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I like to imagine that Jim had played Monty Python and The Holy Grail for Spock one night just to see how he’d react.

“Jim, it is illogical to determine if she practices in the occult simply by a comparison of densities.”

“I do not believe it is historically accurate that the knights of Camelot performed musical numbers.”

“I do not understand the particular obsession of that extremity. It has appeared numerous times in the animated sequences.”

“To utilize livestock in such a way is absurd.”

“Rabbits are not known to be carnivorous, Jim.”

“The average cruising air-speed velocity of an unladen European Swallow has been estimated to be 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour. To have no knowledge of that when providing the questions is quite baffling. Especially since I found that particular question to be more intellectually challenging than those of their names and personal preference to color.”

“I must admit I am perplexed by the intervention of the modern authorities. Actually, I am quite perplexed by the entirety of the film.”

The stuff I think about…

sexy-scot-love replied to your photoset “It’s a testament to the unfeasible beauty of the cast of Jim…”

How very dare they, Aidan average, bollocks

Exactly. What is considered average anyway?? Everyone is special in their own way. That’s the one thing we all have in common with him.

heyitsmeme replied to your photoset “It’s a testament to the unfeasible beauty of the cast of Jim…”

Exactly, average in who’s eyes cause I don’t see average at all.

In her eyes apparently. It’s incredibly interesting to me though how she praises the main achievement of the movie in casting people that to her are prettier than Aidan. So what kind of review starts with comparing the author’s beauty standards as an important introducing fact for a movie? Well, it maybe shows in her rating of said movie since she didn’t seem impressed overall.

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I have a McKirk prompt for you: So what if Jim does have a medical degree? We know Bones is always like 'Who's got the medical degree here' and Jim never says anything because he trusts Bones to take care of him. But then they're stuck down on a planet and Bones gets sick, nothing major but it needs treatmeant. And Jim starts talking in medical babble with the resident doctors because they don't know a thing about human anatomy? Please and thank you :)

  • Bones is incredibly smart, sure. But he can be an insufferable know-it-all when it comes to being a doctor. Of  course, there is no doctor quite like Bones. Bones, who already was a renowned healer before even applying to Starfleet Academy. Bones, who knows everything about every alien species known in the universe, or at least has a database readily available in case he needs it. Bones, who is allowed to perform surgery on almost all of these species, too. Bones, who knows so much about xenobiology and anatomy that he sometimes forgets others don’t. Or, in Jim’s case, he forgets that Jim does know quite a bit, too. Because Jim graduated pre-med at Carver College in Iowa. He knows a lot about human diseases too, it’s just that Bones is always faster, and explains it either with such passion or such annoyance (depending on how dumb the sick person was), Jim always just let him. It’s kind of endearing, after all.
  • “Looks like chicken pox,” Jim says. He’s in med bay, together with Bones and a crew member who’s been brought in. “Yeah,” Bones says, “except everyone should be vaccinated against that. It’s the 23rd century, after all.” “I’m just saying, it looks like chicken pox,” Jim presses. Bones smiles, reaching out to gently cup Jim’s cheeks. “I think so too,” he says, “I’ll figure it out, I’m the one with the medical degree, after all.” He says, leaning in to press a quick kiss on Jim’s lips. Jim rolls his eyes when Bones pulls away. “You’re lucky you’re cute, because my smug is rubbing off on you,” he says, watching Bones interact with the patient. “Sweetheart, there was much more than your smug rubbing off on me this morning,” Bones replies casually.
  • Bones is with him on the bridge when they approach a Class M planet. Spock calls out that there is “Average intelligence” in life forms found down there, and then compares that to humans - earning a deathly stare from most of the crew members. They beam down when they arrive. Jim and Spock spend their time talking to the exotic alien race. Very human like, just more beautiful than average. Jim finds out they’re sick when he makes his round around town. And when he finds Leonard, the doctor is sniffing a little, too. “You okay?” Jim asks, gently squeezing Bones’ arm, and the doctor nods. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “You’re not getting a cold, are you?” “Please,” Bones huffs, “I haven’t been sick in years.”
  • That may have been true, but Bones gets sick anyway. Not a cold, but a full on flu. Just like the people on the planet. Bones refuses to stop working until he almost passes out and Jim has to catch him. “You need to go to the sick bay,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “Yeah, I work there.” “No, you need to check yourself in,” Jim says firmly, sliding an arm around Bones’ waist. “No, I’m fine.” “In a pig’s eye you are,” Jim mocks, and Bones simply scoffs, too tired to argue the fact that Jim’s blatantly mocking him.
  • Bones remains sick for three full days and it doesn’t seem like he’s getting any better. The first two days, Jim could keep Bones occupied from work by tiring him out, or make him pass out from a particularly strong bourbon. But when the sickness progresses, Bones can’t even hold water, let alone alcohol. He’s not in the mood for sex, either. He tries to be, but he pretty much passes out before they can even get anywhere. “You need antibiotics,” Jim says, and for once, Bones isn’t arguing.
  • They make it back down to the planet, and Jim guides this shivering mess of a doctor towards the medical center. Bones is covered in blankets and still seems to be very cold, and so Jim just gets him a few more blankets and a cup of tea when Bones finally lies down on one of the beds. "We don’t know a lot about humans and how they respond to our medicine,“ the doctor there proclaims after taking a look at Bones. 
  • Bones reaches out for the bottle of antibiotics, but Jim is ahead of him. He quickly scans through the ingredients, and shakes his head. “Bones can’t have amoxicillin,” he says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “Lower the dose and use epinephrine if he starts showing symptoms of anaphylaxis, please.” Bones listens quietly to Jim talking medical to the local doctor, not saying anything until the doctor has left. “… what?” Bones just asks, and Jim smiles. “Pre-med graduate, nice to meet you,” he says, reaching out for Bones’ hand and he squeezes it softly, “you’re going to be okay.” “Yes, I know,” Bones replies, “you never told me you graduated pre-med.” “I’m not as good as you are,” Jim shrugs, and Bones huffs. “Naturally.” “Again, I’m the cocky one between the two of us,” Jim corrects him with a small smile. “You say that, but now it turns out you’ve got a medical degree, too,” Bones says, “perhaps we’re really turning into each other.” Jim lies down next to him, an arm around the other’s waist, and he kisses Bones’ cheek gently. “God, I hope not.”

Okay I had to draw the PD crew who are important? Frank, is the captain. He is a very old oc of mine, (actually everyone is this photo is an old Oc lmao) he used to be a general who trains soldiers but I defo scrapped his story so now he’s gonna be Karl’s captain. Natalie, I used to pair her with frank (which am still gonna do LMAO) she is Olivia’s Aunt. She works as a secretary. Aadhira and tim are both Police officers. Jim is a detective and Karl is tired. 😂
Anyways Karl and Jim are both detectives now, however they usually wear their police uniforms bc there’s always a short in police staff. Besides the town they live in is really quiet so not much of an action happens there on the regular basis. (Yet👀)
Also their heights aren’t accurate here, Both frank and Korl are at the same heights and the rest are about average.


Jim Moriarty uses nothing but the best, even when it comes to pens. This is the Caran d'Ache’s Calligraphy Zenith Edition: the part of the sky that is directly above the observer also refers to an imaginary culminating point, the highest degree of knowledge. Solid rose gold, decorated with 24 diamonds symbolizing the 24 brightest stars in the sky.

Jim writes with blood red ink.

Hamilton Characters as A Very Potter Trilogy Lyrics
  • (previously: http://bit.do/hairsprayhamilton and http://bit.do/hsmhamilton)
  • Alexander Hamilton: Even though you were a tiny little boy/you shoulda died but you survived and then destroyed/this evil guy and it's a story we enjoy to tell
  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: It don't matter what will come to be/our love is all we need to make it through
  • Aaron Burr: I'm remembering how/you thought you were the top/but I think we're better off/without you
  • Angelica Schuyler Church: There's no way/you're gonna find me in the background/no damn way you're gonna see me satisfied
  • Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette: Can't you feel the fire burning/now it's time to be a man/ a great big muscley super big super hot man
  • John Laurens: You're not/like your average Joes or Jims or Tims or Johns
  • Hercules Mulligan: I've finally found it/a place where I am wanted/this must be what it feels to have a home
  • George Washington: Now you are a boy/an orphan boy/and deep inside of you/a broken soul/a gaping hole/has left you feeling blue
  • King George III: And I'm missing you (I'm just missing you)
  • Peggy Schuyler: I am/The coolest girl in the whole wide world/I know it but I can't show it at all
  • Samuel Seabury: I guess it's plain to see/when you look at you and me/we're different/different/as can be
  • Thomas Jefferson: Evil plans! We love making evil plans! Evil deeds with evil hands! We love making evil plans!
  • James Madison: I'm just a sidekick/but I love being at your side
  • Maria Reynolds: I'm the Mickey to your Minnie/you're the Tigger to my Winnie/Cho Chang
  • Philip Hamilton: I know you/you have your mother's eyes/beneath your father's untidy dark hair

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Mckirk Prompt: High School AU! where Jim is popular kid and Bones is nerd. Jim bets on with Cupcake that he will date nerd!Bones for a week and later he will break his heart, but Jim falls in love with Bones.

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(Also this got really, really long…)

“You’re full of shit, Kirk,” Cupcake says and Jim has to agree, he pretty much is. He usually just doesn’t get called on it.

“I’ll prove it. I’ll date anyone you pick and I bet I can get them into bed within a week,” he boasts. Cupcake gets an evil look in his eye and Jim realises his big mouth has got himself into trouble again.

“Anyone? How about that one?” he points and Jim follows his finger to a senior sat by himself on one of the cafeteria benches. He has a biology text book propped open in front of him and he’s absently eating an apple.

“McCoy?” Jim repeats, hoping that Cupcake is kidding. Cupcake just grins at him and nods. Jim takes a deep breath.

“If I do this, I get to drive your car to school for like three weeks,” Jim says. Cupcake scowls at him. “What? It’s got to be worth something otherwise it’s not a bet!”

“Yeah well, if you lose-”

“I have to sleep with McCoy to win this bet. That’s punishment enough isn’t it?” Jim protests. Hendorff just looks smug.


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