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2nd Follow Forever

Yes, this is my second follow forever. I’ve been wanting to do one since the longest, and I finally made it XD Thank you guys for making my dash such a wonderful place.Thank you for your support, friendship, and kindness throughout these several years on Tumblr. I hope you all are blessed with happiness, health, and success in 2015 and many more years to come! 

Happy New Year!!!

MUTUALS (if I missed some of you, I’m sorry, plz tell me so I can edit it ^.^)




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Hello everyone!
So, the one year anniversary of this blog recently kindanotreallyrecently passed [July 18] and I have finally gotten my lazy bum around to making my first official follow forever! Only 6 days before one month late! Hoorayy!
Anyways, I started this blog because 1. I was very tired of my old blog and I just wanted a fresh start. 2. I wanted to focus my blog more on Bangtan and they had barely turned 1 month and six days so I figured “why not”.

There were plenty of times that I had thought of deleting but I continued meeting a small handful of people that made me want to stay, and ofc I really wanted to keep up with Bangtan and the best way was through here.

I just want to say to everyone, THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get passed 300 followers but now I’m wayyy passed that. I really don’t know why you all followed me or why you stick around orwhyyounevertalktomebut honestly, thank you.

Special shout out/thanks to my close tumblr friends aka the people that have made me want to stay at one point or another: rapmon-dongsaeng / jiyong-noona, j-helpless, steoulen, rainahhh, transcardial, officialbeenzino, yeobae and nojimin
thank you for putting up with me and my shitty replying habits and for checking up on me and making an effort to honestly talk with me. I love you guys ;3;

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Honestly, I follow a lot more blogs, but I’m either a) not sure if they’re even active or 2) don’t really see them on my dash so if I missed you I’m so sorry!
And for those who have been following me from the beginning and havent unfollowed me yet thank you<3 and for those who just started following me thank you<3
i love you guys ;3;