Bouche de l'enfer a la Smith: When are we Slaying?

So this is the second part of my series of “prep” for a Buffy game set in Averoigne. (part 1 is here). Getting a handle on the setting actually requires some decisions be made. One of the most important decisions necessary is when to set such a game. I should note that for now I’m assuming that people who bother to read these posts are at least somewhat familiar with both the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and with the Averoigne stories. The former is pretty easy to find, but if you aren’t read in Clark Ashton Smith I recommend the website Eldritch Dark (which legally contains all the Averoigne stories, and the rest of CAS’s writing, and the podcast The Double Shadow which summarizes and discusses CAS stories and has now done most of Averoigne.

So what is Averoigne like? Well a perusal of the stories tells us that Averoigne is a place with history, where things change. So what is it like, when?  Averoigne’s geography is largely unspecified, but many of the stories contain references which allow their events to be fixed in time.

In fact I’ve done some work at doing this and here are the “dateable events” from my Averoigne Timeline.

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