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Hi guys! Sorry for the massive wait for this but here it is! Go Get Your Hart 3! This one is actually a prequel to GGYH from Maya’s POV, and it basically just shows us her life and stuff, as well as examines Maya’s feelings about Lucas!

You want a fic where Maya likes Lucas first? This is it! 

I try to rationalize why Miss Maya ‘if I liked a guy I would take him by the face and tell him straight’ wouldn’t tell Lucas how she felt as best as I can, and I hope I pulled it off and the you enjoy the chapter and all that jazz! :)

Okay, now on to the summary!

In which everybody in Maya’s life knows that she’s in love with Lucas and no one is subtle about it at all, ever.

You ready for this? Que space jam!



30 Days to Huckleberry Weekend

“How long have you been here?”

Maya startles, blinking up from the canvas in front of her dazedly as she turns towards the voice that addressed her. Fletcher is staring at her with a raised brow, looking at her from the paint smudges on her cheeks down to the splatters on her bare toes. Maya opens her mouth to reply his question only to realize that she doesn’t actually know the answer.


Maya blows out a long breath as she thinks, stirring the blonde hairs around her face that have escaped from her haphazard bun.

“When was the last time we hung out?” Maya asks and Fletcher’s eyebrows raise up into his hairline.

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I can’t decide between the names Lucas, Avery, Elliot, Charlie, and Mitch for myself. picking a name is difficult (also, any input is appreciated)

Ignition Pt.4

“Sorry, but this is one nasty break. Surgery is the only option,” Callie broke to Meredith. Meredith sighed and kicked her head back on the pillow as Callie cleaned the wound surrounding the break and did a basic neuro check to see if her concussion had worsen.

“Any news on Amelia?” Meredith dared to ask as Callie shone the light in her eyes.

“I hear she’s doing alright,” Callie lied as she cleaned the minor laceration on Meredith’s forehead, “she’s a fighter.”  When Callie had left the room moments ago to schedule Meredith’s surgery, she’d seen the worst of Amelia’s condition. All the doctors, nurses and staff personnel were watching from outside the trauma room as they prodded and poked and defibrillated her. No one would forget the agonising scream that came from Amelia when Jo had to pop her shoulder back in. It was one of those sounds you’d hear in your dreams for the rest of your life; the sound of pure pain and fear. There was nothing like it.

“That’s good,” Meredith mused, “she’s been through so much already. I’d hate for this to be another one of the things that throws her down.”

“Yeah,” Callie agreed distantly, the tears burning her eyes and threatening to fall. She couldn’t cry, not in front of Meredith. If she did, Meredith would definitely know that something was up.

“I called the OR and asked them to have our gowns and caps ready to throw on,” Jo said, “I also paged Dr. Riggs. Everything’s all set.”

“Page Pierce instead,” Bailey demanded.

“But she’s kind of related-“

“I said to page Pierce!” Bailey yelled. The collateral damage that could be caused if Riggs were to operate on Amelia, and Owen were to find out, would be more of a risk than Amelia’s kind of half-sister operating on her. Jo nodded at her and pulled out her pager.

“When this elevator opens,” Bailey whispered with a shaky voice, “we run. Not briskly walk or skip casually like it’s any old day; run.” April, Stephanie and Jo nodded in obedience as they took off their various accessories, ranging from wedding rings to wristbands and watches. The second the doors opened, they all threw themselves out of the elevator.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!” they all yelled at the same time as they guided Amelia’s gurney to the OR.

“Shepherd and Grey’s patient is unstable but alive, driver paramedic is dead, engineer is alive but lost a leg, Grey is banged up but okay, nothing more than a broken arm and a concussion, and Shepherd is…on her way to OR 2,” Jackson recalled. Owen nodded unconsciously and gave him a half-hearted thank you.

“Should I page for another surgeon to cover the pit?” he suggested, noticing Owen’s distant, distracted look, “You don’t look too well. You should take a seat, get some rest.”

“I’m fine,” Owen growled as he looked through the charts of all the patients currently in the emergency room.

“You look like you’re about to throw up,” Jackson said, placing a comforting hand on Owen’s shoulder.

In response, Owen violently shook his hand off of him and gave him a death glare, “I said I’m fine.”

Jackson’s sympathetic demeanour turned into an authoritative one as he folded his arms and stood his ground, “Hunt, take a timeout. I’m not asking.” Owen’s blue eyes pierced his as he stood his ground also, but he eventually gave up, realising that he couldn’t win this fight. He pushed the iPad in Jackson’s chest and stormed off.

After shocking Amelia a second time when they arrived at the OR, Maggie stepped in and did an exam of her cardiovascular system while the other doctors scrubbed in.

“Yeah,” Maggie confirmed as she moved her stethoscope around Amelia’s chest, “her left lung is definitely collapsing. We need to put in a chest tube.” The scrub nurse in the room immediately went to grab the necessary tubes and blades.

“What are you doing?” April asked Stephanie. She was standing in front of the sink with her hands on her hips and her head held high.

“Prepping,” Stephanie said. April eyed her superhero pose and shrugged mentally, figuring everyone had their own different way of preparing for things. Bailey smiled softly at Stephanie, thinking how horrible it must be to have the life of her mentor in her hands. One wrong move or judgement and that would be it. It was no job for a resident but there was no one else who could do it.

When Maggie was about to make the incision between her ribs, Amelia opened her eyes.

“Amelia,” Maggie said soothingly, squeezing her hand. Amelia looked around, trying to identify where she was. “Blink once if you can understand what I’m saying,” Maggie said. Her blue eyes looked wearily at the woman in front of her and blinked slowly.

“Okay, good,” Maggie sighed in relief, “You’re in an OR room, we’re about to operate on you. You’re probably experiencing some problems breathing properly, it’s because your lung is collapsing. I need to put in a chest tube and it’s going to hurt.” Maggie could see the fear rising in her eyes, the terror of possibly experiencing more pain causing a few tears to spill out of Amelia. She could offer no words of comfort to the surgeon who refused to be medicated and could only imagine the terrible post-op pain she’d feel if she survived the procedure.

“I have to do it now, I’m so sorry,” Maggie said as she cut into her. Amelia shut her eyes tightly and stayed as still and tense as possible. She couldn’t scream nor groan, she couldn’t speak. It was probably a side effect of the collapsed lung or the massive brain bleed in her head. Either way, it was killing her.

Owen couldn’t stand to be in the hospital and he didn’t want to be drunk when Amelia got out of surgery so he went to the only place he knew would provide the comfort he needed, without the side effects; the vents. The warm, gushing air provides a few hours of clear thinking for him as he waited to be paged about her condition.

Meredith, on the other hand, was fuming. When an intern came in to take her to her designated patient room before her surgery, he’d made the mistake of passing by the OR board on his way. As Meredith passed the white board, she noticed that Amelia’s name was on it, and not on the right side.

“Hold on, stop,” Meredith instructed the intern.

“Dr. Grey,” Andrew began, “I was under direct orders to-“

Shut up,” Meredith said a she gave the board another look to ensure she’d seen correctly, “I own this hospital. I own you.” He kept his mouth shut after that.

“I don’t believe this,” Meredith whispered to herself as she confirmed that Amelia was, in fact, being the person operated on, “I am going to kill Callie.”


Luca called to let Rowan know it was Bear Night at the bar and invited her down so they could judge the strange people in bear costumes together. She arrived early and by the time Luca arrived Avery had called to find out where she was.

“I’ll be home in a few hours mum, jeez. It’s not like I snuck out. I told you I was leaving you were just too busy watching that stupid movie to hear me.”