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for her: a wlw playlist by @satremohn​ and @griffindors

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i. strangers halsey ft. lauren jauregui / ii. girls like girls hayley kiyoko / iii. touch shura / iv. telegraph ave + sober daniel andrade / v. girlfriend icona pop / vi. lgbt lowell / vii. marceline willow / viii. daisy zedd / ix. she’s a lady LION BABE / x. nights with you MØ / xi. lowkey dev / xii. let my baby stay amandla stenberg / xiii. sweater weather kina grannis / xiv. distraction kehlani / xv. only a girl gia


Okay but can we talk about how cute this is? He’s so giggly and almost every time he’s about to cuss he’s like, “Oh just so you know, I’m about to cuss.” Like…. ugggghhhhh, I can’t handle it!

how to guess the gender of most french nouns

Typically masculine noun endings (+90%)

  • -an, -and, -ant, -ent, -in, -int, -om, -ond, -ont, -on (but not after s/c¸)
  • -eau, -au, -aud, -aut, -o, -os, -ot
  • -ai, -ais, -ait, -es, -et
  • -ou, -out, -out, -oux
  • -i, -il, -it, -is, -y
  • -at, -as, -ois, -oit
  • • -u, -us, -ut, -eu
  • -er, -e´after C (C=t)
  • -age, -ege, – ` eme, -ome/- ` ome, -aume, -isme
  • -as, -is, -os, -us, -ex
  • -it, -est
  • -al, -el, -il, -ol, -eul, -all
  • -if, -ef
  • -ac, -ic, -oc, -uc
  • -am, -um, -en
  • -air, -er, -erf, -ert, -ar, -arc, -ars, -art, -our, -ours, -or, -ord, -ors, -ort, -ir, -oir, -eur
    (if animate)
  • -ail, -eil, -euil, -ueil
  • -ing

Typically feminine noun endings (+90%)

  • -aie, -oue, -eue, -ion, -te, – ´ ee, -ie, -ue
  • -asse, -ace, -esse, -ece, -aisse, -isse/-ice, -ousse, -ance, -anse, -ence, -once
  • -enne, -onne, -une, -ine, -aine, -eine, -erne
  • -ande, -ende, -onde, -ade, -ude, -arde, -orde
  • -euse, -ouse, -ase, -aise, -ese, -oise, -ise, -yse, -ose, -use
  • -ache, -iche, -eche, -oche, -uche, -ouche, -anche
  • -ave, -eve, -ive
  • -iere, -ure, -eure
  • -ette, -ete, – ˆ ete, -atte, -otte, -oute, -orte, -ante, -ente, -inte, -onte
  • -alle, -elle, -ille, -olle
  • -aille, -eille, -ouille
  • -appe, -ampe, -ombe
  • • -igue

A simplified  list of endings:

Feminine noun endings

  • The majority of words that end in -e or -ion.
  • Except words ending in -age, -ege, -é, or -isme (these endings often indicate masculine words).

Masculine noun endings

Most words with other endings are masculine.

My heart skip skips a beat


The pause is to allow the atria to fully empty into the ventricle.

Heartbeat on an ECG trace

P Interval (Ventricular Diastole)

  • Atria and ventricles are relaxed
  • blood is flowing into the atria from the veins. 
  • Atrial pressure increases above that of the ventricle, AV valves open allowing blood to flow into the ventricle

P Wave (Atrial Systole) P-Q

Signal transduction from SA to AV nodes. 

  • SA node fires 
  • Atria contract causing atrial systole 
  • which forces all blood into the ventricles
  • emptying the atria.

Q Interval (End of Ventricular Diastole)

Depolarisation of interventricular (IV) septum 

  • AV valves remain open - all remaining blood squeezed into the ventricles. 
  • impulse from the SA node reaches the AV node 
  • which spreads the signal throughout the walls of the ventricles via bundles of His and Purkinje fibres
  • R peak is the end of ventricular diastole and the start of systole.

R Interval (Ventricular Systole)

Ventricular contraction

  • All blood is now within the ventricles
  • so pressure is higher than in the atria - AV valves close
  • ventricles start to contract although pressure is not yet high enough to open the SL (semilunar) valves

ST Segment (Ventricular Systole)

Ventricular contraction

  • Pressure increases until it equals Aortic pressure,
  • SL valves open
  • blood is ejected into the Aorta (and pulmonary artery) as ventricles contract
  • At this time the atria are in diastole and filling with blood returning from the veins.
  • plateau in ventricular arterial pressure

T Wave (Ventricular Diastole)

T= moment of Ventricular repolarisation immediately before ventricular relaxation

  • Ventricles relax
  • ventricular pressure is once again less than the aortic pressure 
  • so SL valves close

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Your drawing style is really unique and I love it!!! Have a good day!!!

Hello! I just woke up and!!! I Love You??

Thank you so much!! That means so muCH TO ME AAAA THANK YOU!!

it gets weird if people have to constantly remind each other that bangtan’s also human, who SHOULD be respected and given space, who can ALSO get hurt just like every other human including the people (‘fans’) who just have to cross the line. It gets even weirder to see people actually defend those ‘fans’ who pushed their faves to scream at them, get overly excited at them (they’re already tired mind you), get a close up shot so they can be happy about it and get those likes/rts/reblog if they choose to post it.

again, let the boys have their peace, they just got down from a very long flight, they don’t need that kind of bullshit once they land (or ever in fact lmao).

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ok a while back u said sh/lav wasnt bestiality because s/av is an intelligent creature but like... by that same logic, like, the mice from the rescuers are intelligent creatures who can communicate with humans and probably consent to a relationship... i don't wanna be rude i just wanna know like where do you think the line is there

are you really comparing sh/lav to a disney movie about talking mice

you know how i get when i’m lonely; foot on the gas 

i. coming down - the weeknd 

ii. from time - drake ft. jhene alko

iii. na na (stwo remix) - trey songz 

iv. telegraph ave - childish gambino 

v. poetic justice - kendrick lamar ft. drake 

vi. fuck u all the time - jeremih 

vii. often - the weeknd 

viii. cameras - drake 

ix. 3005 part 2 - childish gambino 

listen here

Happy Fic Writer Appreciation Day! Fic is a huge part of my life, whether I’m reading it, recommending it, writing it, or chatting about it. I never could have known two years ago when I joined the BBC Sherlock fandom that fan writing would become such a huge part of my life, but it is, and I couldn’t be gladder about that.

There are tons of fan writers that have influenced me a great deal over the course of my fandom writing journey. Whether they are writing great fic, offering great advice, or raising a great set of pompoms when nothing is going right (write? ahahaha gah okay I am a dork I know) they make fandom a fun, creative, and supportive place to be, and I’m happy to honor and recommend them today. These are some of the fantastic writers I keep up with; I hope you’ll give them a follow too.

Root Cellar Writers:

alyacta ; anomalagous ; bfab11 ; bleep0bleep ; bootsnblossoms ; debbiejterp ; differintegrate ; fandumbgirl ; fightyourdragon ; gala0apples ; hedwig-dordt ; hobroseyberry ; kissofflame ; ladybubblegum ; maliaskittles ; maramcgregor ; marveldogsofwar ; neverrwhere ; rashaka ; rehfan ; roane72 ; runicscribbles ; screaming-towards-apotheosis ; tofixtheshadows ; wintergrey

A - Z

acaranna ; affectingly ; alphateeth ; ameliaproblems ; amorremanet ; amythe3lder ; archie-ives ; ave-malia ; beautifullyheeled ; bisexuallydia ; dinosaurswearingdior ; dirtycorzaharkness ; doctornerdington ; earlgreytea68 ; eeyore9990 ; elandrialore ; elasticella ; elfysparkles88 ; ellioop ; estraeven ; gingerhermit ; halerogerrs ; havingbeenbreathedout ; hiddenlacuna ; holmesianpose ; hushjustlookpretty ; ipoiledi ; kedgeree11 ; ladysciles ; lexxxwasniahc ; lozenger8 ; malieatate ; mildredandbobbin ; missoj ; momomomma2 ; moonblossom ; morallyunequivocal ; nautilicious ; otterystmarymorstan ; packleaderscottmccall ; patternofdefiance ; peterhaleforalpha ; pictures-to-prove-it ; pilgrimkitty ; pocketlass ; poisontaster ; popunkscott ; provocatrixxx ; pterawaters ; queerhawkeye ; queerlyalex ; queertrees ; raekencall ; redscudery ; renntastic ; reserve ; robokittens ; rootingformephistopheles ; rosewindow ; rrrowr ; saranghaeshinee ; savingsciles ; scilydia ; scottmccbooty ; scottmcslut ; scottmczall ; scottsredhoodie ; scottstilesliam ; scottybae ; seriousshit88 ; shinysherlock ; sierbane ; snogandagrope ; static-abyss ; stilesstilinskimccall ; supernatasha ; theodoreraeken ; thorinoakentwig ; tomato-greens ; trashstiles ; tswizzin ; tylerposeyeatingmybone ; vigilantelawyers ; violethuntress ; waning-croissant ; wearitcounts ; whatthehalefire ; wtfzurtopic ; xproskeith ; zaynsclapback ; zcinmalik

Thank all of you for sharing your words with us.