avi you are adorable

“My mom and I in the California desert. (2004)”   

*For the record, this was during Dan’s Hues days.  

since Pentatonix is one of the most friendliest and comforting group of people out there..

•Avi would want you to eat something today.(especially that BBQ)
•Kirstie would adore you and want to be friends.
•Kevin would want you to listen to the most uplifting music.
•Wyatt would care about you and not be annoying like he is to Scott and Mitch.
•Olaf would want you to cuddle with him sometime.
•Scott would want to rave with you.
•Mitch would totally take a selfie with you.
•Superfruit would want you to stay your Fcute selves and to be yourself

•And Pentatonix…would want you to follow your dreams and live your life to the fullest. And they love you so so much❤️. And they absolutely know you’re a beautiful human being and they want you to know that you’re perfect just the way you are.

Things I learned last night:

They’re all super sweet. 

Mitch is very into holding hands. 

So is Kirstie. 

Scott freaks me out (in the best way possible). 

Avi is adorable. 

Kevin is REALLY nice. 

Mitch will call you “babe/hun/sis/etc” at least once. 

When you stare into everyone’s eyes…you just suddenly start stuttering and shaking. Like don’t even attempt to do this. 

When Scott or Kirstie don’t know what to say, they giggle like little kids. 

Kevin is just so nice and he loves to talk. 

Avi is a sucker for a good conversation about Iron & Wine. As soon as I said those words, he went crazy. All of them are very talkative and totally okay when you’re freaking out.


Ahhh this is ridiculous and I love it.