“Our free interior architect refines your home. Not your habits. Make an appointment on villaarena.nl."  Love this campaign, it always drives me crazy when the before shot is a mess and the after is beautifully clean - oblivious consumers never notice and buy into crap! Client: Villa Arena Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam Via
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A century of Advertising in Catalunya

“Advertising in Catalonia 1857-1957. Roldós i el Pioners” shows the course of modern advertising in Catalonia and the role of pioneers such as Rafael Roldós. The exhibition can be viewed until January 29 at the Palau Robert, in Barcelona. 

“La publicitat a Catalunya 1857-1957. Roldós i els Pioners” muestra el recorrido de la publicidad moderna en Catalunya y el papel de los pioneros como Rafael Roldós. La exposición se puede ver hasta el 29 de enero en el Palau Robert en Barcelona.


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oh look, another gadget from Nintendo. Oh look it’s Nintendo’s latest TV spot.

Another day, another bland over acted advert from Nintendo. We thought they were doing well when they moved away from celebrity endorse products and move closer to “real people”.

Frankly, this latest offering is by far the biggest crock of shit I have ever seen from Nintendo.

It may be simple and to the point, but the reactions from these plebs, is clearly a gross exaggeration, over 3D on a screen the size of a postage stamp.

I mean seriously, the guy in this spot, seems like he is about to whip out his fat one and masturbate over his new toy. Give me a break!

When will Nintendo quit this contrived bullshit and just use real people, unscripted and authentic.

Bland, boring & lifeless marketing.

For the love of god, who comes up with this shit?