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“I am not really that hungry for food. I just love watching you eat as strange as it sounds.” Kirk would laugh just a little as eyebrows would rise, jerking the corner of his mouth to the side with his honey dew eyes sinking down to his plate of food as Kirk was not hungry for a meal or to drink the red wine from his untouched glass.”It sounded more cuter in my head.” Swallowing the lump in the back of his throat with his eyes drawing up to glance at her face. Kirk was behaving as if he were hiding something. Tapping cold digits on the top of the dinning table feeling the table cloth with his senses becoming more & more heightened. Kirk was hungry but not for the lovely food placed before him which was going cold but for what was beneath her neck, what was pumping through her veins through her beating heart. Hand would clench into a fist on his thigh, dragging knuckles over the denim of his jeans as he realised he was staring at the side of her neck. Face would then turn away, as eyes would quickly snap out of the blood lust daze, glancing around the interior of her residence.” I must sound like a horrible guest. Don’t worry I’ll be leaving soon anyway. I don’t wish to intrude or perlong my stay by being a nuisance towards you. I am not really good when it comes to dating. We can always meet again in a few days when it’s Halloween?” Voice was low & husky. Diveritng his glinting honey dew hues to connect his eyes with her own. Kirk contemplated about using his dazed yet hypnotic ability to put her in a trance yet he hesitated as Kirk felt a strong connection towards her.