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What are the dads body type preferences?

Craig: Ideally I think that he would love someone who is in good shape so they can keep up with him on runs. However, I think that Craig wouldn’t mind a little bit of pudge on someone whether they’re a boy or girl. He loves nice toned legs on his partner. He doesn’t mind how tall or short someone may be and on women he prefers B and C cups . 

Brian: Brian doesn’t really have a preference in body types. He is very body positive considering he too is on the pudgier side and just loves a partner who is confident in their own skin. Brian doesn’t worry about anyone being taller than him since he towers at almost 6′4″, however in the case he finds someone taller, he’d be quite impressed by something like that. But in all honestly though, butts( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Damien: Damien has a preference for people with average to slim body types. To him someone who is more petite (not necessarily weight wise) is really cute but he also likes partners bigger than him. He likes the options of being able to either carry his partner bridal style or to be the one being carried. In the end, as long as his partner is healthy in terms of their body type and other genetic variables, that’s what matters most.

Hugo: Thick thighs save some freakin’ lives. Hugo has a thing for thicker or more musclely partners, but of course even the most voluptuous or really toned figure doesn’t beat having a brilliant mind! A little stomach pudge is ok in his books. If you happen to be a woman he prefers B to D cups but he doesn’t discriminate if y’know what I mean. Honestly, he just likes someone that makes a great cuddle buddy while he reads to them. 

Mat: Slender figures happen to fit his fancy. He loves a tall partner with a slender and/or fit frame. Many dancers for example may possess this body type. In the case that his partner may be taller than himself, he doesn’t mind that. Good news if you’re in the itty-bitty titty committee, this dad prefers A to B cups.

Robert: Robert honestly finds most bodies attractive, its all a matter of first impressions. Breast size doesn’t matter on a woman and on everyone a cute butt is a plus. He knows there’s beauty in all kinds of bodies and the variety gives him different experiences in bed. Shorter partners tend to be most preferred by this bad dad, he likes the dominance over them. 

Joseph: He likes a shapely but average built body type especially on a woman. Height doesn’t seem to be a problem when it comes to partners. When it comes to men, Joseph thinks average to in shape body types are attractive. Toned shoulders and arms on both men and women are admirable. This dad also has a thing for perky breasts. We’re looking at you Mary.

The funniest thing about the new Barbie Fashionista dolls is that Lammily now has NOTHING going for her, the one thing she could hold over Barbie (the ‘average’ body shape) has been ripped out from beneath her and done 1000x better.

Lammily had nothing else going for her, she was plain and boring, she could barely pose, she was designed to be what the creator (Nickolay Lamm) finds attractive in a woman, and there was no indication of the ‘fashion’ part of fashion doll. Barbie has just created a line that not only has the ‘average’ body type, but also has tall and petite versions, not only has a whole spectrum of skin tones, but also racial features (as in, not every doll has the exact same ‘pretty white girl’ sculpt), has a whole host of different hair colours and types, and as always, Barbie is fashionable. There is not one ‘hide-your-flawed-body-tent’ in the bunch, every single doll is dressed in an outfit that was clearly thought-out and made to flatter their body type. 

Which is a big difference, Lammily is dressed nicely (if blandly), but looks as though she’s wearing an outfit to hide her average body, with a loose shirt and a pair of shorts that don’t seem to fit the body they’re made for.

Whereas the Barbie line features a whole variety of clothing that flatters and extenuates the features of the bodies they’re for, especially the curvy bodies. The clothes are stylish, tailored, casual, dressy, and interesting, there’s a ton of variety in the clothing for the curvy girls and some of it is stuff that even real clothing manufacturers forget that fat girls can wear. 

Lammily’s whole shtick is that she’s ‘average’, that she’s more realistic than Barbie (with an underlying misogynistic/slut-shamey tone, but that may just be what I’m picking up on). Barbie is all about being who you want to be, Barbie says you can have any career you want no matter what, and you can be pretty and stylish at the same time (but that’s just a bonus). 

Lammily says she’s better because she looks like everyone else and wears sensible shoes. Barbie says you’re great because you can be anything in the world. 

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Can we see some of your OCs or you don't have any

I have some! Actually a lot, omg my comp is lagging-

There’s Maxlad, my persona

These bunch of losers from my ID on Deviantart

Sytaix and Ixelmunis: Original picture

And these two noobs that need a bit of reworking xD. The first one needs to look less feminine, and the second needs to look more like a monster. *nods*

There’s these guys too- They’re all from different story ideas and shit. I’m still trying to have less generic /average body shapes xD

From now on I’m going to start shopping clothes second hand, and second hand only (well, except for underwear and socks), for half a year. It is great for my wallet, the environment, my personal style (most thrift stores have such a variety of styles and types of garments), and it is a lot of fun to go through all the items, because usually I end up finding some weird shit. Only downside is the sizing, I don’t exactly have an average sized/shaped body, but I’ll manage. 

Make A Wish

For Fairy Tail Fluff Week 

Day 3 - Starlight

AN: Hallo people!

Also found here.  This is an outtake from The Keys of Fire, so TKOF universe Nalu oneshot.  I thought it would distract too much from the plot to put in a chapter, but it seemed to fit day three’s theme, so I decided to post it separately.  :)  You probably won’t understand it very well unless you read The Keys of Fire, my main Nalu fic, and if you choose to read TKOF in order to better understand… you are a brave soul and I wish you luck for such an endeavor.  

Summary:  “A simple day at the guild turns into an evening that Lucy will never forget.”

“You are doin’ great, but you just gotta move faster,” Natsu sighed, scratching the back of his neck as he paced slightly.  “If your opponent gets the chance to hit you under the leg, it’s gonna trip you up bad and you’re a goner.”

Lucy breathed out slowly through her mouth.  They’d been working on this one move for nearly an hour, and Natsu was not yet satisfied with the progress.  While he was encouraging, that didn’t mean his expectations weren’t high.  Not to mention, the Grand Ninjitsu Games were drawing scarily close.  “Alright… I guess I just need to stretch more.”

“Maybe.  Okay, give it another try – I’ll focus more on your extension…”

Evening her breathes with her motions, did the movement again, kicking high above so that her food could hit the head of a tall opponent–

“No, nonono,” Natsu interrupted, marching forward.  “Don’t twist your foot like that – you’ll sprain it.  Try stretching upward again and keeping your balance.  Then we’ll speed it up again.”

“Okay,” she muttered.  Slowly, she lifted her leg upwards to stretch by her side and–

“Get used to pointing it forward,” came Natsu’s voice from behind her, and she let out a small shriek when he placed his hand under her thigh to turn it.  It was warm and tingly and so not okay.

On pure reflex, she shoved backwards with her elbow, hitting him square between the eyes.  With a dog-like yelp, he stumbled backwards, clutching his face.  “OW!  What the blazing hell, Lucy!”

“You do not touch girls there!” she screeched, fists at the ready and cheeks blossoming with heat.  “It is an inappropriate, sensitive area!”

“You have clothes over it – why can’t I touch it?!”

“Because it’s inappropriate!” Lucy snapped.

Hands on his hips, Natsu scoffed, “I was just showing you how to move your leg!”

“You could’ve done that without touching it!”

“Yeah, well, maybe you’re a hands-on learner or somethin’!”

“In this situation, it sounds very wrong when you say it like that.”

He only groaned.  “Sometimes you make no sense, Lucy.”

“Okay, we’re done with training for today,” Lucy demanded, glaring pointedly and stripping off the Gi over her sports bra and shorts.  “I’m giving you a lesson on proper touching.”

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I really enjoy japanese and korean street fashion because I mainly identify with the general height and body shape. (I'm not saying that everyone who is japanese or korean is skinny and short, it's just the general average there is my fit and it's hard to find petite styles in America.), anyways my point is now that their is a huge SJW presence about fetishizing asian culture, I feel like just by wanting to take a certain style is now something as bad as culture appropriation.

In my opinion, street fashion =/= traditional clothing like kimono and hanbok. I mean yes it’s true East Asians do have a different average body shape due to diet + genetics. I don’t see any harm with imitating these styles, even though I have seen some people claim copying Japanese gothic lolita styles is cultural appropriation. Most of the people I’ve seen who say this aren’t even of Japanese descent tho, and come off as people who seem to have a misguided Western saviour complex. Seems kind of ridiculous because modern street fashion in Korea and Japan is influenced by foreign fashion trends in other parts of the world too. The gothic lolita trend in Japan takes a lot of designs from Victorian-era Britain too. 

As long as one is not dressing up like that + being a total weeaboo/koreaboo fetishising the country I don’t see why not. Harmful cultural appropriation is another matter and the problem is it has increasingly lost its meaning because people fling it around for the slightest issue.

Doll With an Average Body Is Coming to Life

Do you like the idea of Barbie but hate that by even whispering her name you’re contributing to the perpetuation of superhuman, hyperheteronormative beauty standards that eternalize a culture of shame? Well, meet Lammily.

Lammily is the forthcoming plastic doll whose motto is, “Average is beautiful!” Her body shape is based on averages of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that is more often used to track the American obesity epidemic. She is not affiliated with Mattel’s Barbie.

Last year, graphic designer Nickolay Lamm created some concept images of the “Normal Barbie” that became very popular around the Internet. (If you didn’t see them, one is to the right.) Today Lamm is launching a project to put the design into production and make the dolls a reality. It’s crowd-sourced, it “promotes realistic standards of beauty,” and it can be under your holiday tree by late 2014 if enough people support the project.

Read more. [Image: Lamm]

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Hiiii :) can you do a preference about what kind of girl each member of 5sos would go for? Thank you :)

Okay so I’m gonna do this as a blurb thingy

Please don’t be offended/upset if you aren’t what I’ve described this is just my personal opinion of what sort of girl I see them with and any of the boys would be lucky to have you ^_^

I picture Ashton with a very happy go lucky girl who would be a role model for the 5sos fam as she’d be really friendly and have an average body shape, as in she wouldn’t be supermodel skinny. I think he’d go for a shorter girl, maybe with light brown hair, dip-dyed blonde maybe? Personality wise, I think she’d be really talkative and a little crazy, but knows when to be serious. The fam would love her because she’d always interact with them and help them get followed and stuff and I think she’d maybe be a college student or something rather than being in the music business.

Luke would probably go for a musician, similar in personality to him- shy but with a crazy side. She’d bring him out of his shell quite a bit and would be the sort of girl who’d prefer to stay in and watch disney movies than go out partying. Looks-wise, I think she’d be average height (bc he’s a giant) and be quite a girly girl? Idk I see him with someone who likes vintage things and has really soft hair and is really adorable and kinda dorky once you get to know them.

Calum would suit a girl who was more of a party animal and really hot?? Like she’d have curves but would also be really sweet and caring towards everyone. The 5sos fam would love her bc she’d clearly love cal and always chat to the fans and I think she’d have a few friends in the fam. I see Calum with a dancer or a guitarist maybe in a band and she’d be really weird and crazy,  possibly with a few tattoos. I feel like Calum would go for someone really friendly and chatty and she’d probably have long dark hair with really pretty eyes.

I see Michael with me a girl quite similar to him in the sense that she’d be nerdy and a little dorky. I think she’d love to read and she’d be the one in the relationship to get things done bc we all know Michael wouldn’t even get out of bed if he didn’t have to. Sleeping would be one of her favourite things to do and she’d probably have a similar music taste to Mike and he’d take her to concerts and stuff and she’d be really lovely to the fans and would always stop and chat to them, although she probably wouldn’t be as close as Cal’s girl. Looks-wise I think she’d have some piercings, maybe her nose and belly button? I think she’d have coloured hair but it wouldn’t really matter whether it was short or long and maybe she’d have some tattoos but probably nothing huge.

Sorry if that was horrible

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I 100% do not disagree or refute that being overweight in high school can be (and usually is) a miserable and hurtful experience, and won't argue "who has it worse" because I don't consider it a contest. I was underweight in HS (and still am), and I felt I had to drop out because the guidance office regularly pulled me out of lunch so they could watch me eat, make me list what I ate, etc. They wouldn't believe me or my mother about the fact I wasn't anorexic. Everyone has the ability to be hurt.

Everyone does have the ability to hurt. That’s the biggest take away anyone should get from your ask.

I understand the pain of being mocked. It’s not fun, and it sounds like your guidance counselor was supremely uneducated and overstepping bounds. You probably could sue. 

But part of talking about societal issues in a serious manner is realizing that your personal situation does not necessarily come close to the systemic issues in place to hold certain groups down moreso than others. 

At different points in my life I have been very thin and other times overweight. I can tell you with 1000000000% certainty that I had it easier when I was thin. People poked fun at me when I was thin. They assumed I just ate “a leaf” for breakfast. It wasn’t a nice feeling, and it was downright rude, but let me tell you, society does not hate a thin girl. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome and comfortable in shopping malls, in clubs, on public transportation, at events, etc., than when I was thin. And it’s not a personal thing. Society treats thin women better at every turn:

There is a stigma in the world against fat. Thinness in this era is not equated with being lazy, smelly, dirty, stupid, or without self-control, while being fat is. Shit, even from personal experience, every time I’ve been beat out for a role in NYC, the girl did not have more experience, but rather, was extremely thin. Always. 100% of the time. I’m not even overweight (I just have chubby arms and a short body) and I am constantly made aware that I could be smaller. That’s not even a personal experience thing. That’s societal. Show me a female host of a show, and I’ll show you 10 other girls who didn’t get the job because they possess an average body shape.

The point is not to put oppression in a pageant and crown the winner, but sometimes you need to look beyond your personal experience when discussing systemic oppression. Being a white man who got made fun of once because you were dancing offbeat does not mean white people have it as bad a black people. Having a female boss that makes more money than you doesn’t mean men have it just as hard as women–and I’m really sorry, I am, but being called anorexic by your guidance counselor (though extremely damaging I’m sure) does not mean thin people have it as hard as fat people. If a severely underweight woman writes in my ask box that she’d trade places with an obese woman, she’s lying.

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Sorry I did get that Onew gif about beautiful ladies, could you please explain? :)

Oh that one! Why would you give me an open forum to talk about that gif ad naseum!? Because I am.

We’re international fans right? Well, you may not be one, but it’s clear that I’m one. So an an international fan, we’re willingly submersed ourselves in a culture because we were interested in it (for one reason or another; I’ve heard everything from accidentally tripped up on a music video once, or like me, I saw a gif on DeviantArt and I was curious) 

So as we learn about this culture, of course, as fangirls, our admiration for these people we’ve come to love it pretty high. Some of us have fallen a bit in love with these people. But as it goes, it’s not going to be our faces (especially black ones) or our body shapes that we see as their love interest or hell, even close friends. Nothing wrong with that. We’re looking in on THEIR culture, jafeelzme? 

So the reasons people are so excited about that Onew gif is, out of all the women on that international panel that Lee Jinki could have chosen…

…he chose the average body shape, darker face.

That was his choice. I’ll tell you from personal experience, I damn near cried when I saw it. I’m not talking sobbing but it touches hearts. 

In other words; us towards the other end of the color scale or those who are thin and waif like, know that somewhere in that endless list of ideal types and things that the idols are attracted to, we know that we might possibly fit in their somewhere. It’s kinda awesome.