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Imagine you live in a world where genetic alteration is common.

Imagine you live in a world where genetic alteration is common, and can be used for not only cosmetic changes, but to treat medical conditions as well. You and your wife have been happily married for years, and wanted to start a family. After being unsuccessful, both of you got checked out only to find that both of you were functionally infertile. It was a blow, and the hurt ran deep for a time, but with adoption on the table, you and your wife would soldier on. It wasn’t until one of your wife’s close friends suggested you both try looking into genetic mods that you gave it any thought.

The two of you walked into the clinic together, nervous, but resolute. If this could be the miracle that allowed you both to start a family, then you would try it. There were brochures and signs all around stating how wonderful the modifications could be, how genetic disorders were cured, and how people could finally express who they felt they were on the inside with animal and fantasy modifications. The “after” pictures always showed the people so happy, so at peace. You held your wife’s hand, she was just as anxious as you, and hoped it would be something treatable.

Speaking to the doctor, all your fears were laid to rest. It was safe, effective, and both of your problems could be easily treated. It was like a weight was lifted off both of your shoulders. Your wife however, had a few more questions. She started asking about animal modifications, specifically wolf ones, and how they would interact with the treatments. The doctor smiled, and said that actually adding some animal DNA into both your systems would make the treatment more effective. You looked at your wife, and she was beaming. The two of you had some furry fantasies that you both shared, not to mention a burning breeding fetish, so to be able to start a family and become anthropomorphic wolves at the same time? That was icing on the cake.

You both agreed to take the treatments, which were bought under the clinic’s “Big Litter” package. It was more than the two of you expected to pay, but you lumped in your anniversary presents in with it, so it was worth it in the end. Both of you arrived at the clinic a week later for the injections, which were done in a flash. The next phase was to go home, and wait for things to take effect. You two had decided to experience the transformations alone, then reveal the results after they were done. You scurried to the guest bath, watching yourself in the large vanity mirror. You could feel something shifting around under your skin, but no visible changes were happening. This felt like it dragged on for an eternity, then it all happened at once. Pain mixed with pleasure as you were reborn, becoming a white and gray furred wolf man. Once it was over, you took stock of yourself.

Your head was like that of a wolf, down to the eyes and the ears on your head. Your hands and feet had become paw-like, a tail now swung just above your knees, and you now walked on didgi-grade legs. Fur covered you from top to bottom, but the biggest surprise was attached to your groin. Your average-sized tool was now concealed in a furry sheath. While you were curious to see what it looked like, you refused to do anything until your wife had her way. You heard her voice call out for you and you both exited your rooms, ready to reveal what had happened.

As soon as your eyes met, it was like falling in love all over again. She was perfect, her fur was midnight black from head to toe, her formerly B-cup breasts had filled out at least another size, and her hips had widened ever-so-slightly along with them becoming far curvier. She was the perfect specimen. It was one look in those eyes, and you knew it was going to be a long night. As you two approached each other, you could feel the blood pumping into your groin, giving you what felt like the hardest erection in your life. Your wife looked down, and when her now gold irises expanded to the size of dinner plates, you looked yourself. You were at least three times the size now, and it looked like a wolf’s, pointed head and knot included! Between her scent driving you crazy, and your tool making her snatch visibly drip, you two were ready as soon as you both hit your mattress.

However, before you two started, there was one last piece of business to attend to. The final part of the treatment came in the form of an oil for her vagina and a salve for your testicles. You attended to your wife first, rubbing a small amount of the oil on your fingers and probing her folds with it. She shuttered at your touch, a ripple of pleasure cascading along her body. You could feel her changing, her walls becoming more pliant, and her scent becoming far sweeter to your nose. Working methodically, you used the whole tube, and morphed her once barren womb and passage into the most perfect puppy-making machinery on planet Earth. By the time it was over, she had already came twice from your ministrations. You could have sworn you could feel her ovulate with the second orgasm. Now it was your turn to be finished, and your wife wasted no time.

You got to your knees, your equipment hanging over her chest. Using the expertise that being married had wrought, your wife brought you to the edge of orgasm three times, but never letting you over the edge. She hefted the once ineffective orbs in her furred hand. Working you back up again, she finally gave you enough stimulation to blow, and blow you did. You paint her upper body in thin rivulets of cum, it landing on her tits, muzzle, and neck. Letting out an appreciative growl, she wipes off and takes the jar of salve in her hands. She takes a handful and covers your nuts and dick with it, rubbing the whole jar into the sensitive skin. You almost cum twice more, but she lets up long enough to calm down. Once the jar is empty, you relish in the tingling feeling your crotch is bathed in. after it stops, you take a moment to inspect the hardware. Your testicles have gotten bigger, and feel plenty heavy. You can almost feel the backed-up sperm sloshing in your sack, ready to fertilize some eggs. Gazing into your wife’s eyes, which are locked onto you, you pull her close and kiss her deeply.

Lining up, you slowly push inside. Every ripple, twitch, and shudder of her folds around you feels like heaven. Sex with her has never felt this amazing before. Without even thinking, you let out a low growl of pleasure, fully embracing your wolf side as the two of you keep going. After a time, your wife slows down. You slide out of her, allowing her to roll on all fours, she takes hold of your hip in her hand and pulls you back toward her when she’s ready. She wants to make sure the babies are conceived like this, her tail wags from side to side, showing how happy she is. You lean over her, sliding your dick back into place, and then take her breasts in your hands as you nip and nibble at her ears and neck. Both of you completely give into your wolfish fantasies, her calling you her alpha while you groan her name and call her your mate. You plow into her hard and fast, her inner walls starting to quiver with more fervor. You raise up, letting go of her breasts to grip her hip in one hand, and to lightly tug on her new tail with the other. She lets out a gasp of surprise, and starts pounding her hips into you harder.

You both plateau, your climaxes just out of reach. Up until this point you have yet to get your bitch-breaker of a knot inside your wife, not for lack of trying, but she just hasn’t been wet enough. Letting go of her tail, you set both hands on her hips and you thrust as hard as you can. With a roar half pleasure, half pain, your wife’s body finally accepts the added girth you force inside. Instantly locked in place, you throw your wolf head back and howl. Your wife joins you as her walls spasm and quake, her orgasm racking through her body like an earthquake. The incredible sensations catapult you straight over the edge, and you can feel your pointed head breech her cervix and start to dump your load straight into her womb. Your wife moans, telling you to breed her, to give her your strong puppies. That seems to make you cum harder on the spot, forcing more into her. It just keeps coming out of you, filling her to the brim, then pushing back out into her passage. Your knot keeping you locked together and sealing your sperm inside. With nowhere to go, and you still cumming, you fell your wife’s muscled, toned tummy begin to swell slightly with your virility. Soon though you stop, and flop over her. The two of you kiss and nuzzle, until finally you shrink enough to pull out. You exit with a pop, and your mixed juices flow out, staining the sheets.

Over the next couple days, you mate again and again even though you are fairly certain that the first time was more than enough. Once your wife starts feeling nauseous in the morning, you get a few pregnancy tests. All of them come back positive, and the two of you run to the doctor’s office to confirm. Sure enough, the treatments worked. New life is growing in your wife’s womb. Both of you couldn’t be happier, building a family together.

Author’s note: I wanted to separate this story out into three parts, the conception, the pregnancy, and the birth. There was a lot of buildup to get through at the beginning, but I promise the rest will be more even. If you want to credit me, you can call me Doc.

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Do you guys think Jaune takes up too much screen time?

That’s a complicated answer for me.

For Volume 1: Yes. He did not need a fourth of the runtime of Volume 1, especially when characters like Yang didn’t get any development at all.

For Volume 2: Debateable. While he does get some focus, I see that Pyrrha and Neptune benefit from his arc as well so it depends on your opinion of him.

For Volume 3: No. He didn’t really get any time to himself and was used for developing Pyrrha for the whole Volume.

For Volume 4: Absolutely not. I went back through the Volume and he only got about 5:52 minutes of screentime to himself alone. Everything else was him and another character being developed at best ( the forest scene) or him being used as a tool on average (the scene with Qrow and the campfire, the scene with him and Ren departing, the scene with Ruby in Kuroyuri and the ending scene of him and Nora and Ren). For reference, Yang’s criminally short plotline was 16:32 minutes. Any less and Jaune would have become a background character.

So overall: No.


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In one of your previous asks you mentioned how you have a 'cheat sheet' for dialogue quirks in regards to Pitch and Jack. As a fellow writer, I sometimes struggle with keeping dialogue true and natural to the personality/voice of characters. So I was wondering if you could elaborate more on how you go about making your cheat sheets! Much love!! :)

Hiya anon!

Actually cheat sheets are thankfully super easy to make.

Sit down somewhere where you can watch the movie (or show) and easily pause it.

Get some note paper and a pen.

Now, watch the movie and pay close attention to the character’s dialogue. Do they say yeah, yes, or okay? Do they say right or rightio (Bunnymund) or sure? Look for the variations that distinguish them from other characters.

Now write those down! Under Jack, put ‘cool!’ and ‘yeah!’, and under Pitch put ‘yes’ and ‘certainly’ and ‘however.’ I like pen/paper because I like having something right there to refer to / read. You might prefer a google doc or similar. Some characters will have a ton of quirks (often main characters). Some will have little (like Toothiana actually, her ‘quirks’ tended to be action - in which case you can write down things like: ‘buzzes her wings when excited or happy’, ‘wings droop when sad’).

Jack uses a lot of youthful expressions like ‘cool’ and ‘awesome.’ Pitch uses more refined language overall, and if there’s a long way or a short way to say something, he’ll often take the long way. North - as an example - uses famous Russian composers to swear, a nice thing that most people noticed, and comes in handy with writing. North is also a lot better at speaking English than most people characterise him in fanfiction. He says some pretty damned complex stuff in the movie, which gives him a really interesting voice - or, just because he drops words, doesn’t mean he isn’t eloquent as hell when he wants to be. Bunnymund uses the stupidest Australian sayings - i.e. the kinds that are actually outdated or aren’t used in most parts of Australia anymore. There’s also some ‘quirks’ in his lingo. Australians don’t generally use googie to mean egg. And the term googie actually comes from ‘goggy’ which would be far more accurate.

It’s good to have a different piece of paper for each character. Over time, you’ll get the sense of their dialogue pretty fast, and will only need to refer back to the cheat sheet if you feel like you’re starting to write them speaking in your own voice, instead of their own voice (one of the biggest mistakes writers of dialogue make, is responding how they would respond instead of the character - still gets your point across, but can lose what makes the character ‘the character’ - though obviously this doesn’t matter if you’re just writing for fun and not interested in this kind of stuff). Then you can insert some of their quirks, or habits of sentence structure. It’s not just single words you’ll be looking for, but whether they talk in long or short sentences. Whether they use a lot of exclamation marks or try and stay calm. Whether they sound warm or hostile.

Eventually, if you use cheat sheets for more than one thing, you’ll get a sense of what you need to pay attention to most in order to help you.

I only watched RotG once to get my cheat sheet. You might need to do it once or twice to get the hang of it. Don’t be afraid to pause to write down a monologue that really encapsulates the character for you! And study it later. If you’re not in the habit of studying dialogue, you’ll be amazed to see what words characters use a lot compared to other characters.

(This also comes in handy with original writing, by the way. Gwyn says ‘okay’ and ‘yes’ but never ‘yeah.’ Augus says ‘yes’ and ‘certainly’ and ‘all right’ but he doesn’t ever say ‘okay.’ There’s more quirks than this, but basically they each would have their own ‘cheat sheet’ if anyone ever sat down to write one. It’s one of the easiest and handiest ways to keep characters ‘in character’ - especially if you’re leading them down different pathways to the canon).

(And incidentally, if you are asking your characters to do things that feel out of character, if you get a bit heavier handed with their canon dialogue quirks, it can help the reader sail through that and accept what’s happening).

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i challenge you with sasosaku !witch! au

She was reading up on old spells she’d never heard of when she heard a knock at her door. Surprised, she looked at the cat clock on the wall, before frowning in confusion as she confirmed that this could not be her next customer because she wasn’t due for another two hours. 

People usually knew never to bother Sakura Haruno, the grand witch of the village, without an appointment or so much of a phone call, due to her time-consuming potions that demanded very precise, attentive and delicate work. An unexpected visit had in the past allowed too much distraction to the point several of her potions had been ruined. She’d promised herself never again, and several weeks later the message had gone around that she now only accepted customers with appointments. The waiting lists were long, but at least everyone was satisfied, and received only the best quality service.

Fortunately, today’s potion would take a while to brew and to be in need of her care, and she had been free to take up time to read up on the grimoire she’d just found a few days ago in a secret compartment of her family’s desk, and had been dying to dig into. Taking in an unexpected visitor would then cause no harm.

Today’s luck worked in their favor, it seemed.

Saving the page and tucking the aged book in the drawer, Sakura exited the kitchen and made her way to her front door, peeking at the windows as she went. Her eyebrows raised at the sight of the red haired man, who looked strangely familiar.

“Hi,” she greeted, once she’d finally opened the door. Despite feeling strangely uncomfortable by his energy, she plastered a smile nonetheless. “I don’t usually take in visitors without appointments, but today’s not–”

“So you’re the one who’s been stealing my clientele,” the man remarked, unimpressed. He stepped inside her home and looking around with remarkable biting disappointment. “You’ve got average tools at best, nothing too monumental.”

Baffled by his lack of tact, Sakura’s eyes narrowed and she pushed him back. “Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are, stepping inside without my permission and insulting my line of work, which, by the way, is top notch and raw, passed down in my family for hundreds of years unlike that basic amateur shit going around.”

A sardonic smile crossed the man’s lips. “You’ve not learned the old ways yet, witch. That is where the true power of magic comes from.” He paused then, and gestured around, wrinkling his nose. “Not… whatever this is.”

Sakura seethed. “I know plenty of old spells, you arrogant fool,” she spat. “But my family has always combined both old and new, and that’s never gonna change–and it’s not my fault you’re too traditional to accept my spells might be better than yours.” She smirked, then. “But clearly, customers coming to me instead of you pretty much proves my point anyway.”

He was silent, for a moment, looking at her with such bored apathy she almost believe he didn’t care. Almost. But something in the way he held himself told her he hadn’t been quite so untouched by her words.

Slowly, almost dangerously, he approached her step by step, until he was towering over her form, red-brown eyes staring down at her with a sort of arrogance and dominance that almost had her wanting to step back. He felt a little too empowering, like this.

“You’re very confident in your ability, witch,” he said all too softly. “Such pride and arrogance could make for a very nasty downfall.” His sharp smile slipped back to his lips, cutting and contemptuous. “But such things would be a waste untested, don’t you think? I think everyone deserves to know who is truly the best.” He paused, then, and tipped his chin up, looking amused. “But if you lose,” he said, “I get to choose what happens to you–whether that’s becoming a puppet in my collection, moving away to another country…”

Crossing her arms, Sakura narrowed her eyes defiantly and stepped closer, nearly bumping her nose to his. “Whatever you have in mind right now,” she whispered, moving to grip his collar. “Bring it on.

Tension weighed heavy, as the man finally smirked, an interesting sparkle in his eyes as he stared her down in challenge. Sakura swallowed, cheeks flushing, finding it a little harder to breathe, but held her ground anyway, thinking about all the kinds of potions she would like to brew and throw at him to wash away that arrogance. His smirk grew a little, at this.

After a long burst of a moment, he tugged her fist off and finally stepped back, huffing in what seemed like triumph or satisfaction.

“Well, then,” he said, tilting his head to the side a bit. “Let’s do this.”

“Tch.” One of Sakura’s hands moved to her hip, and she leaned her weight on her side. “Fine. What’s your name anyway? You know, so I know whose ass I’m gonna dramatically outdo.”


“Sasori,” she repeated, tasting the sound of it. She grinned. “I like it. A good name for my future pet. I think I’ll turn you into a cat.”

I think the reason that Arya is treated poorly in regards to what she’s had to do to survive is that very early on in the narrative, she’s a character that’s very relatable–low self esteem, mocked by her sister, doesn’t fit in, is punished by societal norms–and within three books she’s in a situation where the average reader has no tools left to relate to her with because the average reader hasn’t been in a concentration camp, traveled with a traumatized deserter through a warzone, or trained by a magical assassin, or the like. The average reader doesn’t relate to the context of her actions like they very easily could in book one, and after using empathy as a crutch, fails to sympathize or contextualize. 

Whereas with Sansa, she’s easily resentable because she’s the girl who made fun of you in middle school–shallow, naive, conformist, privileged by birth and looks–and within three books she’s in a situation the average reader (at least on tumblr) can more easily relate to, whereas in book one none of us know what it’s like to be raised as the eldest daughter of a high lord, expected and succeeding at the norms and standards of the time, but we can understand the context of abusive “family” members and corrupt regimes. Empathy, for some, kicks in. 

Not saying that the way they’re perceived is fair, just that people hold onto ideas of who they were in book one to contextualize the characters when they shouldn’t which means that knee-jerk reactions are continuously implemented rather than the reader growing with the character. 

Arya haters they cling to the notion that she’s the tomboy being praised by Ned and Jon being ~badass in the way that makes the fanboys wank, and Sansa haters cling to her being shallow, bratty, and naive, rewarded and petted for things we know to be sexist constructs.