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DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 9: Anneke van Giersbergen
Born: March 8th, 1973 (Netherlands)

Bands/Projects: The Gathering (1994 – 2007); Agua de Annique (2007 – 2009); Solo (2007 – present); The Sirens (2014); The Gentle Storm (2014 – 2016); Vuur (2016 – present)

Collaborations: Duo Bad Breath (1992 – 1994); Farmer Boys (1995, 1996); Ayreon (1998, 2000, 2008, 2016); Lawn (2004); Napalm Death (2006); Moonspell (2008); Within Temptation (2008, 2009); Giant Squid (2009); Maiden uniteD (2010); Shane Shu (2010); Anathema (2011); Lorrainville (2011); Globus (2011); November’s Doom (2011); Devin Townsend Project (2009 – 2014); For Many Reasons (2013); Cellarscape (2014); Countermove (2014); Amadeus Awad (2015); Amorphis (2017)

She began singing at age 7, when she participated in a music contest. At 12 years old she participated in her school choir where she studied and toured through France. Later she began taking singing lessons and joined her first band. After this first experience, Van Giersbergen joined several bands.
Anneke musical roots are in classical and jazz music, but she enjoys rock and pop the most. Her main influences are Prince, Ella Fitzgerald and Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

Personal life: On 20 February 2005, she gave birth to a son named Finn, whom she had with her husband Rob Snijders.


Improv Alamoto –> Improv to The Wolves (Act I and II) by Bon Iver
Summit Dance Shoppe

Adele Strommen, Grayce Norden, Harlow Ganz, Sloane Dokman, Sullivan Neubauer


Last week kinda fell apart workout-wise, so nothing to do but do better this week. Because I live in the Country That Can’t Decide Whether It’s Winter Or Spring, I had to make good of the nice weather and go for a run.

I decided to combine my old route with the one I’ve been running the past couple of weeks just to see how much it would be combined and how it would impact my average pace. The combined route turned out to be about half a km longer, capping off at almost 4 km, and as expected my average pace ended up being a bit slower but not by much. It’s still acceptable and still faster than what I averaged last summer.

I might need to run either my old route or the new one a few times efore doing the combo route again, my calves were starting to protest towards the end, and I’d rather not get shin splints again.

Distance: 3.9 km
Average pace: 9.18 min/km