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It’s Women’s History Month, and today we’re honoring Byllye Avery, who has dedicated her life to improving the health of African-American women. She founded the Black Women’s Health Imperative — an organization dedicated to promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health for African-American women.

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A Day In The Life Of Cameron Avery (x)

I wanted to post up a detailed profile of my favourite OC, Avery. I know it’s long and this sorta stuff isn’t for everyone, but if you do take the time to read it I’d love to know what you guys think.


Originally from: San Antonio, Texas

Residence during Great War: small town in Wyoming, near Grand Teton

Pre-War Occupation: Rancher

Family: Emma Lau (sister, deceased), Joy-Hanbury Lau (sister, deceased), Judith Hanbury-Lau (niece, deceased)

Age: 47 when he turned ghoul, currently about 258 years old

Ethnicity: Chinese-American (only speaks English and Spanish)

Height and Weight: 196cm (6′5″), 110kg (240 lbs)

Companions: Fitz, a ‘ghoul’ stag, and Buck, a cattle dog given to him as a puppy by a mysterious stranger

Likes: Anything to do with the Old West and Cowboys - especially books. Animals, cooking, camping, music, playing the harmonica

Dislikes: Terminals, robots, chems, animal cruelty

Weapons: Colt .36 revolver and a .50 Caliber Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle

Notable Perks

Perception - Sniper, Penetrator, Concentrated Fire

Charisma - Attack Dog, Animal Friend, Party Boy, Wasteland Whisperer

Agility - Gunslinger, Action Boy, Moving Target, Quick Hands, Gun-Fu

Luck - Scrounger, Idiot Savant

More about his backstory below.

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I’ve been feeling very Cath lately

(p.s.–did you guys see the Fangirl special edition?! It’s AMAZING. I posted a pic of it on my instagram and it’s possibly one of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever SEEN. Plus it has fan art inside. Obviously I approve!)

Edit: There are a TONNN of requests in my inbox! I’ll get around to drawing a few of them ASAP because I love being ordered around (no sarcasm) (the ones in all caps are my favorite)


Gotta give tribute to the one of the greatest TV dads to ever grace our screens. James Avery has taught us many life lessons through his character, Uncle Phil. Rest in Peace, you gentle giant.