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kylux fic recs

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  • In Balance by Stargayzing, 24k / Ben Solo never left the Light. 
  • may your past be the sound by dreabean, 110k / “Heard you were looking for a transport. As it happens, I’m looking for some passengers.”
  • The Enemy Ahead by codenametargeter, 110k / To get away from the influence of his father, Hux defected from the First Order when he was 17 years old.
  • return to sender by kaeda, 40k / In which Ben Organa Solo is a bureaucrat’s nightmare, General Hux is constantly frustrated, and the two of them cannot stop flirting via holonet.
  • Ascension by plinys, 16k wip / Ben Organa-Solo has spent the last fifteen years living on Kashyyyk, hidden away from Snoke and the First Order
  • Out of the Ashes by thatviciousvixen, 29k wip / For once General Hux is in a place where life is smooth and everything is going according to plan
  • Lines on skin by saltandlimes, 138k wip / Ren has returned from training with Snoke to retake joint command of Finalizer. But something is wrong, and only the pain and control Hux is willing to give will help him find out what that is.





  • The Hanged Man by thatviciousvixen, 13k / As it turns out, being stuck with his family for the summer is the least of his worries. 
  • where we’re from, there’s no sun by shesaysbriefthings, 17k / Until a spate of brutal animal killings leave the town shaken, and the arrival of a dark, quiet, hermit-like blacksmith named Ben leaves Bren Hux reconsidering most of what he’s learned about life in his short 20 years.
  • Southern Comfort by ocktorok, 23k wip / It’s too hot outside and the people in town are weird and Hux would really just rather not be here, thank you, until a mysterious stranger appears, covered in blood and determined to shake things up.


  • Ex Machina In Tenebris by sual, 11k wip / droid hux / Kylo Ren and General Hux are both Snoke’s creations. In Hux’s case, it’s only slightly more literal.
  • Here Comes Your Man by hollycomb, 42k / arranged marriage / At twenty-two years of age, the only son of Brendol the Fierce is married to the son of Queen Organa. 
  • Destiny by silversolitaire, 51k wip / arkanis academy au /  Following the orders of his Master, young Kylo Ren infiltrates a First Order academy
  • Idols and Dead Men by Sath, 62k wip / senator au / After the truth about Kylo Ren’s heritage is revealed to the galaxy, Snoke commands his apprentice to destroy the New Republic from within. Ren finds an unexpected ally in General Hux.
  • A Vision by Vivian, 50k wip / darth vader lives au /  Vader has survived. With him is Kylo Ren. They operate as leaders of the First Order alongside General Hux. Power shifts. Tension ensues.
  • Political Warfare by Letummordre, 15k / senator au, arranged marriage / Ben Organa-Solo is a Senator of the New Republic, as well as a Jedi-Knight. General Hux is arranged as his husband to solidify the uneasy ceasefire between the New Republic and the First Order into an albeit shaky alliance.
  • Roughing It by Flyting, 21k wip / survival au / If anyone had asked Hux to describe ‘hell’, being stranded on a backwater planet with Kylo-fucking-Ren would have come pretty close to the mark. 
Pls Help

I got a text from my roommates while I was gone, saying that one of them was going to have to move a family member in, and ask me to leave. They’ve given me 30 days.

I have a little bit of money (enough to afford a month of rent where I currently am, but nowhere near the average rent for the area) but the timing is really bad because I had some car trouble and my car is still at the mechanics, and also I just quit my job for a number of reasons, so I’m not exactly in a position to save up to move elsewhere. I’ve talked to my care coordinator about the risk of becoming homeless but she has a big caseload and apparently this time of year has a lot of these types of cases, so I don’t know how much help she will be.

If ya’ll would, please boost this? Idk where to go from here or what to do and at this point I would not be adverse to moving to another state or another part of this state if I had the funds to do so. Please, please help if you can. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

PS im in south carolina…

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I don't want to bother I'm sure you have lots of asks about the dragon s, but if you haven't received it or done it perhaps a rose quartz dragon that basically plays match maker because it can see the connections between soul mates? If that's not too silly or sappy for you

You should work with rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart. The stone of love. More like rose quartz is the stone of the needy little dragon the size of a small cat that is decimating your flower garden and won’t leave your poor apprentices alone. Rose quartz is the dragon that steals your tools and your lunch and presents them as gifts to the gruff florist across the street. The dragon that chimes softly and tilts its head just so whenever you threaten to ship it to somewhere else. Somewhere far away. Rose quartz is the dragon that curls up contentedly on the stove when you’re done cooking dinner and okay maybe there is such thing as unconditional love after all.

Did anyone else laugh wildly and then start crying when they learned that “reasonable” rent is considered to be about 1/3rd of your income? 

I’m pretty sure everyone in the fucking country spends about 90% of their income on rent and even then struggles to find something affordable. Average rent for a 2-bedroom APARTMENT in my city is about $1200. You think people here are making 45k? I got a fucking STEAL on a house in a “bad” neighborhood, and I spend 2/3rds of my income on the rent, another 18-20% on bills. All told I have about $200 each month to spend on anything else, 100% of which goes to food and gas. 

The divide between how economists say we should be living and how America actually expects us to live is wild. Rent in cities is outrageous, salaries are low, jobs are impossible to find, food prices keep going up. Basically everyone I know (including me) is constantly walking a wire of just trying not to starve to death, struggling with crippling injuries and illnesses, most of which are caused by overwork or stress. 

Humans aren’t meant to live like this. .-. Nothing is meant to live like this. 

The Last Laugh (Tony Stark x Reader)

it feels good to be writing again tbh



Request;Take your stupidity and shove it up your ass, assuming there’s enough room left over while your abnormally large head is stuffed there.’

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language (did cap just say language?)

Word count; 602

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Re: The reblog on your BC leaders debate post, about housing prices in Victoria, BC; I didn't know that was expensive..?? That seems to be the prices I've been finding in Edmonton, and I didn't know Edmonton was that expensive. But I totally could be wrong and Idk What The averages are on these things, so someone totally call me out if I'm wrong ! Thanks

That is actually not true. Edmonton’s average rental prices are 1/3rd cheaper than Victoria:

This is from January, 2017.

There are exceptions if people look really hard you might find cheaper housing, but on average rent is higher in Vancouver/Victoria than it is in Edmonton.

Ugh I’m so worried about university. I have to work at least 30 hours a week to afford my life, bf already works over 40 a week. Plus I’ll have to be going to university which I’m soooo nervous about. I never did that great in high school and I’m so scared for the workload. I think I’m going to just take like 3 classes a semester so that I can still work full time and actually pass my classes. I wanna be a teacher but if I take 3 classes a semester I’ll probably have to be in university a lot longer. I was planning on 4 years but then moved to Manitoba where typical uni is 5 years, plus it’ll take even longer if I only do 3 classes a semester. Idk how this stuff really works though. Ugh.

I just don’t want to go to university. I’d love to be a teacher but it’s going to cost me so much money and make it so hard to work and all… I wanna save up for a house and save up to go to Europe but how am I going to be able to do that while paying for school!

I’m almost thinking I should get myself a house first then start uni so I can at least get one thing done. If I can save $500 a month for 2 years, I could have a down payment and usually mortgage payments are less than average rent. I wouldn’t be starting uni for a year and a half either way. But maybe I could wait 2 years and get me a house. Ugh there’s just so much I need to do and I have no idea how to do it all. I don’t even want to go to university. If I could find a job that makes decent money without schooling (or at least not much schooling) I’d be so down for that. But I can’t. I heard in Toronto, servers make sooooo much money. Maybe I’ll just move to Toronto and be a server there once I’ve gotten enough experience 😂 idk what else to do at this point.

Just my thoughts of today. A lot on my mind. If you have any suggestions for university-free jobs or jobs that require like 2 years or less, send them my way cause I’m desperate! (I’ve already looked at like makeup artist and nurse and stuff. I’m not good with building and trades either)

what if the minimum wage was expressed in terms of a multiplier for the average rent in the local area in which the job is performed

oh look I just solved poverty, house prices, gentrification,

Clinton Hill is so bougie these days. The literal building I grew up in is worth millions now and the average rent is like 3k-4K a month. I wonder where my old neighbors ended up. I wonder if they still do block parties on that street.

An update

Just thought I would say thank you. You words of encouragement mean more than you think.
We have been really sick and not able to really do anything. I’m sorry about worrying you all. We didn’t think anyone really cared. And reading people thoughts really touched us.

We have cried a lot. We don’t know what to do with this country. In its current state, we may soon be hunted. We still have a lot of personal needs such as laser and electrolysis hair removal, FFS, and GCS. Which we can’t pay for. My insurance I have from my dad expires in October so I might be able to get some surgeries done here soon. But we are starting from ground zero. So we think we are going to stay for a year to build our life back up. But we really can’t do it on our own. It is too much for us to afford. It’s too expensive be to live here. Average rent is $1250 for a one bedroom with 700 sqft. So we don’t know what to do, stay and work in poverty, dependent on my ability to further my career in a field illegal to the rest of the world except in the country where I will soon be hunted for being trans. Or move and start again with absolutely nothing, not being able to follow my passion and again probably live in poverty with even harder access to our needed HRT medications. So yeah. Not sure what to do.

(side note if we @emberbrekker, @spideygirl, and @gwennspacey started vlogging on YouTube would anyone watch?)

Our PayPal is littletransgirl18@gmail.com if you would like to help us get on our feet and beat this homeless streak.

GBP to USD and EU conversion

Just for my sugar ladies in the US, Europe and of course the UK. These are the current rates from July 2016 just after the Brexit vote. I know a lot of you get confused with the rates especially the Brits looking at older conversion posts going around. So here’s your updated rough guide between the currencies.

GBP > USD  > EU 

£1  >  $1.33  >   €1.19

£100  >  $133  >   €119

£200  >  $266  >   €238

£300  >  $399  >   €357

£500  >  $665  >   €595

£800  >  $1064 >   €952

£1000  >  $1330  >   €1190

£2000  >  $2660  >   €2380

£3000  >  $3990  >   €3570

£5000  >  $6650  >   €5950

£10,000  >  $13,300  >   €11,900

£20,000  >  $26,600  >   €23,800

I’m not too sure about the average allowance in around Europe (I assume it varies in most countries) however in the UK the average (decent) allowance is relatively similar to the US. Another thing to consider is that sugar culture is less prevalent in the UK and Europe than in the US so there is an awful lot of salt and a lot less whales. Meanwhile the average rent in the UK is considerably less than the larger cities in the US so it does make a slight difference..

All my love to the SBs world round, please reblog for your Brits and Euro babies!

housemate things!!

basically makara lives in and owns a houseboat in the canals with a fairly sizable number of bedrooms – and besides weapons tech/enhanced~ bionics dealing, she’s made a decent name for herself within Certain Circles as the person to see when you’ve made a series of shitty decisions and don’t have anywhere left to go. it’s sort of a pay what you can system, for the most part; she’s had residents who spent months paying nothing and others who were delivering an average rent for any relatively equivalent living situation. people have been known to put in effort around the boat – cooking, cleaning, etc. – as non-monetary contribution, but everyone’s situation is different. still, if she thinks some asshole’s taking advantage of it, there will probably be some Talking.

anyway she doesn’t ask questions, but she does have some house rules:
1. no one conducts ~business~ TM on the boat, and that includes her.
2. no permanent damage to the boat. you break it, you better believe you’ll be spending a lot of time paying that shit off.
3. if you’re planning on sleeping with someone, a) keep it in your room and b) at least do your housemates the courtesy of turning some fucking music on. (and though she doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t take it as inherently implied: consent or she’ll kill you herself.)
4. everyone’s history and private lives are their own damn business. leave it alone if it isn’t volunteered. (unless that business shows up on her boat or in any other way threatens anyone on board, in which case it becomes everybody’s business.)
5. which leads right into the next one: no endangering anyone on the boat. and if you think it’s a possibility, you say shit right then.
6. if you discover any private information about someone on the boat and take that information off the boat, you’re done. shit’s over.

tl;dr if anyone has a character who might be in search of a living situation (it can really be for almost any reason – she just tends to attract a certain variety of Suffering) or who might have had one time needed a place to stay, i’d love to discuss!!!! makara can be a little rough around the edges, but she’s actually fairly chill about most things – and she kind of gives a shit what happens to people, so. you know. To Care Is To Suffer. anyway feel free to hmu here or send me something on discord @ mercyofkalr#8768 i’m always happy to chat!!

Back in Black (Gangster!Yixing Scenario)

Rating: R for language

Yixing sighed as he cleaned his Ruger MK II gun. He was out on another mission for Yifan and though Yixing didn’t mind going out on missions, tonight he felt impatient and tired. He just wanted to get the information that Yifan wanted and if necessary, kill the target; after that he could go back home and catch up on the countless hours of sleep that he had lost preparing for this mission.

Just like for most missions that Yifan sent him on, Yixing was alone. His hotel room was very luxurious and the price for staying one night cost the same as an average person’s rent. Yifan never hesitated to spend money for Yixing when he went on missions. Yixing was his most trusted employee; he was Yifan’s right hand man.

When he finished cleaning his gun, Yixing pulled out his smartphone to check the time. He saw that he just had enough time to change into his work outfit, which consisted of a black turtleneck sweater, a black blazer, and black slacks, and head out to complete his mission.

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Sorry to bother but would you mind helping me figure out how you think it would cost moving from Miami, Fl to San Francisco, CA? I keep trying to look for a legitimate estimate online but I haven't found any that give me the total living cost.

3 month rule:

rent: average rent for a 1 bedroom in SF: $3200/mo x 3 = $9600

assuming you rent a room: $1000/mo x 3 = $3000

transportation: bus/transportation: bare minimum to get to and from work: $100/mo x 3 = $300

food: $200/mo x 3 = $600

misc: $100/mo x 3 = $300

total: $10,800, or $4,200 if you rent a room

not including cost of moving (truck rental, boxes, gas to drive, hotels or camp fees along the way)

renting a room for 400 pounds in the UK is considered normal or expensive? i read somewhere that the average rent for a room in London is 345p and I’m talking about Nottingham here. but its pretty close to the uni so no need to take a bus

@BRITS help me guys

After interviewing for a job with the Academy of Art and finding out at the end of the interview that the pay is $13.50/hr, I wrote a nice thank you note: “Thanks for speaking with me today. After looking over my expenses, $13.50 will not be enough for me to live on. The average rent for a one bedroom in San Francisco is $2,897, and $13.50 an hour would only amount to $2,160 per month. Only if you increase the rate to at least the living wage, or offer housing, this will not work for me." 

Her reply: "At this time, the pay rate for the role is $13.50." 

My reply: "I suggest your institution reconsider its priorities. As one of the largest landowners in SF with a real estate portfolio worth at least $320 million, and annual revenues more than $247 million, you would think you could spare enough to pay full time labor enough to afford to live in one of the Academy’s overly priced buildings. Just sayin.”

Greed on both sides of the equation, the landlords and the employers, makes for a citizenry forced to depend on loans and credit which, surprise, just funnels more money into the pockets of the wealthy.

i’m tired of teen shows about kids who have seemingly limitless resources, kids with rich parents, kids who wear jackets that cost more than an average person’s monthly rent, kids who live in three story houses and call their families ‘middle class’, kids with their own cars, kids that live on the penthouse floor.

because most American kids do not have those lives.

give me kids whose families are on food stamps. give me kids whose parents are unemployed. give me kids whose parents are undocumented. give me kids who shoplift not for the 'rush’ but to SURVIVE. give me kids that have to go to free health clinics. give me kids that take the train and bus, that sometimes have to steal a train ride or two. give me kids that work at fast food chains while going to high school, give me kids that are high school dropouts, give me kids that have a GED. give me kids that get eviction notices on their door.

do wealthy American kids exist? sure. do they ever struggle? sure.

but they are not the majority. they are OVERREPRESENTED as far as teen shows go. they are always the main characters.

i can’t watch another show like gossip girl or 90210. all the same story lines, all the damn time.

i couldn’t relate to them as a teen, and i can’t relate to them as a 21 year old.

give me representation, is what I’m saying.

representation matters.