I’ve been going through some old picture files while transferring them to an external hard drive and recently discovered some old photos from Warped. Maybe I’ll post some throughout the week.

Here’s one of your favorite sassy British frontman, Josh, giving back my kind friend, Kristen’s camera after borrowing it to take some nice pictures during their set


Modern Baseball- January 2, 2012

Modern Baseball played a basement show with some of my best friends while out on their US tour right now. It was a pretty awesome show, but due to the fact that I forgot my flash, and because someone broke a lightbulb about 3 seconds before they started playing, I was only able to get 4 decent images.

Either way, if you haven’t listened to them, check out this band! They make some pretty rad music.

xx -Avery

Take This to Infinity Under Your Cork Tree with Your Folie Girlfriend

Okay, so I know that the title is a little bit overkill, but c'mon… it’s Fall Out Boy ending their hiatus, you can’t expect me to function on full capacity right now.

Today I’m obviously here to talk to you about a band that’s pretty special in my heart. You may have heard of them. They’re called Fall Out Boy.

Whether you only know the songs “Dance, Dance” and “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” or whether you’ve drowned yourself in your middle school miseries to Take This To Your Grave, no one can say that this band hasn’t appeared somewhere in their life, and for me, they’ve made a pretty big impact.

It’s funny… when Take This To Your Grave was released I was only 7 years old, but by the time From Under The Cork Tree came out, my older brother had become a significant fan of Fall Out Boy, and I was able to hear their songs constantly streaming through the speakers around my house.  I knew every lyric to “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy” and “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me”“ at way too young of an age, but I guess it worked out because this band’s music eventually lead me to where I am today, photographing bands that I’ve only dreamed of seeing live.

The point of this post today isn’t to talk about me, though. I’m here to bring back the nostalgic feelings of sprawling on your bed yelling "AM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET?” into a pillow because of relationship problems or feeling like you belong for once, simply because of the lyrics “Oh darling, I know what you’re going through,” getting screamed by hundreds of people in a crowd at a show.

We all remember pounds of eyeliner taking over Pete’s face and “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” becoming the “Dammit” of our generation (aka every band ever decides to cover it). No one can say that the “Dance Dance” music video didn’t make every girl want to go to homecoming with a nerdy band boy (and possibly made guys want to wear faux leather hats like Patrick).

Fall Out Boy’s music revolutionized many parts of the alternative music scene with the fact that Patrick was one of the first voices in the scene that was simply extraordinary. This band consumed so many people’s iPod minis and accompanied way too many awkward first kisses, long car rides, and high school red cup parties for it’s own good. At the same time, Pete made eye liner on guys cool and guys liking Star Wars was no longer super nerdy because of Joe Trohman. 

Every girl on Tumblr today has been saying how much Fall Out Boy changed their lives, and they did for me too, but more importantly Fall Out Boy changed the music scene. This band was able to make it mainstream without losing their core fans, and while still helping and supporting smaller acts such as Hey Monday and All Time Low. Friendships were created, relationships started (holla Rian and Cassadee) and bands were formed because of Fall Out Boy. These 3 guys not only changed music, but changed so many lives in the process.

Welcome back, boys. It’s been a long 3 years.

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