Ciel Emerald avertisement voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (voice actor of Takano Masamune!)!


Ahhh.. Roy. Who is he exactly? I personally think he represents the media. We see him for the first time in episode 2 and since then he seems to be everywhere!

Episode 3:

Also, notice how Red Guy is there too on the left??? Dafuq! Wasn’t he having a picnic???????

Episode 4:

He is on the right and hard to spot (especially if you’re on mobile) but trust me… he is there… being creepy.

Episode 5:

Roy just casually avertising himself… 

Roy’s phone number on the fridge… (Also Red Guy’s head in the microwave, probably to remember us his head exploded in the previous episode)

When I noticed this one it scared the shit out of me. So creepyyyy!!! 

I also had a theory that Roy might be Michael in a way because (no offense) but he is ugly and maybe lonely too? 

Did Roy kidnap the puppets? Is he the media? Is he Michael? Still have so many questions about the whole Roy thing…

Feel free to send me your theories about the whole Roy thing and also if I missed some of his appearences! 


This is San, a young Raptorik living in the Clan of Rootwhisper’s territories. She has made a workshop-den of sorts under the roots of one of the biggest trees- the clan tried to weed her out at first, but since she didn’t charge for her paintings and they weren’t that terrible they started avertising the talonok’s talents and charging consequently. San’s now one of the clan’s secondary income sources.

Or I could call her a shameless self-insert, but this sounds more elaborate. 

Watch on www.whocomesupwiththisshit.com

oh look, another gadget from Nintendo. Oh look it’s Nintendo’s latest TV spot.

Another day, another bland over acted advert from Nintendo. We thought they were doing well when they moved away from celebrity endorse products and move closer to “real people”.

Frankly, this latest offering is by far the biggest crock of shit I have ever seen from Nintendo.

It may be simple and to the point, but the reactions from these plebs, is clearly a gross exaggeration, over 3D on a screen the size of a postage stamp.

I mean seriously, the guy in this spot, seems like he is about to whip out his fat one and masturbate over his new toy. Give me a break!

When will Nintendo quit this contrived bullshit and just use real people, unscripted and authentic.

Bland, boring & lifeless marketing.

For the love of god, who comes up with this shit?

My First Blog Entry

Hello tumblr world,  it’s been about three weeks of classes at SLC here and I’m starting to get the hang of things. Classes can be interesting…sometimes but I’m learning a lot. i LOVE how were using tumblr for homework i guess you could say.

I’ve had tumblr for almost a year and its great for meeting people everywhere and finding SICK pictures hahah. I’ve probably found 300-400 pictures that are funny or a great to get ideas to doodle from.

Meeting people in class is moving along sorta slow, but in the last few days I’ve met a lot more people than i have all month so it won’t be long till I know just about everyone.

In Res on the other hand I’m meeting so many new people every week, its hard to keep track of names…and faces…or rooms i have been in haha. I like res I think..I REALLY like res… I guess you could say i love res, just always something to do haha.

AND also I was pretty nervous coming to school about using the programs to create things for class (i.e. iMovie) but since we’ve been learning how to use iMovie in Robins class and I’m seeing how easy it is to use I’m a little more relaxed now. 

But I’m out cause I’ve got a case study to read up on for class…at 8:30! WOO!

goodnight my kittens.


Great advertising. Makes Montreal look infinitely classy.

Update: I was digging the song in the ad, so I spent a bit of time trying to find the full version. Turns out it’s Dawn by Smirk. Beautiful track.