The Doctor or Dan? [CLOSED] [AU: The Doctor dies and Phil meets Dan]

There was a fire coursing through the Doctor’s body. He and Phil had gotten into a pickle and he was paying for it. Not that he really minded, he would do anything to keep the one he loved safe. “Baby, you know what to do. Active Emergency Programme One.” He said pushing Phil into the TARDIS. “Just stay here.” He said smiling sadly at Phil before closing the doors and separating them. 

Watching the TARDIS dematerialize, the Doctor let out a scream of pain that he was holding in. “You think you’ve won but you haven’t because I’m not coming back this time.” He told the species he was facing. “You’ve just killed an entire species and the Shadow proclamation is on their way.” He activated the signal on his sonic screwdriver before throwing it in a random direction. 

“I’m Sorry, Phil but I’m not coming back.” He said the pain finally too much and fell to the floor. He could feel his organs starting to shut down, in fact he was done to one heart now. “One heart left, good luck.” He whispered to his enemies because even in death he wanted to be nice. “I love you, Phil.” He said as his final heart shut down. The Doctor was dead and the whole universe would soon learn that. 

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For the if they had a kid thing: Becky and Kyle

  • Name: Lily
  • Gender: Female 
  • General Appearance: Black/Brown Hair and light eyes
  • Personality: Quiet and reserved but has a temper
  • Special Talents: Spray painting
  • Who they like better: Kyle (Totally Daddy’s girl)
  • Who they take after more: Becky
  • Personal Head canon: She wants to be a lawyer like her mom. 
  • Face Claim:

  • Kendall Vertes
It's Prom Night [CLOSED]

“Okay prom. You can do this Doctor.” He said as he waited outside Phil’s dorm room. Knocking on the door, he checked his suit one last time before deciding he looked fine. And he had bought flowers because apparently that was something to do for a prom date. “Ready to go?” He asked when the door opened.

The First Adventure || Average-Phil [Closed]

Phil had said yes to traveling with him and the Doctor was so very excited about that. He finally had someone to go travelling with him again. He couldn’t believe it. He was just so insanely happy about that. Landing his TARDIS outside of Phil’s workplace, the Doctor dashed into the store. “Phil., Phil, Phil.” He repeated seeing the black haired boy. “You ready for an adventure?” He asked bouncing up and down.