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I was thinking of posting a Camp Camp fanfiction on here. Who would be interested in reading it?

It would be an OC fanfiction, (please don’t hate on me for choosing to do it with an OC, that would be a dick move). There are two OCs.

Marina is there for Music Camp, she loves music but has rich parents who don’t pay enough attention to her or care about her without realising they were benign neglective. They unknowingly pay more attention to her professional athlete older brothers and Dux award winning older sister. She’s nice, Australian and passive aggressive as all fuck. Also gay, super gay. She makes a lot of gay and suicidal jokes with her best friend Avis.

Avis is a goth who is cynical and satanic, she has a knife she uses to scratch pentagrams everywhere, she isn’t very emotional. She’s a lot like Rosa Diaz. Deadly and dangerous she gets am long with Max due to the their similar ‘fuck you. Fuck this’ attitude.

Please tell me if you want to read it or would be interested, I might post the first chapter here to see if it gets action.

Yay, a good shot of Mag taken with a camera that doesn’t suck (aka not mine XD)

More shots of this costume- http://aviva0017.tumblr.com/post/86943690928/more-pics-of-blind-mag-from-momocon-2014-i-had-a

Photo by S.I.R. Photography

(And of course now it’s fixed after people have already reblogged it XD)