing whiskers. Even in these early hours, it was perfect. As he registered your light but noticeable touch on his skin, his brow furrowed in dislike.

“Mm. Quit it,” he mumbled sleepily.

“Nope,” you grinned.

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n-x-northwest  asked:

Re: the responses on Russian diminutives - it's entirely possible Yuuri might have a hard time saying "Vitya" - it might sound more like "vee-tay-yah," but that reaally depends on how comfortable he is with consonants, which he very well might be after being in the US for 5 years. ANYWAYS that led me to thinking about Yuuri calling Viktor "Vitka" instead and I died a little from how adorable it would be.

Ahh that’s very interesting!!! & OH MY GOD “VITKA” I can’t I’m slain.

I HC that Yuuri starts calling Victor by silly nicknames when he’s sleepy / when they’re just lying around the house and it’s really casual. Victor notices and it sends a thrill through him each time but he never points it out. Yuuri gets more and more comfortable around him over time and starts calling him nicknames in everyday conversation and in public. It’s so domestic and pure that Victor can’t even handle it. He holds Yuuri’s hand a little bit tighter every time Yuuri says “Good morning, Vitka” or “I love you, Vitya” or “Could you make me tea, Vitenka?”

He really couldn’t care less which nickname Yuuri uses for him, so long as he keeps doing it because it warms Victor’s heart and makes him the happiest person on the planet.