Juice = the new milk!

I can literally feel the difference in my body on days I juice!  I do it because my body LOVES me for it!  It’s that simple.  I only juice with Organic vegetables and fruits… as the juice is like a rapid fire to your bloodstream… the last thing I want are pesticides, herbicides and toxins rushing my system.  After all,  I juice to provide my body with the purest nutrients and cleansing elements possible… not to provide a rapid increase of toxification… so ONLY juice Organic!  Your body will love you for it!

Today’s Mixology:

Tri-color carrots
Dandelion greens
Gala Apple
Radicchio and mixed greens

I’m going to be honest, I was nervous … but it was one of the most amazing juices I’ve made!  Absolutely delicious!  The beet, carrot and apple sweeten the juice… and balance out the more pungent parsley, chard, dandelion green, radicchio and ginger, which are so loaded with goodness, it’s almost ridiculous!  From killing internal parasites to digestion… there’s good in the green!

Juice = the new Milk!  It does a body, eyes, ears, nose and toes good!