avery olive

N-Chu/me: Afternoon everyone! @n-chu4ever here! Yes, I made another sideblog, this time for all my OCs apart from N-Chu! Boys, introduce yourselves!

Oliver: Hey! I’m Oliver, but people call me Ollie! I’m 17 years old and dating Jay!

Jay: That’s me! I’m Jay, and I’m 16 and kinda shy and very smol ^_^

Niklaus: Heyo! I’m Nik! I’m 17 and I am in love with Louis!

Louis: Hi, Louis is me and I’m also 17! I’m currently in a long-distance relationship with Niklaus but I fly over whenever possible.

Luke: Hey! I’m Luke, and I’m also 17 :) I can control space, and I have space markings all over me! Mine are purple :D

Avery: Looks like Luke forgot to mention I’m dating him! I’m Avery, also 17 and I have snowy owl wings!

Nathaniel: Hello! I’m Nathaniel! I’m one of the adults in the group, the other being dorky Jesse. I’m 23 and a Royal Ambassador for Aothea, which means I kick butt. So does Jesse.

Jesse: I’m as much of a dork as the rest of y'all! I’m Jesse, and I’m also 23 and I kick butt better than Nathaniel.

Me: Well there’s everyone! Once I’ve got this ask box up and running, these boys are free for questions, role plays (not everyone at once tho bc too many) and general info dump, along with terrible drawings from me and fantastic drawings from @blackwingripclaw !

Avery arrived at Oliver’s suite a short time later. He was dressed rather casually–blue jeans, black t-shirt, and of course, a jacket to cover a few healing bruises. He gave a knock on the door and rocked back on his heels, hands tucking into his pockets. When the door opened, he offered a kind smile, emerald eyes bright and interested as he looked over the master. “I’ve come as promised, to further impress you of course.” This was said with a wink, the faerie waiting for his invitation in before stepping foot into the suite.

“I do also have something rather serious to inform you of, as I have a gut feeling you’re unaware of it.”