avex mail

[Translation] 131028 U-KISS Mail Magazine

Hello! This is Kevin. It’s been a while.
Is everyone doing well? It’s really cold in Korea.((((;゜Д゜))))

Everyone must have been worried a lot.
But us members and the staffs all support Dongho’s decision after the discussion.
I’ll work hard as I always do so please keep support us.

Also, I’m preparing for the comeback in Korea.
Have you listened to the new song?
There are lots of great songs in our new album too,
so please check it out.

And the photos are 2 shots with Kiseop.
Kiseop is handsome, right?

Please take care and don’t catch a cold. See you next month!!!
I want to see you soon.

Bye bye.

Translation: karenwu0109