I Somehow Found My Way To You || Pavery

[Presley couldn’t be happier that Avery decided to eventually come to Olivia’s party. Not just because he wanted someone to hangout with, he’d actually been planning on leaving soon just because the party didn’t really feel like much of a party without her, but because he didn’t want her to be so afraid of the gossip blog that she stopped doing things she normally did. He wasn’t really sure if that had been the reason behind her not wanting to come or if it was really because she just didn’t know the other girl that well. He walked along the edge of the pool, only half focused because he knew he would have no problem finding her, and smiled when he saw her even though he couldn’t see her face] Hey, hun. [He sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder as he glanced around.] I’m glad you decided to come.

Dancing ll Presley & Avery

[Presley walked straight home from the pool shivering slightly until he was inside. He unwrapped the towel from around his waist and used it to dry his hair before he tossed it to the side, moving over to his closet to pull out fresh clothes. After he finished getting ready he headed out towards his car and sat on the hood as he waited for Avery.]

Soak Up The Sun || Pavery

[Presley tapped his fingers against the hood of his car as he waited for Avery. He wasn’t anxious at all, especially after the night they had before. He just couldn’t wait to get into the water. He twirled the little water gun he’d brought along on his finger absentmindedly until he saw her walking up, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling at her. He stood, raising it so it was pointing at her before he fired off a few shots playfully.] I hope you’re prepared for the best day ever.

You Just Killed Me || Pavery

[Presley walked into Katz and bit his lip as he tried to decide whether he should start looking for Avery right away or go grab a drink. He didn’t plan on getting drunk, or even drinking very much, he just wanted something to help him relax a little bit after all the work he’d done on the paper. Since he didn’t have any idea where to start looking for her he headed towards the bar, glancing around as he went. Once he saw her he veered off course and wrapped his arms around her waist slowly from behind, leaning down to rest his chin on her shoulder. He knew guys had probably tried to pick her up all night so he thought it would be funny to try and play around with her] If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

Welcome Home || Avery & Presley

[Presley drove back towards the dorms with a pizza box sitting in the passengers seat along with breadsticks and a two liter of soda. He couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend his first night back in Rosewood than hanging out with Avery. After all the drama he’d been through in the past day he was glad to have the chance to relax. He walked into the dorm, closing the door behind him easily as he smiled] I got ham pizza, as promised.

Don't Freak Out || Pavery

[He knew she was probably freaking out. It wasn’t even his secret and he was freaking out so much he could hardly sit still for longer than a couple minutes at a time. Unlike most days, he’d actually got on the gossip blog to see if anything interesting happened and then he saw it. The inside of his mouth had gone completely dry and he had to swallow past the lump in his throat, reading over it a few times before he actually realized it was really there. Someone knew about her secret, and sooner or later they were going to tell everyone else about it. Presley had thought about texting her right away to make sure she was okay and ask if she saw it, but he didn’t want to be the one to break the news to her. So he waited to see if she would call him until he couldn’t hold back anymore. He knew he’d been rambling in the text and she probably picked up on that too, but he couldn’t help it. He wasn’t even sure if she knew anything yet, which was one of the reasons why he’d offered to take her off of campus. To get away for a little bit before the drama started again, just so he could see her smile.]

[He sat on his car, tapping his fingers against the hood lightly as he sent her the message saying he was waiting outside. After a minute he took a deep breath, not wanting her to realize that anything was wrong. She already had enough stress so he just wanted to make things seem as normal as possible]

Super Secret Location #3 || Pavery

[Presley opened Avery’s door for her before he walked around to his side of the car] Okay this place is nowhere near as cool as the library, but it’s still pretty cool. Well I think it’s pretty cool. We both know how my taste is though so you might not think the same thing. [He started up the engine of the car quickly before he reached in the backseat, feeling around slightly and picking  up a little brown bag] But I brought candy so you should be happy. [He smiled at  her shaking the bag slightly before he set it between them] Oh, and I think there’s a bottle of Coke back there somewhere.

So This Is Awkward || Pavery

[Presley was laying on his stomach on the bed with the computer sitting in front of him as he relaxed in a pair of sweats and t-shirt since he’d skipped school again that day. After he’d finished swimming he went back to his dorm instead of heading over to Avery’s so he could skype his parents, so at the moment he was smiling at the computer screen as he listened to his mom go on with the story she was telling because his father was working a couple extra hours that night]

Text | Pavery
  • Avery: …Pres, are we alright? I’m guessing she told you what she said to me because I swear, I’m avoiding her because I didn’t want things like this to happen and I don’t know why she came after me like that last night. I really don’t want to put you in the middle which is why I haven’t said anything else, and yes I know I’m rambling in a text but I really hate the idea of you and me not being okay because of this. I love you, and I’m sorry it happened.
  • Pres: Yeah, she told me what she said, which was completely wrong of her and I'm sorry. I don't understand why she felt the need to call you out when you haven't even done anything to her and when she knows that it's only going to cause problems for me. But I'm not even mad at you. Not after last night. She came over and after we started talking eventually she went on this whole trip about Mason not being a bad guy and it just seemed like she was defending him to me, you know? I don't expect everyone to have my back but I at least thought she would understand the way I would feel if I found out she was hanging out with him. And when I told her to imagine if the situation were reversed she said something about me being friends with Tinsley was sort of the same thing which sort of seemed like a slap in the face to me.
Going Home || Avery & Presley

[Presley sat on the hood of his car, his feet resting on the bumper as he waited for Avery. He reached up to touch his hair, slightly anxious even though he knew he didn’t have anything to worry about, because they were just hanging out like any other time, but he couldn’t help it.]

Surprise! | Presley & Avery

[Presley let his eyes travel around the room nervously, rubbing his palms together before he sent the text to Avery telling her everything was ready. It looked as good as it could possibly get. The room was well lit even though only half the lights were turned on so it didn’t catch the attention of anyone walking by, but the Christmas lights strung around the room to give off extra light made up for it. He just wanted for things to be perfect but over the past three years he hadn’t really gained much experience in the romance department, and he’d never really had a valentine before. So as he waited he fiddled around with his phone, wondering if he was went a little bit overboard.]

Text || Becks
  • Avery: I love you too, Pres. Always.
  • Pres: I'm sorry for being so weird, okay? I just have so much going on in my head right now that seeing you is only going to screw me up even more. And I can't be around you right now because I know you're going to ask me what's wrong or ask how you can make it better, but I don't know what I'm supposed to tell you, because I don't even know.
Withdrawals | Presley & Avery

[Presley walks into the girls dorm, scratching the back of his head lightly as he heads towards Avery’s dorm. He was glad she texted him so he could have a distraction from everything that was going on in his mind and he couldn’t think of any other way he’d rather spend his night than with her. He just hoped he wouldn’t bring her down. He sighed before he knocked on the door, rocking back on his heels as he waited]