average rent

Did anyone else laugh wildly and then start crying when they learned that “reasonable” rent is considered to be about 1/3rd of your income? 

I’m pretty sure everyone in the fucking country spends about 90% of their income on rent and even then struggles to find something affordable. Average rent for a 2-bedroom APARTMENT in my city is about $1200. You think people here are making 45k? I got a fucking STEAL on a house in a “bad” neighborhood, and I spend 2/3rds of my income on the rent, another 18-20% on bills. All told I have about $200 each month to spend on anything else, 100% of which goes to food and gas. 

The divide between how economists say we should be living and how America actually expects us to live is wild. Rent in cities is outrageous, salaries are low, jobs are impossible to find, food prices keep going up. Basically everyone I know (including me) is constantly walking a wire of just trying not to starve to death, struggling with crippling injuries and illnesses, most of which are caused by overwork or stress. 

Humans aren’t meant to live like this. .-. Nothing is meant to live like this. 

i’m tired of teen shows about kids who have seemingly limitless resources, kids with rich parents, kids who wear jackets that cost more than an average person’s monthly rent, kids who live in three story houses and call their families ‘middle class’, kids with their own cars, kids that live on the penthouse floor.

because most American kids do not have those lives.

give me kids whose families are on food stamps. give me kids whose parents are unemployed. give me kids whose parents are undocumented. give me kids who shoplift not for the 'rush’ but to SURVIVE. give me kids that have to go to free health clinics. give me kids that take the train and bus, that sometimes have to steal a train ride or two. give me kids that work at fast food chains while going to high school, give me kids that are high school dropouts, give me kids that have a GED. give me kids that get eviction notices on their door.

do wealthy American kids exist? sure. do they ever struggle? sure.

but they are not the majority. they are OVERREPRESENTED as far as teen shows go. they are always the main characters.

i can’t watch another show like gossip girl or 90210. all the same story lines, all the damn time.

i couldn’t relate to them as a teen, and i can’t relate to them as a 21 year old.

give me representation, is what I’m saying.

representation matters.

GBP to USD and EU conversion

Just for my sugar ladies in the US, Europe and of course the UK. These are the current rates from July 2016 just after the Brexit vote. I know a lot of you get confused with the rates especially the Brits looking at older conversion posts going around. So here’s your updated rough guide between the currencies.

GBP > USD  > EU 

£1  >  $1.33  >   €1.19

£100  >  $133  >   €119

£200  >  $266  >   €238

£300  >  $399  >   €357

£500  >  $665  >   €595

£800  >  $1064 >   €952

£1000  >  $1330  >   €1190

£2000  >  $2660  >   €2380

£3000  >  $3990  >   €3570

£5000  >  $6650  >   €5950

£10,000  >  $13,300  >   €11,900

£20,000  >  $26,600  >   €23,800

I’m not too sure about the average allowance in around Europe (I assume it varies in most countries) however in the UK the average (decent) allowance is relatively similar to the US. Another thing to consider is that sugar culture is less prevalent in the UK and Europe than in the US so there is an awful lot of salt and a lot less whales. Meanwhile the average rent in the UK is considerably less than the larger cities in the US so it does make a slight difference..

All my love to the SBs world round, please reblog for your Brits and Euro babies!

what even is the average rent in brooklyn or nyc these days? i’ve juggled the idea of doing a residency there after i’m done with college (within the first two years or something) 

newsroom au lexa would be the hottest fucking nerd though like tailored suits more expensive than the average months rent and she’s intimidatingly intelligent like she has a doctorate and a phd from two different ivy league schools and she can go OFF about finance at the drop of a hat. she engages with the best of them mentally. but like….she wears glasses….and stays up late reading books about economics in fuzzy sucks. she gets really excited when she learns a new financial strategy and she lights up like a fucking christmas tree when she talks about the stock exchange like! what a precious dweeb!