Based off an otpprompts prompt:

Person A is a painter who fell in love with Person B, but they are separated in some kind of disaster and Person B believes Person A to be dead.  Years later, Person B attends an art show and discovers most of the art contains paintings of a person who looks exactly like them.   It turns out that Person A survived, but lost their memory and has done nothing but paint pictures of Person B ever since in an effort to remember them.

Good Omens (Sanctuary Averra) OC/OC Human!AU. Here goes.

“You know,” Matt drawled with a grin, spread out on the bed and tangled in their sheets, “a lesser man might get offended that on the last day before you go back to England for a week you choose to sketch your dog instead of paying attention to him.”

“Well then,” Delilah said, starting to smile as well without looking up from putting the finishing touches on the eye, “it’s a good thing you’re not a lesser man than you are, isn’t it?”

Finishing off the hatching she’d been working on, she reached out to ruffle Matt’s hair. “There’s plenty of petting for you too, if you want it.”

“Mmhm…” Tilting his head slightly, he pressed a kiss against her palm. “One of these days you’re going to come home and find me waiting for you on the couch in the ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ pose.”

Delilah laughed. “Am I, now? I’m looking forward to it. When I get back, I’ll give that all the attention it deserves.”

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