avett mine


infinite list of perfect performers: scott avett (the avett brothers)

you know, maybe somebody should just say, ‘they’re just songwriters. maybe they’re just poets.’ if we’re lucky, we’re poets. maybe we’re just artists, and we just make things, and for the time being music is one of the things we make. maybe, eventually we’ll build houses, or maybe we’ll make playsets for kids instead, i don’t know. but we try to be craftsmen of some sort. that’s kind of the movement, the need to make something. i know, personally, that i can say that that’s been the priority. and music has been something that I’ve had quite a bit of joy in making, and there’s beautiful challenges in it. as long as i’m moved emotionally, there’s a need to do it. as long as i’m breathing, and observing, i’m affected, and as long as i’m affected, i write for some reason.