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bigender-offender-deactivated20  asked:

can you not call yourself or anyone a "transsexual"? that's a porn/fetish term and it's listed as at least offensive, outdated and rude in most places. we are transgender.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re just ignorant, not being actively hostile.

“Transsexual” was the medical term for this condition from the time medical treatment started, until trans activism started in the early 1990′s, so 45 years give or take. And the reason people have moved away from “transsexual” and adopted “transgender” is that the majority of trans women have no interest in genital surgery, so they wanted a more “inclusive” term that intentionally left their genitals ambiguous. Why did they want that? Because since the beginning of transsexual medical treatment, genital reconstruction surgery was the cornerstone of the so-called “sex change”. In contrast, the transgender agenda is pushing the idea that legal sex change should be based on personal identification, ie the idea that penis is actually a female organ. Meanwhile, as you point out, porn films continued to use the terms “transsexual” and shemale to refer to pre-op trans women.

I refer to myself as a transsexual because I got a so-called sex change. That was the terminology that was used when I was a teen/20-something, and I think I have a right to it. I also refer to myself as transsexual rather than transgendered because I disagree with a lot of transgender ideology: I don’t support legal change of sex designation on demand, I don’t think penis is female, I don’t believe in brain sex, and I don’t believe in male supremacy. All of those ideas are very deeply encoded in trans activism! So in this day and age, by calling myself a transsexual I hope to differentiate my politics.

Furthermore, I think it makes sense to reserve the term transsexual for people who experience sex dysphoria. Maybe it’s just a line in the sand? There are certainly plenty of non-op trans women (no intention to get genital surgery) who I have total respect for - like Kat Blaque. But then, there are the fucking rape-minded assholes like Avery Edison and Jetta Rae. I have ZERO in common with them.

So yeah, that’s why I use the words I use. Hope that makes sense. :)