Pathfinder Session #1 in Averra (05/16/2014)


  • JD the Human Oracle 
  • Robert the Half Elf Rogue 
  • Alys the Half Elf Fighter
  • Christie the Halfling Bard

Brief Summary: Everything went pretty well in the first session held in the newly built world. My players currently find themselves in the city of Eylean and managed to get themselves into a bit of trouble after JD, our heroic Oracle, decided to interfere with a local gang extortion. Subsequently, the group ended up trying to raid the the mercenary hide out and failed horribly. Now they find themselves planning a riot in order to rid themselves of the terrorizing gang known as The Hounds. 

Things That Happened:

  • Alys hacked a man in half with her battle axe in a single blow.
  • Christie threw stolen melons at thugs.
  • Christie also apparently dances to polka.
  • Sass. A lot of damn sass.