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do you ever just think about Meredith Grey’s monologues as excerpts of the diary she wrote for her kids in case Alzheimers got the worst of her

Making a Murderer nephew Brendan Dassey freed by judge

A US judge has ordered the immediate prison release of Brendan Dassey, whose case featured in Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary.

The Wisconsin man’s murder conviction was overturned this summer, however, prosecutors are appealing.

The 27-year-old, who has learning difficulties, and his uncle Steven Avery were convicted of murdering a young woman, Teresa Halbach, in 2005.

Avery and Dassey, who was 16 at the time, were sentenced to life in prison.

Judge William Duffin ordered that Dassey be freed from prison under supervision until the next steps in the case become clear, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Under his release conditions, he must submit to the probation and parole office by midday on Tuesday the address where he plans to reside.

Dassey also must not have any contact with Ms Halbach’s family, or co-defendant Avery, whose legal team hopes DNA evidence will clear him.

Dassey’s lawyer, Steve Drizin, told the Associated Press he hoped he would be free in time to spend Thanksgiving with his family on 24 November.

“That’s what I’m focused on right now, getting him home, getting him with his family and then helping him to re-integrate back into society while his appeal plays out,” Mr Drizin said.

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My Thoughts on Netflix’s Making a Murderer

With all the attention this show is getting, I’m just going to go ahead and throw my two cents onto the hype train, I guess.
And my verdict is…. I don’t know.

I don’t know if Steven Avery is guilty or innocent in Teresa Halbach’s murder. I know the documentary makers certainly wanted to push public opinion in the innocent direction.. but I’ve also witnessed enough in my lifetime to know that media will spin things how they want and are careful to only provide information that backs their particular opinion or goal.

What I *do* believe is that the way this case was handled by police is a train wreck from start to finish and that alone should have lead to a Mistrial at the very least. They raise some valid points- why wasn’t Teresa’s DNA found on her own key? How is it that their search warrant allowed them to seize the property for days and force the family out? Why were the Manitowoc Police permitted to be on the scene AT ALL when they had already been under investigation for the framing of original rape charge that sent Steven Avery to jail in the first place? Why didn’t they find any evidence in their first, second, third, fourth searches- and when it was found it was conveniently found by the Manitowoc officers who were in danger of owing millions to the defendant already?

Much of the evidence did seem to fall too conveniently for my taste, and a lot of it wasn’t well explained, and it didn’t add up.

But at the same time, I think it’s also worth noting that the filmmakers left out certain evidence as well. The DNA of Steven’s found on the hood of the car that wasn’t from blood, how he called and requested Teresa specifically but left his sister’s name as a contact, that they had a nurse who admitted to being the one who tampered with the blood in the evidence kit.

Some of my biggest issues come with the distinct lack of other suspects. Why didn’t they question the ex-boyfriend who was allowed on the Avery property? He and her brother somehow managed to guess the password to Teresa’s phone and tamper with missed calls and messages before the police had access to the phone. What were the messages and calls that were deleted? Why wasn’t the roommate questioned when he didn’t report her missing for 4 days? To me this just seems downright sloppy, not to explore all possibilities.

Furthermore, when it was proven that they ignored evidence and sent Steven Avery to jail the first time…. how were those same cops allowed to be involved with his second case? How the hell did they even still have jobs as police officers? They KNOWINGLY sent an innocent man to jail, even when another department TOLD THEM THEY HAD THE WRONG GUY AND WHO REALLY DID IT. And if sending an innocent man to jail for nearly 2 decades wasn’t bad enough, because they didn’t like Steven the real guilty man remained free to SEXUALLY ASSAULT FOUR MORE WOMEN. I’m sorry but those cops should have handed in their badges then and there- let alone been completely banned from working on and gathering evidence in the murder case of Teresa Halbach.

But to be honest, the thing that bothers me maybe more than anything else in the show is Brendan Dassey.

Two intelligent, authoritative adult men intentionally and knowingly forced a coerced confession out of a mentally handicapped child with no lawyer or parent present. They twisted this poor kid all up inside, and used his learning deficiency against him as a weapon and sent this boy to jail for life. Watching the confession made me sick, the police doing the interrogation are disgusting, and how the judge and jury found that admissible is questionable. How anyone could watch the tapes of the several “confessions” of  Brendan Dassey and not see a child being manipulated by the adults they should be able to trust, and not be absolutely sick by it is beyond me.

I mentioned before that I don’t know if Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty, and I don’t. But I want to believe that they’re innocent. And above all, I do believe that they both deserve a retrial where all the suspects are looked at, all the evidence is presented, and done by a police force that shouldn’t already have bias against the Avery family, with a jury who hasn’t been swayed by the media into a guilty until proven innocent mindset. I believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey deserve a FAIR TRIAL and I do not believe either of them got one.
Deleted Excerpts From Brendan Dassey’s “Confession”

Cop: Remember, Brendan, it’s very important you tell us the truth.

Brendan: Ok…

Cop: We know already, Brendan, we know everything. So don’t leave anything out. What did you do to her head.

Brendan: Um…looked at it.

Cop: Ok. What else, did you touch it?

Brendan: Yeah.

Cop: How did you touch it, Brendan?

Brendan: I booped her in the nose.

Cop: You booped her in the nose?

Brendan: Yes.

Cop: What else, Brendan. What else did you do to her head?

Brendan: I, uh…put a hat on her head.

Cop: A hat? What kind of hat?

Brendan: A “Who Farted” hat.

Cop: What else did you do?

Brendan: I don’t know.

Cop: You do know, Brendan. I know you know, now tell us everything.

Brendan: I used sleight of hand to conceal a quarter and then pretended to magically make it appear from inside her ear.

Cop: Come on, Brendan, what else did you do?

Brendan: I combed her hair and counted to 100 like a girl in a movie.

Cop: What else?

Brendan: I put one earbud in her ear and one in mine so we could both listen to my favorite song together.

Cop: What else? What did you do that was bad?

Brendan: I pinched her cheek and said I was her aunt Ruth. That was wrong of me. I’m not really her aunt Ruth.

Cop: What else? The really bad stuff.

Brendan: I asked her to look at something really far away through a pair of binoculars but the binoculars had grease around the eyes so she got grease rings around her eyes.

Cop: What else?

Brendan: I gently removed an eyelash from her cheek and told her to blow it away and make a wish and she did but I don’t really believe that wishes exist.

Cop: What else?

Brendan: I lied to her and said that I stole her nose but it was really just my thumb.

Cop: Come on, Brendan, I know you’re leaving things out that you don’t want to tell us.

Brendan: I helped her try on different pairs of sunglasses so she could see which ones framed her face the best.

Cop: Tell me more!

Brendan: I practiced my makeup application skills.

Cop: And then?

Brendan: I practiced my makeup removal skills.

Cop: What did you do, with a gun?

Brendan: I…uh…pierced her earses.

Cop: Ears.

Brendan: What?

Cop: The plural of ear is ears.

Brendan: What’s plural?

Cop: More than one.

Brendan: Like two?

Cop: Yes.

Brendan: And fifty-four?

Cop: Yes

Brendan: And three-hundred-and-seventy-nine?

Cop: Yes.

Brendan: Is one plural?

Cop: No. One is not plural. Anything more than one.

Brendan: Like ninety-eight?

Cop: Yes, also ninety-eight.

Brendan: What about zero?

Cop: No. Zero is nothing.

Brendan: What is nothing?

Cop: That’s a good question. What is nothing?

Brendan: Nothing. No…thing. The absence of a thing. A void. But what is there…in the void? And what is the void iteslf?

Cop: Come on, Brendan. What did you do to her head?

Brendan: Nothing.

Cop: Brendan, don’t tell me you did nothing. I know that’s a lie. You just admitted to me a whole list of things that you did to her head. And I’d like to also remind you that I already knew that you did all those things. You totally did them, and I totally knew it. And I know you did more things too, so tell me everything.

Brendan: I…uh…booped her in the nose.