NU MAI POT, OK? NU MAI POT! Înțelegeți odată pentru totdeauna că nu pot mereu să fiu happy all the time,că nu pot fi mereu cu zâmbetul pe buze. Când sunt sarcastică, ironică etc, înseamnă că nu mai am chef, sunt mai sictirită than ever. Când îți răspund în doi peri, înseamnă că nu am chef de nimic, mai ales de discuții. Nu-ți convine asta? Fix problema ta! Ți-am zis că nu vreau să vorbesc azi, nu am chef de conversații. Așa că lasă-mă naiba în pace și nu îmi mai face capul calendar cu întrebări tâmpite de genul: „Ce ai?” , „Ești ok?” , „De ce ești supărată?” Când o să fiu în dispoziția bună, o să vezi că n-o să-mi tacă gura, dar când mă vezii tăcută, just go away până nu se dezlănțuie furtuna.

Fiind o persoana posesiva si care doreste ca ea sa detina toata atentia, mereu am ceva cu “concurenta”. Sunt o fire care e dispusa sa faca multe lucruri doar ca sa te fac sa te retragi de pe teritoriul meu. Nu suport ca cinva sa aiba atentia pe care eu o vreau, nu suport sa faci aceleasi lucruri ca mine, nu suport concurenta. Nu ai cum sa fi cine sunt eu, asa ca mai bine las-o balta si nu intra in conflict cu mine. Asta e un avertisment, dar poate deveni o amenintare.
—  Eu.

Ahhh.. Roy. Who is he exactly? I personally think he represents the media. We see him for the first time in episode 2 and since then he seems to be everywhere!

Episode 3:

Also, notice how Red Guy is there too on the left??? Dafuq! Wasn’t he having a picnic???????

Episode 4:

He is on the right and hard to spot (especially if you’re on mobile) but trust me… he is there… being creepy.

Episode 5:

Roy just casually avertising himself… 

Roy’s phone number on the fridge… (Also Red Guy’s head in the microwave, probably to remember us his head exploded in the previous episode)

When I noticed this one it scared the shit out of me. So creepyyyy!!! 

I also had a theory that Roy might be Michael in a way because (no offense) but he is ugly and maybe lonely too? 

Did Roy kidnap the puppets? Is he the media? Is he Michael? Still have so many questions about the whole Roy thing…

Feel free to send me your theories about the whole Roy thing and also if I missed some of his appearences! 


This is San, a young Raptorik living in the Clan of Rootwhisper’s territories. She has made a workshop-den of sorts under the roots of one of the biggest trees- the clan tried to weed her out at first, but since she didn’t charge for her paintings and they weren’t that terrible they started avertising the talonok’s talents and charging consequently. San’s now one of the clan’s secondary income sources.

Or I could call her a shameless self-insert, but this sounds more elaborate. 

eth3ral  asked:

Hi! Yeah um well I saw the post you made about the google adsense right? Yeah that was kind of my photo, so may you please take it down? Thanks x

So let me get this straight… you message me begging for ad clicks, which I don’t do because it’s against the Google Adsense TOS. I then screen cap your message, pixelate and blur both your username and picture, and make a post about it.  You see this post and want me to take it down even though you can’t tell who it came from?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  Instead, I’m going to finish this reply and publish it to the public as well. 

I know other people exchange clicks for clicks and beg for ad clicks, but I’m not going to do it because I want to keep my Google Adsense account. 

For my followers, if you want to see the original post you can find it here.

If you absolutely think you have some claim to get my post taken down then I suggest you go here, contact someone at Tumblr, and see what they say. 

What say ye, blog followers?