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2nd Follow Forever

Yes, this is my second follow forever. I’ve been wanting to do one since the longest, and I finally made it XD Thank you guys for making my dash such a wonderful place.Thank you for your support, friendship, and kindness throughout these several years on Tumblr. I hope you all are blessed with happiness, health, and success in 2015 and many more years to come! 

Happy New Year!!!

MUTUALS (if I missed some of you, I’m sorry, plz tell me so I can edit it ^.^)




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So, I ended up going to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) with David (avi-tron.tumblr.com) & Grace (yinluande.tumblr.com) today.

Honestly, I’m a math major. I don’t get contemporary art…AT. ALL. 

Like, there were some rooms where I walked into, and I literally froze because I was literally confused with all these weird statues and paintings staring me in the face. Like that picture by Hans Richter. I literally just stared at it, COMPLETELY baffled. <sigh> I think that as a math major, I’m just waayyyy too logical. heh. And then there was this picture of…well, *I* think it’s a really ugly baby…hahaha…

But there were parts that I had fun in. David and Grace were having fun in the outdoor exhibit, and they even had a Korean Art exhibit, too! :D

Thanks for inviting a totally confused and non-artsy person like me along!! :)) You two were really sweet to ask me to come along..:)))))


I still remember when I went to the airport with Grace to pick you up. Ohmygosh, hahahaah…both her and me were freaking out because we didn’t want you to know that I was going to see you, too. And then we freaked out more because your flight was delayed.

And when I first saw you at the airport, standing on the curb next to Grace, I was giggling and flailing so much inside, because THERE. YOU. WERE. I was sooooo nervous, and all I wanted to do was jump on you and hug you and roll around on the airport ground and flail because you were finally here!!!

2 weeks has gone by. Damnit. 

I’m sorry that I’m not cooler and I’m an awkward potato in real life and I don’t talk much and say much and that I keep a lot of stuff in my mind/heart and don’t say it out loud. I’m sorry that I overreact sometimes; it just that I think that both of you are really perfect friends and I think the highest of you both and just wish I could do anything to make your lives as perfect and smooth and happy as possible.

But thank you for being so cute and awesome and adorable and making me laugh so much. You and Grace are wonderful friends to have and I don’t know how I can ever repay you back for the kindness you two showed me. I had sooooooo much fun, too. Just seeing the two of you around each other and giggling so much together…

Thank you, dongsaeng.

I miss you a lot.

Grace and I are gonna take pics together with hot waiters in ktown and photoshop you in them…:D

Watch on chinesehyung.tumblr.com

Oh, and I went to karaoke on Sawtelle with David & Grace after we went to the LACMA. 

I freaking LOVE singing Jay Chou's 聽媽媽的話 (Listen to Mama’s Words). I can’t rap/sing the verses of the song, but I freaking LOVE belting out and singing the chorus :)) I think that’s the only song that I’d prob ever let anybody record my voice singing. Otherwise my voice will crack glass and scare small dogs and children away…lol…

(better, higher-resolution version)


Hookah…and bubbles!! :DDD

Dongsaeng…I miss hanging out with you and Grace already…