avery the avery

@glumshoe​  for some resolution. I kept him in the back for a little while, but I didn’t want him to die inside. When I took him out, he immediately started to perk up and move around! I set him on a bush above the ground, and in some light colored leaves so hopefully the ants and the birds can’t get to him. 

I showed him to a lot of people today, and they all thought he was beautiful too. I hate to let him go, but whatever happens to him, he’s outside on a beautiful day in the sunshine. 

I’m going to irrationally miss this little moth.


Hey check it more Magical Girl OCs and their respective faeries! 

First set is two fox twins named Riko and Shay and their human Adrien. She short. She also angry at being paired with two trickster foxes. 

Second is a rich girl named Avery and her faerie butler Ivreg. He’s a great white shark. (he likes to rip off his clothes randomly and go swimming lmao) They’re in loveee but no one knows. No one in her family suspects he’s a faerie because he blends in so well in his human form. 


Avery Jackson, whose sweetly touching video about what it’s like to be a trans girl, is the groundbreaking cover of this month’s National Geographic

Several trans, non-binary, bigender, and androgynous people posed for another cover, which will be on newsstands on December 27. The issue will also be published online on Monday, December 19. Perhaps the best part is the life-affirming quote from Avery that the magazine put on its cover with her portrait.

Gifs: Debi Jackson