playing with fire; a band of brothers fanmix for the memories and the aftermath [listen]

1: the war on drugs - the haunting idle. 2: the avett brothers - the perfect space. 3: mumford & sons - after the storm. 4: doves - kingdom of rust. 5: trent dabbs - read ‘em and weep. 6: brandon flowers - playing with fire. 7: the war on drugs - under the pressure. 8: the head and the heart - cruel. 9: band of horses - infinite arms. 10: we are augustines - barrel of leaves. 11: the head and the heart - another story. 12: athlete - lucky as hell.

Got tagged in a thing by thealmightypotters and I was bored and felt like doing it so yay! Thank youuu! 

1. Write your name with songs.

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
Little Bird - Laura Marling
Little Green - Joni Mitchell
I And Love And You - The Avett Brothers
Emmylou - First Aid Kit

2. Why did you choose your URL?

Well, I had a Laura Marling lyric for ages but my old housemates found my tumblr and I felt incredibly uncomfortable so I changed it. Ellie Does Life is close enough to Ellie Makes Music too so it kinda ties in. 

3. What’s your middle name?

Martha. Sometimes I wish it was my first name. 

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

A faerie ‘cause they’re closest to humans but they can fly. Or a mermaid. ‘Cause mermaid’s are badass.

5. Favourite colour?

Purples and blues are my faves. 

6. Favourite song?

There is no way I could have a favourite song. I have a number of songs that I love a lot, like A Case Of You by Joni Mitchell, I Speak Because I Can by Laura Marling, Cloudbusting by Kate Bush… 

7. Top four fandoms?

Not really into fandoms anymore. Used to be kind of in the Glee fandom but I’ve come to realise that most of the time they just end up being too annoying. The top four things I’m a fan of that I would consider being on the edge of a fandom, though, are Parks and Rec, Laura Marling, The Holy Trinity of YouTube and Glee. 

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I find Tumblr so calming. Like, I know people who meditate or go for walks or watch films to unwind, but Tumblr is just my way of relaxing.

9. Tag nine mutuals you love very much:

ohmy–love  itswonderlandbitchez emmylila forgive-the-fire j0-shua astonrms dystopiandreamhotel @morganlaikes plumey 

You don’t have to do it angels just thought I’d tag ya. 

let the world fall away, one kiss at a time

belated promise ring (iron & wine cover) sophia rose // in the morning the staves // i want you like a seatbelt (chadwick stokes cover) aj music // josephine brandi carlile // i’m on fire (bruce springsteen cover) the staves // hey ya! (outkast cover) sarah blasko // murder in the city (the avett bros cover) brandi carlile // my my love (joshua radin cover) renata baiocco // the church and the river jennifer o’connor // kathleen (josh ritter cover) maryleigh roohan // dancing in the dark ruth moody // blood bank (bon iver cover) kina grannis // virginia may (gregory alan isakov cover) antje lang // simple as this (jake bugg cover) isabelle thomson // suddenly i see kt tunstall


b00kstorebabe tagged me in the 20 beautiful people tag!

I usually ignore these things because I don’t like the way I look, but I am really trying to work on having confidence and all that jazz.

I dyed my hair tonight over the brown I dyed it two weeks ago that I dyed over the purple I had in June, and it looks kind of crappy. OH WELL. It will grow out.

ALSO, SADIE SELFIE. She didn’t want to be in it.

I tag theladymarvel * angrychalupaa * queuetiffanyc * ryanvoid * overlyobsethed * brokenhousebehindme * idontcareimjustinspired * apanoplyofsong * cest-la-avett * charminglymisanthropic * dadfleece * fadeastride * jenniebelle * littlestevierogers * openendedlife * pushcametoshove * pavels-chekovs * pauciloquentpalabra * rememberspring * saysourgrapes * thesilentsolipsist and anyone else who wants to do it. I tagged mostly people who I never see selfies from, and then a few I definitely see selfies from, just so some people will hopefully do it.



Tales of Coming News-The Avett Brothers. Edgefield-Troutdale, OR 8-26-12

literally one of my favorite songs. it’s rarely played live. Also Seth finishes the last verse!

feels like hope | a nux/capable playlist, made with the lovely grownup-gambino

like a river runs bleachers // cry like a ghost passion pit // die young kesha // primitive atlas // hunger of monsters and men // kelly the pains of being pure at heart // yellow coldplay // perfect vision cheerleader // like real people do hozier // handsome hands ingrid michaelson // as we move forward the family crest // holland road mumford & sons // take it easy the eagles // bixby canyon bridge death cab for cutie // leave my body florence + the machine // she changes the weather swim deep // home johnnyswim // cruel the head and the heart // ones who love you alvvays // souls like the wheels the avett brothers