averaging about 4 hours

my mind says homework but my heart says watch old taylor swift videos on youtube all night

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Name: Lizheru Skeleton // Lizheru Bones // Lizheru Nittrus

Nicknames: Lizh // Gay // Lizhe // Gomitas [ Nick in Spanish] // Gummy

Gender:  Male

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 1,53 m. [Ugh, yes… I’m quite smol]

Age: 20 years old

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Color: PURPLE AND BLUE.

Time Right Now: 03:00 pm

Average Hours of Sleep: Between about 4 - 7 hours.

Lucky Number: 23

Last Thing I Googled: I was looking for the film “Grave of the Fireflies

Favorite Fictional Characters: Ed, Edd n Eddy [EDDY <3] // Undertale [Direfents AU’s] UnderSwap - UnderFell - SwapFell - Undertale (Us!Paps, US!Sans, UF!Paps, UF!Sans, SF!Sans, UF!Paps, UT!Sans, UT!Paps, Flowey, Omega Flowey) // Jack Frost “Rise of the guardians” //  Eugene Fitzherbert or “Flynn Rider” (Tangled) // Hades “Hercules” [Disney animation Movie] // Dr. Facilier “The Princess and the Frog” // Gru <3 “Despicable me

Blankets I sleep with: I sleep with my stuffed animals and my blankets of purple color with blue. -//_//-

Favorite bands/artists: I’ll let some of my favorite songs, but will name my bands. BANDS: Rammstein - Avenged Sevenfold - System of a Down - Haggard - Steam Powered Giraffe - Mystery Skulls - Fall Out Boy - Rob Zombie - Bullet for my Valentine - My Chemical Romance - Ska-P [Spanish band] -  Bushpig.

* Ich tu dir Weh - Rammstein

* A Little piece of Heaven - A7X [Avenged Sevenfold]

* So far Away - A7X [Avenged Sevenfold]

* Fiction - A7X [Avenged Sevenfold]

* Magic - Mystery Skulls

Automatonic Electronic Harmonics - Steam Powered Giraffe

* Light it Up - Major Lazer

Eat my rotten meat -  MC Bushpig feat. MC Mangina

* One Night at Flumty’s Song (Flumty’s Jam) - DAGames

* FallOut 4 Song (Atomic Renegade) - DAGames

* Bang The Doldrums - Fall Out Boy

* Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

* Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy 

* The Carpal Tunnel of Love - Fall Out Boy

* Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

* Robo Kitty -  Excision & Downlink

Dream Trip:  Canada // Mexico // France // Germany // Italy

Job: Seller.

When did you make this blog: Uhm… I don’t remenber. :/

Follower count: LizheruBones-Reblog - 481 Followers // LizheruBones - 3818 Followers // LizheruSkeleton - 764 Followers

Posts:  LizheruBones-Reblog - 806 post. // LizheruBones - 179 post. // LizheruSkeleton - 17 post.

Your most active followers according to the biggest fan (in order):

I don’t know, I don’t know which add, Hehe.

When did your blog reach its peak: It hasn’t yet! 8D [In this blog]

When did you get tumblr: I don’t remenber.

Why did you choose your URL I had a nickname ready, so I just added “Skeleton” [In this case] and Bones in my another blog. 8D

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Name: I hate my name, it makes me feel uncomfortable 

Nickname: Child or Smol bean

Gender: None

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5′5″ish

Favorite character:  Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)

Hogwarts House: I don’t know anything about Harry Potter

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Animal: Cats

Average Sleep: 4 hours

Cat or dog: Kitters

Number of Blankets I sleep in: One or none, my rooms super hot

Favorite singer/Band: twenty one pilots |-/

Dream Trip: Dairy Queen

Dream Job: Something to do with graphic design or music

Current Number of Followers: 18

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asking-tokyo-ghoul  asked:

Could I get a match up please? I have short brown hair and green eyes and am 5"5. I'm really sarcastic once people get to know me, but I'm also pretty bad in social situations, especially when they involve people I don't know are involved. I have an atrocious sleep schedule (I sleep an average of 4 hours a night) I have terrible anxiety about most things which really isn't helped by how much I procrastinate. I joke around a lot. I'm a writer and I play the violin. Thank you very much!

Your perfect match is Hyun “Zen” Ryu

Zen is the big brother of the RFA, so  he’s always there for you in social situations. He likes how sarcastic you can get, and he’s going to bug you about getting more sleep.  He loves that you play the violin, and will join you on the piano. He loves your jokes, and your writing blows him away

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  • Full name: Oliver Leo Mundy
  • Nickname: Sniper or Leo

  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

  • Gender: Male

Favourite colour(s): Orange and Turquoise 
  • Average hours of sleep: 10 hours a day

Last thing you googled: How do you know if someone is pregnant?
  • Height: Used to be 6′2 but is now about 12 inches not counting the antennas

  • Regrets(Added by Zuendzie!): Never figuring out who he is 


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Name: Madelyn

Nickname: Normally go by Maddie, is also called Mads/Madz :p

Gender: Female

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′3 ½ (Last time I checked)

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor!

Fav colour: Orange ;^

Fav animal: Cheetahs

Average hours of sleep: Uhhh… possibly about 4-5

Cat or dog person: Cat (heh)

Favorite fictional person: Uhhhh not sure

# of blankets I sleep with: 2

Fav singer/band: Maroon 5 and/or TØP

Dream trip: London, Poland (Homeland), and literally everywhere that my friends are

Dream job: Chemical Engineer 

When was your blog created: I would say about July/August 2016

Current # of followers: 277 (Love yall)

What made you create a tumblr: Heard about it from my stepsister, decided to check it out

                                                mun & muse.                                                      

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Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!
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Name: Void Gear
Nickname: Void
Zodiac sign: N/A (technically would be whatever people headcanon Vani to be )

Gender: Male
Favorite color: Red & Black

Average hours of sleep: doesn’t need sleep, but likes to take random naps 
Last thing you googled: N/A  “What the fuck is google?”

Height: 5′2~5′4 (depending on if he’s wearing boots)


Name: Rubitan (online name)
Nickname: Rubi, Aoki

Zodiac sign: Gemini
Gender: female
Favorite color: Red (+black)

Average hours of sleep: recently only about 4~5

Last thing you googled: how to remove gum ( STEPPED ON GUM CRIES )

Current number of followers: 133 (on Void, 612 on main blog, 1328 on personal )
Height: 5'3

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name: Kehau
nickname: I don’t have one set nickname, but you can call me Stardust if you’d like :)
gender: Female
star sign: Scorpio
sexual orientation: I’m giong to hesitantly put Grey-Ace for right now. I’m still trying to figure this out though. 
hogwarts house: Slytherin
favorite color:  Dark Red and Silver!
favorite animal: Foxes, and owls, and snakes, and bears, and wolves. (And really how can you make me choose?) 
time right now: 18:00 PST
average hours of sleep: About 4-6. *groans*
cat or dog person: I like both, but dogs tend to come cheer me up more.
favorite fictional characters: Naruto, Madara, Dean Winchester, Zuko, Travis Maddox, Auden (from Along for the Ride)
number of blankets i sleep with: Fall/Winter months it’s about 5. Spring it’s about 2. Summer (if I’m lucky) zero. If I’m not lucky it’s 1-2.
favorite singer/band: *groans* How do you choose? Halsey is my love at the moment. But I listen to a lot of Beats Antique, Eden/Eden Project, Icon for Hire, Hinder, and Hollywood Undead.
dream trip: Europe. I want to go to either Greece or Italy first! ^^ But then I want to go everywhere. The world is too big to not explore.
dream job: Author. Though I’m currently studying psychology. And I’m very intrested in Criminal Justice.
when was this blog created: Summer/Fall of 2016?
when did your blog reach its peak? I have no idea?
what made you decide to get a tumblr? I wanted to make aesthetics and (attempt) to talk to some of my favorite fanfic authors. So far it’s only kinda worked ^^’

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  • Nickname: Benni
  • Starsign: Libra
  • Height: 170cm
  • Last thing I googled: “NA lcs tickets 2017″
  • Songs stuck in my head: rn its “Not Today” by bts and “Love Exists” by Amy Lee. 
  • Last movie I watched: hmm i think it was Inside Out. 
  • Last TV show I watched: Family Guy (i fall asleep to that show every night atm)
  • When did you create your blog: October 2012
  • What kind of stuff do I post:  BTS mah boys ❤️️
  • Do you have any other blogs: I have so many haha but i never use them anymore tho. 
  • Why did you choose your URL: bc taekook *-*
  • Average hours of sleep: about 6 hours
  • Lucky numbers: 4
  • Fave characters: Do characters from games count?? Ellie from The Last of Us and Lara Croft (girl power woho)
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 during winter bc i always keep my room really cold 
  • Dream Job: hmm coroner would be really cool tbh 
  • Following: 68 

I tag: @taehyungskook @strawberrychim @awakehl and @4begin

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Name: Bridget

Nickname: Bridgetina, Bridge, Gitte.

Gender: Female

Height: 5′7″

Favorite Character: Sarah Blake, Dean Winchester, Demon!Dean (I’M SORRY IT’S LIKE LAY’S CHIPS, I CAN’T HAVE JUST ONE.)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin. 

Favorite Color: Purple, but usually the lighter shades such as lavender and lilac.

Favorite Animal: UM IDK?! I always have a hard time choosing this because like, I love ALL animals. I guess probably English Bulldogs. (THEIR LITTL FACES ARE SO DAMN CUTE.)

Average hours of sleep: Lately it’s been about 4-5, but I don’t function well on less than 10.

Cat or Dog Person: I like both pretty equally. I haven’t been around large dogs in a while, so there’s a slight fear when I’m around a larger dog now, but I like them both.

Number of Blankets I sleep with: At the moment, one. But when I’m in my own place, two. My fuzzy purple one, and my comforter.

Favorite Singer/Band: LUKE BRYAN ALWAYS. Also One Direction.

Dream Trip: Ireland

Dream Job: I would love to have my own bakery at some point. Or be a stay-at-home mom.

Current Number of Followers: 379

What Made You Decide to Join Tumblr: Most of my livejournal friends were moving over here, so I kind of followed them.

I’m not tagging anybody specifically, do it if you want, I guess?

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Nickname: I wish but it’s just Nina.

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′1″

Time Right Now: 11:27 am

Last Thing I Googled: Politico (I read it every morning)

Favorite Music Artist: Leonard Cohen

Song Stuck In My Head: Don’t Call It Love - Seth MacFarlane

Last Movie I Watched: Harry Potter

Last TV Show I Watched: Eyes on the Prize (PBS Documentary on Civil Rights)

What Am I Wearing Right Now: A lot of black and house shoes.  

When I Created My Blog: Oh God, this is going to show how old I am, about 5 years.

The Kind Of Stuff I Post: Everything I find interesting

Why I Chose My URL: that is a secret

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw till the day I die

Pokémon Team: The best one? I was never into Pokémon.

Favorite Colour: Sea glass green

Average Hours Of Sleep: Ugh about 4 hours a night

Lucky number: Luck isn’t a thing.

Favorite Films: All the Harry Potter movies, 12 Angry men, and a shit ton of documentaries.

Favorite Characters: Amy Brookheimer, CJ Cregg, Ginny Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

Dream Job: Advocacy Lawyer.

Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2

Dream Fictional Character That You Would Want To Be: Hermione Granger

One Interesting Fact About You: I love Nutella sandwiches.

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Name: Shane

Nicknames: hm i dunno my buddy emilien calls me shanye

Zodiac Sign: idk pisces i think

Height: 5 feet and 2 inches of pure angst and rebellion

Orientation: I’m pan but I’m more into, , Not Boys than I’m into Boys

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: fuck outta here what kind of question is this i don’t know mango

Favorite Season: winter 4 sure

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Flower: daisies

Favorite Scent: i don’t really know i guess cinnamon 

Favorite Colour: blue or black or red i dunno

Favorite Animal: elephants all the way

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: hot cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: its scattered honestly i sleep for about 4 hours last night but last week i slept from 8 pm to 4 in the afternoon the next day

Cats or Dogs: dogs (but i love cats v much)

Favorite Fictional Character: either spencer reid from criminal minds or the janitor from scrubs

Number of blankets you sleep with: I’ve got one big really heavy blanket

Dream trip: umM hawaii and guess fucking what motherfcuker sss my best friend (ryAN FUCKING REEVES) lives there and i get to meet him in 5 days daMn

Blog Created:i don’t fucking knoW sometime a year or 2 ago

Number of Followers: don’t know and don’t particularly care

I tag: i don’t know 20 people but i’ll tag my buddy @pastel-billiejoe even though hes probably been tagged 12 times already oH and @legitgayjesus because i love him and @sonictrek because gee is a real mystery and @lithophany because hester is interesting and i wanna get 2 know them more !!! love u all ya fucking squinks

20 Questions

Kind of snagged this from @aandidas hope ya don’t mind

Name: Charity

Nicknames: Violet (From the Incredible’s), Cricket, Char Char, Happy Nugget, Chair, Anna and Cherry

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′3 last I checked.

Orientation: Hetero

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Favorite fruit: Apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, well, most except cherries (the irony) and bananas. But I won’t refuse them if given xD

Favorite season: Fall, the bugs start to leave and I love the colors are so nice ^^

Favorite book series: Maximum Ride by James Patterson.

Favorite flower: I’m okay with them all, roses though, I do like those.

Favorite scent: I like the scent of coffee. 

Favorite color: Blue and purple.

Favorite animal: I’ve always loved animals, so all of them.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee, unless your talkin’ about sweet iced tea.

Average sleep hours: 4-5 am is when I fall asleep…I really need to work on that lol

Cat or dog person? I’ve gotten over my fear/hatred of cats, so I like both, but I love dogs.

Favorite fictional characters: Fluttershy, Discord, and Princess Luna from MLP:FiM, Lie Ren and Blake Belladonna from RWBY, Fang from Maximum Ride, Natsu Dragoneel and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, and Tom from Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Number of blankets you sleep with: Technically 2. One under me and one to cover me.

Dream trip: Everywhere. I love to travel and I want to travel more than just along the coast.

Blog created: Pretty recently, sometime last year, November or December.

Number of followers: 29 and I want to cherish all of them!!

Anyone can do this and those who I tag don’t have to, I tag: @vixrotre, @meowlr, @cartersims, @similie, @simseternity, and @loopysims

thank you @natsu-ki for tagged me to answer these questions and tag 20 people, I don’t play games like that too often, but all in all why not, everything is better than interpret poems for monday lesson. Nobody care about my post? if yes let’s started!

🌈Name- Oliwia.

🌹Nicknames- Oliwka, Olka, 
🌈Gender- Female.
🌼Star sign- Aries.
🌈Sexual orientation- Bisexual.
🌹Hogwarts house- Slytherin
🌈Favorite colors- black, grey
🌼Favorite animals- wild cats
🌈Time right now- 00:59 a.m.
🌹Average hours of sleep- monday-friday it’s something about 4-6 hours, but at weekend I sleep 12-13 hours, btw sleeping is my favourite hobby…
🌈Cats or dogs- both
🌼Favorite fictional characters- I love Iron Man, idk who else
🌈Number of blankets you sleep with- 2, and mass of pillows
🌹Favorite singers/bands- I don’t have favourite (I really like Avenged Sevenfold), but I’m listening many types of music- folk, hip-hop, rap, rock, jazz,… it depends of my mind what I’m listening at the moment
🌈Dream trip- Japan, USA, France
🌼Dream job- IT specialist, in fact I want to do nothing and have lots of money (in childhood i wanted to be an astronaut ;’) )
🌈When was this blog created- I don’t remember 
🌹Current number of followers- better not to grant XD
🌈When did your blog reach its peak- What are these questions, I do not know this :(
🌼What made you decide to get tumblr- I saw it on my friend laptop and I was like omg what is this, I like it 

*sorry guys if you don’t play games like that or you have been tagged before*     

So I tag: hitan-xtrappedinafakeparadise , emotional-devil , ateristis , monokuria ,  dsky1 ,  you-make-everything-okay ,  yonaaka ,  nijieen ,  itslarni ,  sarana-blr ,  taktowny ,  i-kue ,  fluffyshyles ,  0kay-cat ,  ok fuck it it will be 15… 

ok, a bit absent from tumblr today because i was just attempting to relax after another 6 day work week averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep per night…

anywho.. going to sleep now. have a dinner thing with the hubs and his cousin (why… why tf can’t my night off just be my night off ffs) 

agenda, if my brain cooperates:

post next layover chapter
get out some discord links
update discord docs
update weird shit blog
fill tbaa queue
do fenbelantine’s masterpost (which will be short.. only two fics)
try not to curl up in a ball and cry from exhaustion