Boy oh boy, Marina is super cool.. me n a pal were talking about some stuff regarding her and came up with a story of how she befriended the Slayaz!

Coco works at the studio so she pulled some strings and got vinny and his friends a volunteering job for the Splatfest concert. During some pre-show activities, Marina presented Pearl with a Kelp Mushroom.

In my story, Kelp mushrooms are like the octarian equivalent of a bouquet of flowers, used for respect or congratulations, or for good luck!

Pearl of course was not familiar with this more.. “traditional” practice and just thought it was a moldy shroom and tossed it. A “thanks but no thanks” type deal. Pearl I’m sure didn’t mean any offense by that, it was just kinda yucky..

Now Avia, the octoling member of the Slayaz saw what happened so she and the squad made Marina a WHOLE BASKET of Kelp Mushrooms.. and now they’re all friends!! Hurray!!!

Avia and Tavian belong to @rexrandomex


heyall @avias has an amazing fic called doc scratchs school for supernaturally gifted adolescents that i had to doodle some quick scenes for and its fantastic and brilliant go check it out yall  

also please click for better quality and captions tumblrs favorite activity is blurring things


Muscles by NaPCo
Via Flickr:
Renault Sport Clio V6 Cup

@nerdy-kins and I were talking about a major fight Carver and Avia are going to have in the events of the Curse of Osiris dlc over Carver’s newest obsession with the Vex. Well it came up that their fight parallels a fight Rook and Grier had as well when it came to the Hive. Also went with Awoken having purple blood cause that’s hella cool

Rook and Grier belong to @mrpinstripesuit

Uważam, że wszystko to, co człowiek pomyśli sobie, nie mogąc zasnąć, nie powinno nigdy zostać pomyślane. To są myśli zbędne, odpady dziennego myślenia, coś, czego nasz aktywny umysł nie chciał pomyśleć w dzień, a teraz, mając tyle czasu do dyspozycji, czuje się w obowiązku wykorzystać.
—  Rodrigo Munoz Avia “O psychiatrach, psychologach i innych psycholach”