april 23, 2016

it took a long time for it to happen, and a couple of tries to get there.


he didn’t turn frenzied right away. she, or something that took her form, told him to be brave, to be strong.

he obeyed for, oh, fifteen days. fifteen days he would have gladly traded for an eternity tortured by lucifer himself.

fifteen days of a black rot eating away his insides, liquefying his guts like a poison. fifteen days of a world rapidly disintegrating.

fifteen days that the sun, despite the season, never broke the clouds.

fifteen days of denying the fact her death was literally killing him.

fifteen days of denying the fact her death hadn’t averted the apocalypse. instead, it had accelerated it.


when henry and katrina had been killed, he’d clutched the grand grimoire all the way back to the cabin. knowing what he had been thinking, abbie had silently plucked it from his hands and hidden it away.

time travel and dark magic were dangerous possibilities around a weak, grieving man.

it didn’t take him long to find it among her worldly things.


he drove out to the cabin. jenny, in her own grief, had taken off to somewhere in west africa. she didn’t share details; he wasn’t family any longer.

he also wasn’t a warlock, and his abilities with magic were far weaker than abbie’s had been. he was certain he wouldn’t remember the future once he travelled back, so he had written extensive notes to tuck into the grimoire.

in the end, though, he tore them out, leaving only one directive to his past self. there was only one choice that had mattered.

‘stay with her’


he awoke, gasping.

gray light filtered into the small bedroom and the smell of woodsmoke clung to the quilt.

disoriented from a terrible dream, he fumbled for his phone on the nightstand.


yesterday, he’d killed his wife and son. but, somehow, the images from a future he’d imagined in his sleep persisted, clouding even his memory of watching the blood bloom across katrina’s chest.

and they were far worse.


“you okay, crane?”

he started at her voice. she appeared like a ghost, wrapped in a wool blanket, with her face shadowed in the half-light.

“a nightmare.”

she nodded slowly and made her way over to the bed, perching on the foot.

“tell me? after a traumatic experience …”

he shook his head. “this was different. it was a dream of things I hope never come to pass.”

she scanned his face. “that bad?”

he reached for her then. “I lost you.”

she smiled softly and squeezed his hand. “good thing it was just a dream, then.”

they sat like that in silence for a long time.


he filled her mug again from the percolator.

“abbie, tell me about 1781.”

“it’s not important, crane.”

“yes, it is.”


she applied to quantico again. he found a job teaching history. together, they discovered far more than just the fenestella had been prepared for the witnesses.

they even tracked down the horseman and the kindred, who had teamed up to hunt down stragglers from purgatory. one day, without explanation, the latter had appeared at the archives with a large silver box decorated with snakes and urns.

“don’t ever open it,” he growled before taking off again.


on leave before going to the academy, abbie accompanied him on a weeks-long visit to england.

he planned to propose to her in a gesture worthy of the period romances he’d learned she secretly loved.

instead, in a bout of turbulence over the atlantic–that she insisted was ‘really mild’ and ‘no big deal’–he blurted out the question.

she laughed and laughed, but finally managed to find her voice.



the next spring, they married at the historical society.

it was a sunny saturday.


“Not again.“

Uh, yeah again.” Sean blinks a few times too many, successfully giving off the impression of a sleepy and disoriented hamster. “And this time I’m pretty sure he was very close to setting the kid on fire —”

Thank you, Sean, I will do my best to deal with this… scuffle personally before the heads of department catch a whiff of it. God knows what they’d do to him then.“

“Wouldn’t call a fire hazard a ‘scuffle’, though,” says Sean thoughtfully. “Erik nearly kind of, you know, killed someone.”

Charles winces and tries his best to push the mental image away from his immediate consciousness. He averts his gaze outside instead, where the large, white window frames overlook the school’s main courtyard that doubles as a mess field during breaks between classes. At an all-boys boarding school like theirs, catching sight of a wandering student out on the fields playing an aggressive-looking sport or curled up in one of the school’s coveted alcove of peace is pretty much guaranteed. There’s never a shortage of livelihood, ruckus and general hubbub on campus.

But it’s one day before Christmas break, and more than the disincentive that takes the form of a thick blanket of snow carpeting the large soccer field, there’s also the subdued excitement of going back home for the winter, reuniting with families and friends and being able to kick back for the next few weeks.  

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"I have come to apologize for my actions." The royal captain said with a frown. "This heat is making me more cruel than usual. You do not have to except my apology but I want to do you a favor. It can be anything you'd like. If someone is bothering you, I can easily take care of that for you. If you need a certain task done, then I will do it." (killerpuns)

Gaster flinched when he saw Papyrus, scooting back a bit, his hand instinctively going to his neck. ‘…I-It….I…forgive you…’ He averted his gaze for a moment in thought before looking back at the skeleton. ‘….I cannot think of anything right now…but I appreciate the offer.’

( @killerpuns )

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"EXCUSE ME? DO YOU NEED HELP!?" Lavender swap walked towards Sylphy with a concerned look on his face. He played with his fingers nervously. "MY BROTHER SENT ME HERE TO GET YOU, HE TOLD ME YOU WERE SAD AND ALL ALONE."

Sylphy averted his gaze away when he saw the swapped version of Lavender walk towards him. He couldn’t even look him in the eyes without it hurting in his soul. He missed Naturetale Lavender and Poppy, he was so worried that they wouldn’t come back. He didn’t even think he could talk to Swap Lavender without breaking down. But he knew that if he stayed outside for another night that he’d only get worse.

He nodded to Swap Lavender, not saying anything as he hugged himself, shivering. He coughed and sneezed, his fever had gotten worse since he had woken up. 

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Hello~ hopefully you're having a good day~ may I request some headcanons for Itachi crushing on a popular girl???

Hello! It’s been okay, thank you! I hope your day has been well, too!
I don’t really see Itachi treating a crush that’s popular any differently than someone who isn’t, so I just put how he acts with a crush. I hope that’s okay!

Itachi with a crush:

- I actually think it would be really obvious that Itachi is crushing on someone, unless he’s consciously trying to keep it a secret.

- I have 2 headcanons for all Uchihas. One is that they’re all good in bed, and two is that they make really intense eye contact. If Itachi is crushing on someone, he’s going to look at them. A lot. And whenever he catches their eye, he’ll keep looking instead of averting his gaze.

- I also headcanon that Itachi notices a lot of stuff, so he’s going to give out lots of compliments. He’ll say something like “Your new hair style is really nice.” or “Did you change your perfume? It smells good.” They’re always really innocent and respectful.

- He’d talk to them a lot as well. I don’t think Itachi is a very social person, so it’ll be pretty obvious when he likes someone with how much he talks to them. He’ll ask them about their day, tell them about his day, ask them about their family, tell them about his family, ask them to tell him some stories from their past, share some good memories from his past.

- He’ll also smile a lot when around them. Not just any smile though. It’ll be one of those small, shy smiles that aren’t really big like a grin, but it makes the person’s face soften and their eyes light up.

- His voice tends to be softer when speaking to them too. His voice isn’t very loud to begin with, but it will be distinctly gentler when ever he’s talking to them.

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5,10,14,15 with kook please? thank you ❤️

Jungkook was the closest thing to family you could ever ask for. He had always been there for you, through thick and thin and you couldn’t even recall when you two became friends. You two were just, simply put, friends. Though when you stood there, mouth agape at Jungkook’s sudden outburst, you didn’t know why your heart fluttered the way it did. 

Because I love you, that’s why.” Jungkook blurted out as you two argued over the smallest thing. You knew the type of love he referred to, the spark in his eyes giving it away. You parted your lips and stared at him speechlessly, the silence soon overpowering both of you. Jungkook’s eyes averted away and  he turned his head to look the other way, licking and nibbling his lips anxiously. The lips you couldn’t quite understand why you wanted to kiss. You couldn’t though, this friendship meant more to you than anything else in the world and you just couldn’t let it get ruined over something so dangerous.

“Jungkook..” You breathed as you took a step closer. You saw him flinch a bit at the sound of your voice and he slowly met his eyes with yours, your breath hitching a bit at the unreadable glow within them. A small, forced smile formed against his features as he shook his head.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I understand.” He spoke softly. Your heart ached a bit at his words and frame, you wanting nothing more than to hold him close and tell him it would be okay. 

“It’s not you, I like you, i would date you really, I would.” You began in a small voice with a small nod. “But I don’t want to lose you.” You gazed up to meet his softened eyes with your conflicted ones. A moment of silence passed between the two before he mumbled lowly.

“You’d never lose me.” He smiled faintly, moving closer to get a better look at you. “I’m here to stay, boyfriend or not.” You couldn’t help but smile widely at couldn’t help the twinkle in your eyes as you spoke your next words.

“No matter what happens between us, we stay there for each other. Deal?” You tilted your head and held up your pinky finger with a smile. You watched the playful glint in his eyes glow before he nodded yet pushed your finger away, you raising your brows in question.

Kiss me.” He formed his lips into a smug grin, winking mischievously. “Seal the deal, Y/N.” You stifled in a snort as you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, eyeing him with suspicious eyes.

Kiss on the cheek and we have a deal.” Your eyes shined with a determined glint with you watching him raise his brows and shrug slightest, leaning his head a bit lower for you to reach. You smiled and, knowing Jungkook far too well, held his face from moving in any way before pressing your lips against the soft skin, letting them linger teasingly. “Today is your lucky day, Jeon Jungkook.” You mumbled a bit against his cheek. You felt his body shake a bit as he chuckled.

“Why is that?” He questioned, bringing his hands to hold your hips. You leaned your lips up to his ear, speaking in an amused tone.

I want cuddles.” You snorted and pulled his laughing frame into the bedroom, your arms aching to hold him close, for now and forever.

wowow, thank you for the request, miisamei! This one was nice to write hehe, i hope you enjoyed! ♥

- breathlessmin.

Crisis averted: the advisor I met with said that the classes that hadn’t been transferred were from when I did two semesters at Pitt and while they were on my edinboro transcripts, they couldn’t technically transfer the credits from edinboro to this school because they were already transfer credits to edinboro. So basically I just need my transcripts from Pitt and all should be well. Phew. So my schedule for this semester is okay and it’ll be busy but it means once I pass these two classes, I can apply for the actual program and hopefully get innnnnnnn.

I have the program entrance exam in two weeks which if I don’t pass for some reason this time, I can always take it again since I’m not applying for entrance until the spring. I had just scheduled it too early and it’s a nonrefundable test so…might as well take it and if I pass that’s awesome and if I don’t, I’ll just retake it.

Okay. Everything is still on pace. I’m okay.


”Statistic… ID #10666666″ She mumbled , her voice monotonous like she had said this phrase many times. She averted her gaze from yours, grasping her claws together. They were heavy with cuffs that showed wear and rust. Her wings were tattered and thin, her only warmth appearing to be from an old war banner that draped across her wings. She spoke up again, “If you’ll let me, i’ll keep you safe. Please turn back now, its not too late. But if you keep down this dangerous path, i cant cant shield you from their burning wrath…” This time, the wildclaw fixed her gaze with yours, a sense of determination and desire in her now lit eyes. “I may be just a number, and there are..rumors about me, but i’ll prove it to you.” She was of coarse, referring to her date of birth, an unfortunate friday the 13th.

a high school au where cool kid lance has secretly had a crush on nerd boy keith for the entirety of their high school career
-prom is his last chance to ask him out
-he spends weeks debating over how to ask
-eventually he just can’t take it anymore and one day he just corners keith in a hallway and everyone thinks there’s gonna be a fight
-but no
-it’s just lance, flushed from the tips of his ears to down his neck
-breathing heavily, holding keith by the collar, totally unable to get any words out
-keith is just silently going ‘what have i done to deserve this’
-everyone else in the hallway is screaming for a fight
-and then finally, eyes averted, face on fire, lance mutters “will you go to prom with me?”
-and keith is just shocked into silence for a few seconds
-but then
-he starts laughing
-and he can’t stop
-there are tears in his eyes, he’s laughing so hard
-and lance perceives this to be a rejection and he’s 0.01 seconds away from just bolting
-when keith stops laughing
-and takes lance’s hand in his
-and says “yeah, you idiot”
-with this huge grin on his face
-lance almost dies
-everyone is clapping
-they are the best-dressed couple at the dance

family guy: i am an atheist. god doesnt exist.

13 yr old boy with a snapback and basketball shorts who was raised going to church most sundays and god being apart of his household, but stays up past his bed time and watches family guy and has his friends over, who all just look like clones of himself: uhhh heh… *uncomfortable chuckle, guilt, averts eyes, very sad look…..*

A conversation between a Hufflepuff boy and a Slytherin boy (Flirting)
  • Slytherin:I'm just saying that Amortentia /would/ smell good, if you would get it right.
  • Hufflepuff:I did get it right!
  • Slytherin:*Sarcastically* Yes, I believe that dark green and bubbles are traits of a perfect Amortentia potion, rather than light punk and smooth.
  • Hufflepuff:*Indignant as they lightly hit the Slytherin boy's arm* Hey, I don't have a wizard parent; I don't know how to make potions!
  • Slytherin:*Laughs and lightly hits them back* That doesn't have anything in this situation! I bet it smelled bad, too, with your skill.
  • Hufflepuff:*Blushes* Actually, I think I got the smell right. *Turns his head so it won't be seen* It smelled very...enchanting.
  • Slytherin:*Notices he feels jealous* Really? And what did it smell like?
  • Hufflepuff:*Still averting his gaze* It smelled like saltwater, grass, fresh air, maybe...
  • Slytherin:*Still jealous, but also curious* Is that it?
  • Hufflepuff:No, it also smelled like cinnamon.
  • Slytherin:*Confused* But you hate cinnamon?
  • Hufflepuff:*Still blushing* I know, but I like the smell of it on the one dessert you like. You know, the one that always gets all over your face and I have to tell you to wipe it off? Of course, you never listen and I have to chase you down with a napkin... *Looks away, tense*
  • Slytherin:*Flattered* So...You like the smell of cinnamon?
  • Hufflepuff:And saltwater, grass, and fresh water. What did you smell?
  • Slytherin:Soil, plants, bonfire, and coffee.
  • Hufflepuff:You hate most plants, and coffee.
  • Slytherin:Well, some plants smell pleasant, like the ones outside your room. And your coffee is one of my favorite smells in the morning.
  • Hufflepuff:Oh, really?
  • Slytherin:Yeah, really! *Moves closer to the Hufflepuff boy* Is that a problem?
  • Hufflepuff:*Smiles and steps closer to the Slytherin boy* It's not a problem for me, if it's not a problem for you.
  • Slytherin:*Smiles* Not at all.

Department of Vampire Affairs patch ($4.00)

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I hid under a table in public today, and here’s why.

Okay, if it’s called a summer social(church thing), why was the live band music cranked up so loud that nobody could hear each other talk from two feet away? I had to get way closer to people than I like to and they had to SHOUT at me for me to even understand that they’re making voice sounds. Forget words. All I heard was voice noises and music.

The band would have been just as good with the music at half the volume it was.

I’m glad I had my No Gloom ‘Shroom to chew on because I chewed it a lot. I hid under a table with my hands over my ears and rocked back and forth for several minutes to avoid a meltdown. There were tablecloths on the tables, so I literally disappeared since I’m such a tiny person. I picked a food table by the wall(potluck event) so nobody would sit at it and bump me with their legs. Being able to disappear where nobody could find me let me calm myself down.

I could have gone outside, but the bright colored tablecloths, people moving in random directions and the too-loud music made it impossible for me to calculate a path to the door. My capacity to think clearly and tell my legs which way to move was also strangled by the sensory overload. Getting under a table became the most logical solution with what thinking ability I still had left at the moment. 

I was not expecting music that loud or I would have taken earplugs with me.

I guess non-autistic people have brains capable of picking voice sounds and words out of utter chaos. Either that or they’re only pretending they understand each other as they shout over the blasting music.

This was not a fun outing. I’ve been home for almost three hours and I am just now beginning to fully calm down.