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It was my senior year of high school, everything started out great to say the least. I had guy that I was seeing for two years in my life, but during that time moved away to go to college in Wilmington. My grades were good and the thought of going off to college and starting a new life was all I dreamed of. I had the best of friends, and a average home life.

As the school year went on, I found out the guy I was seeing was not all telling me the truth of what has been happening with him and another girl. But it was his second month of him being in college so I forgave him thinking it was just him adjusting and he didn’t really mean it. With the stress of that and college applications getting the best of me, my anxiety started to get worst. So I went to the doctor and therapist, explained my problems and how I feel and got put on depression and anxiety medicine.

Not thinking much about the medicine, my life started to spiral away from me. I truly lost control. The guy I was seeing started seeing someone else and never thought of even telling me. Two years with him, all wasted away to find out it was just a lie. Being rejected from the colleges I have always wanted to get in. Kept going to the doctor, explaining my problems, being put on more medicine to make the problems go away. I started not going to school, making horrible grades. Wondering if I was even going to graduate from high school??? I didn’t care, I didn’t care about my friends. relationships. How I treated myself or others for that matter. I wasn’t the person I knew and loved.

I kept being told by the people closest to me, asking why I have changed so much, when at the time I didn’t even know I did. No one wanted to be around me, so I found new friends, and a new boy, but with the way I was thinking at the time, they weren’t good influences on me. I got arrested (for something minor), starting abusing my drugs and just wanting more, anything to make the pain and feelings go away. I ended up being suicidal. For what reason? I still have no idea.

Two days before graduation, I was told I wasn’t going to walk across the stage with everyone. I was embarrassed, mortified, mad at myself for just giving up years of hard work, for a small time of depression. I cried and cried wondering what on earth I could do to change this. I overdosed on my medicine, sleeping medicine I was prescribed for panic attacks. I could have lost my life right there. The next morning I woke up to my dad and a phone call, it was my school, telling me they figured something out and were able to let walk across the stage and graduate after all.

After this, I got my life together. It was the biggest wake up call of my life. Don’t let depression defeat you, don’t let it bring you down and kill your happiness and everything you worked hard for in life. It’s been almost two months since all of this happened, I have my true friends back, the guy of two years, even though some may not agree with that. And I am happy……I stopped taking my medicine and till this day I can’t decide if that’s what ruined me or if it was just truly me. I wanted to share some of my story to the people who have depression and anxiety and take the medicine they do for it. Fight, fight as much as you can to get threw it, achieve what you need to achieve. Things will work out, things will get better. I promise. Love yourself to the best of your ability and don’t look back, don’t regret it. Build yourself up and conquer what you can without that medicine. Don’t let it get as far as I did, and I hope for the people who do read this and can realize from my mistakes and make there life better.

SeaWorld’s New Orca Claim Has ‘No Basis In Reality’

By Ameena Schelling | 7/27/15 | All images from Shutterstock

SeaWorld’s up to its old deceptive tactics — and the lies are just as big.

SeaWorld recently published a paper, written by three of its own employees and a Minnesota Zoo employee, claiming that its orcas were surviving as long as wild populations.

Not everyone’s buying it, including Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist at the Animal Welfare Institute. The Dodo spoke with Rose, a globally recognized orca expert, about why SeaWorld’s research doesn’t hold water.

Here are some of the reasons why SeaWorld’s claims — including its assertion that captive whales live an average of 41.6 years — are wrong.

Their methodology is flawed

SeaWorld claims in its paper that the average life expectancy of all its whales is 41.6 years, and 47.7 for its captive-born whales. But those numbers — the numbers that have been picked up by the media — aren’t quite right. Need proof?

Of all the whales ever held at SeaWorld, only one has lived past 40. Most haven’t lived past 25. The oldest whale currently living at SeaWorld is around 50; the next-oldest is only around 38.

“Those are completely fictitious numbers,” Rose said of SeaWorld’s average life span claims. “They have no basis in reality.”

Simply put, SeaWorld’s math is off (bear with us — it’s technical — and feel free to skip to the next section if you don’t want to wade into the math).

SeaWorld used a measurement called annual survivorship rate (ASR) of the populations they looked at to calculate the average life spans cited in the study. But in order for this method to work, the ASR has to be stable over time and across age classes so the results are representative of the population’s overall survival rate, Rose said.

But SeaWorld’s survival rate has been changing — the quality of care is better now than it was several decades ago, for example — and some of the age groups have different ASRs. Rose also said that the company “cherry-picked” data from the last 15 years to calculate the average longevity, which didn’t help. The resulting average life spans are simply invalid, she added.

SeaWorld used several wild populations including the southern residents, an endangered group of orcas living off the coast of Washington state, to calculate wild life spans. But the southern resident population is hardly stable, and the ASRs of the other wild populations have been changing as well. So the calculations the use in the paper are totally off.

And on the basis of those calculations, the paper looks to revise the estimated life span down to 60 to 70 years for wild female orcas and 50 to 60 years for males, claiming that 97 percent of orcas don’t survive to age 50 in the ocean.

But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the average, not maximum, life expectancy of a female orca is 50 years, with a maximum longevity of up to 100 years.

“They want them to have a maximum life span of 50-60 years, because that’s how long [their oldest whale] Corky’s lived,” Rose said.

They left out some important information

SeaWorld compares its captive orca population to three wild populations: the northern and southern residents of the eastern North Pacific and the southern Alaska residents. But the company neglects to mention that the southern residents are endangered — in part thanks to SeaWorld.

“That’s bizarre,” Rose said of the omission. “That’s inappropriate.”

In the 1970s, SeaWorld and other marine centers targeted the southern residents as a source of captive whales. “The industry removed an entire generation of whales,” Rose said. “An entire generation. They took all the 3- to 4-year-olds over the course of 10 years.”

SeaWorld and the other groups took up to 50 orcas from the southern resident population of around 120, Rose said. The females in the group began to breed as quickly as possible to replace the numbers, but the group faced a second population drop years later when the stolen babies would have come to sexual maturity.

Even now, Rose explained, the population is still one third smaller than it used to be because the group is facing a number of other threats including contaminants and food shortages.

So, that wild population that SeaWorld boasts so proudly of outdoing? It’s actually a crippled, endangered population that’s struggling to find food and has been fighting for decades to bounce back from the damage inflicted by SeaWorld.

They ignore well-known facts

Putting math aside for a moment, SeaWorld also doesn’t seem to know much about orcas, either.

One of the wonderful things about orca society is that females have a post-reproductive life span. While most animals finish reproducing around the end of their lives, orcas are one of only three known species of mammals where the females will live on after the end of fertility — the other two are pilot whales and humans — because their lives help offspring survive and reproduce in turn.

Orca matriarchs play an important role in the orca community. They often live with and look out for their adult children until the day they die. They know the best food sources. They even teach sexual mores to the young males.

In the paper’s discussion, Robeck et al. disregard this fact. “However, reproductive and actuarial senescence is common in mammalian species studied to date … and it therefore should not be considered an unexpected finding in killer whales,” they write.

The reason they make this point? Admitting that female orcas have a life span after reproduction would mean admitting that female orcas can live into their 60s, 70s and 80s and even beyond, Rose said. The ironic part is that SeaWorld’s oldest orca Corky 2, the 50-year-old-whale, hit menopause over a decade ago and continues to survive, disproving their claim.

And Rose said there’s something egregious about SeaWorld blatantly flaunting known biological facts — especially since the lead author is a specialist in reproductive biology.

“They actually challenge several established premises,” she added. “It is 100 percent wrong.”

So SeaWorld’s orcas aren’t routinely living into their 40s, at least not at the moment, and the actual life span of wild orcas is, as usual, longer than SeaWorld claims.

But in twisting the facts SeaWorld misses the point. Even if captive orcas lived as long as wild whales, four decades in a tiny tank can hardly count as a full life.


Did you know that for pretty much the entire history of the human species, the average life span was less than thirty years? You could count on ten years or so of real adulthood, right? There was no planning for retirement. There was no planning for a career. There was no planning. No time for planning No time for a future. But then the life spans started getting longer, and people started having more and more future, and so they spent more time thinking about it. About the future.And now life has become the future. Every moment of your life is lived for the future - you go to high  school so you can go to college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford to send your kids to collge so they can get a good job so they can get a nice house so they can afford to send their kids to college.
—  Margo Roth Spiegelman
I was an extremely lazy person, when it comes to work. But it really isn’t the job itself - it’s trying to stay away from the co-workers. I always had these terrible relationships with co-workers. I just can’t get along with average people. They just bother me. They get on my nerves so bad. I just can’t ignore them at all. I have to confront them and tell them that I hate their guts. Or not talk to them.
—  Kurt Cobain

guys, dan’s tweet could be about anything. the phandom needs to stop being over analytical and wait until dan actually gives a response to it. it is most likely not about dodie or evan, since they in no way keep in touch with them. dodie admitted that she only met them once. once!!! and honestly, it could be about anything. probably something that happened to a mutual friend, something he saw personally, or just one of his friends. really, its probably not horrible. just average things in an average life. so get your heads out of your asses and just wait for a bit, even if its a couple days.

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  • Taurus:“I found what I’ve been looking for in myself” - Happy
  • Gemini:“Deception and perfection are wonderful traits; one will breed love, the other- hate” - Homewrecker
  • Cancer:“We’ve got our obsessions; I want to erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week” - Obsessions
  • Leo:“Cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I’m the best” - Oh No
  • Virgo:“Are you satisfied with an average life?” - Are You Satisfied
  • Libra:“I live my life inside a dream only waking when I sleep”- The State of Dreaming
  • Scorpio:“Babe I’m gonna ruin you if you let me stay, but you still mean everything to me” - I’m a Ruin
  • Sagittarius:“Better to be hated than to be loved, loved, loved for what you’re not” - I Am Not a Robot
  • Capricorn:“Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope” - Valley of the Dolls
  • Aquarius:“I feel numb most of the time- the lower I get the higher I’ll climb” - Numb
  • Pisces:“Do you think you will be good enough to love others and to be loved?” - Mowgli’s Road

anonymous asked:

I feel like everything in my life is telling me to be average. My life is set up perfectly for an average, healthy lifestyle. I have good friends, great family, which is a whole other story, and ultimately a good solid foundation for a future. It's like the ME that I am now, is expected and just commonly known to just be average the rest of my life. Bottom line is, I'm sick of it. I KNOW that is not where I will be, I just need to find a way to escape. Just needed to get that off my chest!

Then don’t live an average life!

No one can change this for you. Write down every thing that you would want in your “not average life” or if you prefer right down all the things you don’t want in your life (it’s usually easier to know what you don’t want rather than what you want). 

But most of all, take actions to change how you feel. 

Because you could do a thousand things in your “not average life”  but if it doesn’t make you happy or fulfill you then better live an average and happy life than an extraordinary but sad life. 

I think what truly matters is what we feel inside rather than what we wish we would feel with a “not average” life. 

You can achieve greatness, I have no doubt about that but feeling good during this journey is important. Even if you have some bad, sad, painful moments, staying positive and optimist is how you will reach a great life even if it’s average. 

The notion of how we should live life is different to everyone, what is important is how you feel when you live your life. 

You have no time on Earth to feel negative and unpleasant emotions. 

So if you feel bad with an average life, then chase your dreams. Do what makes you happy and I know that you will find a way to escape it. I believe in you.