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I will never understand Rogue One fans who try to use the movie to diminish Luke Skywalker.  Because if anything, that movie showed me why Luke would have been so damned important to the entire fleet.

For one thing, I don’t think I ever really appreciated the symbolic role the Jedi seem to have for the Rebellion.  But they use them: the imagery and the sayings.  Bail remembers Obi-Wan fondly.  They give each other the Force wishes.  Even Baze and Chirrut’s “there are no Jedi here” seems to represent, to them, how things have fallen.

So what must it have been like for the average rank and file of the rebellion to meet Luke Skywalker.  A man trained by a Jedi, who owns that proudly.  A man who openly wears a lightsaber.  A man who openly wears that NAME.

A man who lives up to the sacrifices of Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut, K2, and brings down the Death Star with the Force itself.

And that’s not even getting into Luke, the man.

Look at Cassian.  Look at his sacrifices.  Look at what he’s had to do for his cause.  Look at what it has done to him.  Look at his despair and his weariness, and the desperate way he clings to his humanity even when he has to follow orders that skirt very close to the line that separates the Alliance from the Empire.

Can you imagine how much Cassian would have loved Luke?  Luke Skywalker, who is so innocent and untouched by the war that’s battered them?  Luke Skywalker, who is so moral and honest, open and accepting?  Luke Skywalker, who would understand what they’ve had to do, but still remind them that they’re better?

Luke Skywalker represents everything that the Rebellion is trying to save.  Everything the Empire isn’t.  

Is it any wonder that Leia loved him immediately?  That she focused so intently on comforting him through his grief? 

Can you imagine how Luke’s squadron sees him?  

Luke Skywalker is the embodiment of everything that the Rogue One squadmates died for.  And he is so very very important.

This is the wrong time to dismiss the role racism played in Donald Trump’s win.

Contrary to the popular narrative, economic anxiety was not the main reason white Trump voters cast ballots for the president-elect. Those who listed the economy as their top concern voted for Clinton at a rate of 52% compared with Trump’s 42%, according to exit polls published by the New York Times. Of the four priorities given as options by the pollsters, Trump voters on average ranked immigration and terrorism — both starkly racialized issues in the U.S. — above America’s financial state. 

In case after case, instead of figuring out how to ensure stable and livable jobs and wages for these workers, GOP leaders have scapegoated black welfare mooches and “illegals” coming from Mexico, whom they accuse of stealing jobs and committing crimes. Rather than reject this race-baiting, white Americans have been consistently willing to accept these explanations.

The result has been a deep entangling of economic anxiety with racial anxiety. There is no hard line between the two, as many today would suggest. …

If anything, the shift in the debate over whether Trump supporters were guided by racism seems more rooted in a desire to avoid confronting racism. You could argue that calling these people racist hurts their feelings and will make it harder to convince them not to vote for candidates like Trump in the future. This may be true, but it’s also dishonest about the dynamics at play. If we want to create a society where we flatter and indulge people into voting how we want, avoiding calling out their “racism” when it arises may be a good idea. But if we want to address the real root of the problem, we’ll have reckon with more uncomfortable truths.

— Zak Cheney-Rice, Read the full op-ed                          follow @the-movemnt

Giant Military* Masterpost for Writers

This is a HUGE file that I’ve been working on for a while and will continue to - feel free to ask for clarification on confusing or missing stuff, so I can explain better!.  Check it out under the cut!

*I am a U.S. Marine, and this is a compilation of my and a few other Marine’s experiences!  Other militaries and branches definitely have different terminology and experiences, and you can take and leave what you want from this for your story.

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in your favor (pt.1)

pairing: yoongi x reader 

genre: demigod!AU, fluff, (future angst/smut)

part: 1/?

word count: 3.5k

summary: You were praying to get a decent boyfriend. Then as if the gods had heard you, someone literally fell down from the sky.

a/n: yup i’m adding a new fic! there’s too much in my drafts, I just wanted to get this one off of my head.

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You never had a boyfriend during the 18 years of your existence. You don’t exactly know what’s wrong with you; you have a lot of friends, you’re very independent, and you’re an honor student. When it comes to your looks…you belonged to the ‘above average’ ranking; you’re not ugly, but you’re not that gorgeous either. You have a nice personality (like what many people tells you), but there is no one you’ve set your eyes on, and there’s no one who has set their eyes on you.

Tragic. You’re bound to live alone for the rest of your life.

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eurovision 2017 top 43 (by europals!)

So if anyone saw my earlier post called i have an idea???, then you would know that I’m planning to make a Top 43 ranking list of all the Eurovision 2017 songs… with help from YOU! It will be similar to videos like this.

What do I have to do? All you have to do is message me your ranking of all 43 songs in order from favourite to least favourite! I’ll then collate all the rankings together to create an average score and ranking!

Where do I send it? Feel free to send it via discord, a chat message (you can try the ask box but I’m not sure if it will fit there), or submit it to my blog.

OR if you decided to post your rankings publicly, then just message me a link to that particular post!

When is it due?: I’ll stop collecting rankings on Monday 27 March at 10:00am Sydney Time. (This is Monday 12am CET, and Sunday 7pm EST) If enough people ask, I can make an extension though.

Have fun and can’t wait to see your results. Hopefully a lot of you will join - the more the merrier! Unless you post your results publicly, I’m the only person who will see your rankings, and I promise… no roasting/hating from me :)

i have an idea???

so i was thinking once all the eurovision songs are released (which is pretty soon yay) i could make like a europals top 43 (pre-show) list? kinda like those youtube videos that say eurovision top ____ from 100 youtubers.

the way i was gonna do this is that once the songs are all out, you lovely people could send me your top 43 list in order and i’ll add all the rankings together to make an average score and ranking!! 

i tried this with my current top 39 list and a few other people’s rankings lists that i saw on tumblr and here’s an example of what happened. (im not gonna show the countries though because where’s the fun in that)

OR we could just do the traditional eurovision voting style where you give 12, 10 and 8-1 points. but i fear some songs will get no points lol

let me know what you think!!!!

Below Average

I was never the perfect student.
I can’t remember ever having a 4.0 at any point in my career as a student.
But I am usually at least average.

My preceptor evaluation came back today.
I ranked mostly average.

Then in one category - diagnostics/treatments - I ranked below average.

Granted my preceptor is one of the most senior clinicians at one of the country’s largest and most famous medical systems.
Granted my preceptor was comparing me to his residents and fellows. 
Granted I am seeing cases with crazy comorbidities (multiorgan failure plus all the hard drugs plus some form of cancer).
Granted I am in my ninth month of school.

However, many of my classmates are stationed at small clinics where they see primarily cold and flu cases, and their preceptors are ranking them as excellent for everything. 

Meanwhile my preceptor gives me a list of floor and bed numbers, and I have an average of 30min for each patient. In those 30min, I do the following - read up on my patient’s history and labs and imaging, find my patient, examine and assess said patient, type up my SOAP note, present to my preceptor, discuss my assessment and plan, and then run to the next patient room. I’m trying my best not to knock over a patient’s dialysis machine or accidentally pull out any of his five lines as I check his trach and line sites for infection, skin for disseminated Candidiasis and other weird things, lungs for rhonchi and other strange noises, his heart for gallops and all those other bad things, his colostomy bag for any odd-looking contents, his abdomen for ascites and splenomegaly, his extremities for distal pulses and pitting edema, etc. I’m also trying to figure out the SmartSets on Epic as I bounce between transplant, critical care, and outpatient. And, minor thing, but I am walking a crazy number of steps each day.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no complaints about this rotation. I absolutely love this rotation. My preceptor’s hands-off approach is awesome, and so is he. My preceptor is the best doctor I’ve ever met, best in all categories - knowledge, common sense, bedside manner, patience, teaching, etc. And I am challenged every day (every minute, really) and am learning a lot. I am seeing super rare cases (we’re talking a 3-people-in-1-million-people-get-this-disease type of thing) and learning how to approach them. Most importantly, I’m learning to do all these things while keeping the patient and his/her needs/wishes/wants/goals at the top of my priorities list. There are days when I miss the life of knowing exactly what I’m doing at all times, but how else am I supposed to learn?

Anyhow, just now I got multiple emails from my program faculty. Asking why I’m below average.

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artisticniffler  asked:

Hi! Started reading delta and its sooo good. I just have a teeny question. I don't really understand the alpha beta omega delta thing. Why was everyone attacking the reader because she's a delta? I would be really grateful if you answered this and explained the a/b/o/d thing, cause I don't have a clue....

they werent necessarily attacking her, they were trying to uh…”mate” with her because delta heats are somewhat hypnotic and are twice as stronger than the average a/b/o rank!

ok so in this au, everyone is either one of three ranks

alpha - highest rank. dominant

beta - middle rank. basically substitutes for alpha’s or the second in command. 

omega - lowest rank. submissive. 

but being a delta is extremely rare because of their heats and fertility. Many of them are sold on the black market and fetishized. 

hope this helped! 

college/uni criteria

the college center at my school distributed this list last week, and i thought i’d share it - obviously not every question will be relevant to you, but it’s a great way to figure out what matters!


  • what standardized tests are required for admissions to this school?
  • when is the admissions deadline?
  • what percentage of applicants was accepted last year?
  • what is the average rank/grade point average of currently enrolled freshmen?
  • what were the average act and sat scores of currently enrolled freshmen?
  • how selective are the admissions standards at this institution?
  • what is the recommended high school academic preparation program for this school?
  • does this school require letters of recommendation?
  • does this school require a personal essay? 
  • does this school offer early decision/action admissions?


  • does this school have the major/program i’m interested in?
  • what is the reputation of the department or major i’m interested in?
  • what is the student/faculty ratio for undergraduate courses?
  • how may courses do most undergraduate students take each term?
  • who teaches introductory courses - faculty members or teaching assistants?
  • what is the average class size of introductory courses?
  • what is the format of the school calendar?
  • how many courses will i need to graduate?
  • does this college offer dual majors?
  • is there an honors program?
  • does this school offer a cooperative education program?
  • what opportunities are there for independent study?
  • are there exchange programs with other schools?
  • what opportunities are there to study abroad?
  • are internships in my field available?
  • what percentage of students go on to graduate school?

student body

  • what is the size of the freshman class?
  • what is the total enrollment?
  • how diverse is the student body (economically, ethnically, geographically, etc.)?
  • what is the male/female ratio?
  • what is the general orientation of students (academic, scientific, social service, arts, etc.)?

student services and programs

  • will i be assigned an academic counselor or a faculty advisor to help me choose my courses?
  • is there a career counseling center for help with resume writing, interviewing, and job placement?
  • is there a personal counseling center?
  • will i have access to health care on campus?

student life

  • are there theaters, concert halls, or galleries nearby?
  • are there movie theaters, restaurants, or sports complexes nearby?
  • does the school regularly sponsor dances, concerts, guest speakers, etc.?
  • is there an extracurricular activity i’m interested in on campus?
  • are intramural sports available?
  • what percentage of students lives on campus and what percentage commutes?
  • what role do fraternities and sororities play on campus?
  • how politically active is the student body?
  • how religiously active is the student body?
  • what are the most popular activities/clubs on campus?
  • what is the crime rate on campus?
  • are cars allowed on campus?
  • does this school have an honor code?

housing and dining facilities

  • are the dorms co-ed or single sex?
  • are apartments available for off-campus housing?
  • will dorms be available after my freshman year?
  • are there fraternity/sorority houses available?
  • how close are the dorms to the classrooms and dining facilities?
  • are there any “special” dorms available (languages, honors, international, etc.)?
  • are most freshman dorm rooms singles, doubles, triples, or quads?
  • are there a variety of food plans available?

campus facilities

  • how is the library (to study, do research, are the hours convenient, etc.)?
  • how are the recreation facilities?
  • how are the sports facilities?
  • how accessible are the computer labs?
  • how are the music practice rooms?
  • is the student center a comfortable place to hang out?
  • what condition are the buildings on campus in?

cost and financial aid

  • what is the total cost to attend this school (including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, travel expenses, and living expenses)?
  • are there any special fees for my particular program or major?
  • what percentage of students receive financial aid?
  • what is the average financial aid package?
  • does this school offer institutional scholarships?
  • are there opportunities to find on-campus jobs?
  • does this school offer tuition payment options?
  • are scholarships available for first-generation students?
Good Luck to all my fellow Queenslanders sitting the QCS Tests tomorrow and Wednesday!

To non-Queenslanders, the QCS Tests are two days of testing undergone by eligible grade twelve students to determine the the ranking and average OP (overall position) of the school. Each student is awarded an OP based off their subjects and their school ranking, and this number is the major factor in determining admission into Queensland universities.

For everyone sitting the test (like me!) here are some strategies you have no doubt been taught but might need some reminding of:

- have a good night of sleep
- eat a good and healthy breakfast
- don’t have too much caffeine, you might crash
- deep, controlled breathing if you’re stressed

- remember the marking criteria of the Writing Task- responsiveness, grammar and punctuation, spelling, and structure
- you can eliminate multiple choice answers by looking for a change in tense, atmosphere, wording, anything like that
- in the Multiple Choice and the Short Response tests, make sure you do the questions you know first

And while you should take this seriously because your results effect your whole cohort, remember that you can only do your best and everyone has their own strengths. If you think you did badly, don’t sweat it, because the whole point of QCST is that you and your grade work together. You’ll be fine.

Vote for your top 5!

Alrighty, finally getting around to it. Sakura facts! But there are too many to fit in one photoset, so I’m going to make a list, and you lovely people will vote for your top 5. I’ll be choosing the ten most voted from the list. You can message me or just reply to this post.

List under the cut;

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Revised Homeworld Hierarchy
  • Royalty: Diamonds, particularly Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond so far. At the very least, they’re the highest caste known so far.
  • Aristocracy: We now know Sapphire is part of this. Not much is known about Lapis, but this is my guess for where she falls as well.
  • Knights: Quartz gems, including Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper. They seem to be well respected, but we now know that even Rose did not have much influence at the start of the rebellion. They also seem to not have quite as high of a standing as Sapphire.
  • Technicians: Peridot. Like Ruby, she seems to be in the “average” sort of rankings between the knight and servant castes, but of the two Peridot appears to be higher.
  • Soldiers: Ruby and probably other so-far unknown gem types. Ruby seems to be considered more expendable than Peridot and has much more restrictions on how she’s expected to act, so she’s lower than Peridot and probably quite low on the hierarchy in general.
  • Servants: Pearl is definitely the lowest-ranked gem seen so far.

So I was just informed that in terms of average dom placings, Wind ranks tenth.

This is unacceptable.

There is a flight that is collectively more of a loser than we are, and that cannot be allowed to stand. We need to challenge them to a one-on-one dom duel. Whoever fails the most dramatically loses, and takes the crown of Worst At Dominance. I am throwing down the gauntlet here. They have insulted our honor as the land of the useless hippies and we must fail harder than them or die trying.

Stellar THE SHOW final result (2016-07-26)

Hi everyone, I have received news from the Chinese Twinkles that Stellar was unable to enter the Top 3 for THE SHOW tonight, due to the weak performance of their comeback in Korea.

It seems that the sales and performance of Stellar in Korea were worse than we thought.

The Tudou ranking gets averaged with the Korean ranking, so 50% of the score comes from the Tudou ranking, and 50% comes from their performance in Korea (this includes physical sales and digital downloads, as well as MV views).

So while Stellar was able to achieve Top 2 on Tudou, they were unable to enter the Top 3 overall. (As a side note, I have been informed by Chinese Twinkles that they used the funds from the Tudou Voting Project to increase Stellar’s rank during this pre-aggregation stage).

While this is not the result we were aiming for, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the effort and contributions you have made to bring Stellar to #2 on Tudou. I really acknowledge you guys for the energy, effort, and funding, that everyone put in, to have Stellar win.

I think that even if Stellar is not yet popular in Korea, they are popular in China and overseas. I think that their rank on Tudou is a tribute to how much they are loved overseas, and that they can’t be taken lightly. I’m sure this will help create opportunities for them to have many more events overseas in future.

Once again, I thank all of you for your support of Stellar.

While this is a dispiriting result, the girls are still doing the best, so we can’t let ourselves get down now. Let’s continue doing our best to promote them as well. It is only their second week of comeback after all.

Twinkles fighting!

- Stellar Twinkles

USWNT WWC15 Player Ratings

C - First off I’d like to apologize because this isn’t an incorrect quote, but I was working on something that I wanted to share.

During the Women’s World Cup this summer, an ESPN journalist, Jeff Carlisle rated the USWNT players on their performance after each of the team’s matches. So I collected all of the data from each of his articles (which are linked below), and constructed this little spreadsheet which contains everyone’s individual rating per game, their individual average, their rank and the team’s average per game.

Dash = Did not play in game, NR = Not Rated, Green Box = Top Performance

Although these numbers are all rather arbitrary, they really do reiterate what everyone’s been saying all along. In particular, it proves that Becky Sauerbrunn was the best USWNT player at this Women’s World Cup. (Just in time for the Ballon D’Or finalist announcement to come out, eh?)  

Jeff Carlisle’s articles containing player ratings:


AKB48 Sousenkyo trivia for fun
  • Sashihara Rino got the most votes in 2015 with 194,049 votes
  • Highest TV rating was 2013 Sousenkyo with 20.3 average and 32.7% peak during the 1st place announcement
  • Sashihara Rino got the highest vote in Prelmin result in AKB48 sousenkyo history of with 38,151 votes in 2015
  • Ikoma Rina was the first Nogizaka46 member to rank in AKB sousenkyo in 2014
  • Ishiigure Atsuki was the only member that ranked in sousenkyo but didnt featured in undergirl song due to kenkyuusei selection failure
  • Shimazaki Haruka ranked 28th in 2010 as AKB Kenkyuusei (Highest rank as Kenkyuusei)
  • Shinoda Mariko was the first member to announce her graduation during her sousenkyo speech.
  • Tanabe Miku was the member that took the longest to rank in sousenkyo in her 6th sousenkyo at 71st place in 2014 (six sousenkyos)
  • Biggest decrease in votes goes to Moriyasu Madoka and she went from 27054 votes in 2014 to 19401 votes in 2015 ( lost 7,653 votes)
  • Biggest drop in rank goes to Saito Makiko and she went from 42th in 2013 to 75th in 2014 (dropped 33rd rank)
  • Best average rank in AKB sousenkyo history goes to  Maeda Atsuko with 1.33 average.
  • Biggest increase in rank goes to Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46) from non-rank to 14th rank in 2014 with 40,089 votes


So we all know I graduated today and I’m proud of my achievements so here are some things that have happened to me that I’ve worked hard for in high school please don’t think I’m bragging or showing off I’m literally just proud because my work paid off!!!

-4.0 GPA all 4 years :’)

-good ACT score

-NHS member

-honors diploma

-recognition for my artwork in shows outside of the high school show

-balanced a job for 2 years while in school

-acceptance into the scholars program at my university (PLS DON’T ASK WHICH UNIVERSITY LMAO)

-vice president of a school club

-precalc average of /101.25/

-ranked 9th in a class of 267


-end of the year award for AP English 12