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bruce ‘i don’t do relationships’ wayne responds to allegations that he is actually in love with an elegant raven-haired woman of color capable of kicking his ass: “you’re going to have to be more specific”

this post about how kim possible had everything so together by not bothering with that double-life secret identity business got me thinking about kp so hard…all the stuff i picked up from that series, oh my god. and another thing they had in order was the true resolution wasn’t thwarting the villain but by solving the personal problem someone had been having the whole ep. talking about drama in the middle of missions and battles, that’s what’s up, i s2g

anyway my fave in the world is when ron basically has an unbroken line defining the back of him from his hair to his foot

last summer i fell asleep and had a dream about two characters stuck in a b-plot of a far bigger novel and i woke up wanting to read so much more about them—wanted it so bad that it rendered me incapable of focusing on any other book. and it was a high fantasy book, which was annoying because i didn’t write those. i didn’t build worlds from scratch. nobody here would call me insecure about my writing i don’t think but—my mind wasn’t expansively creative in that way. i was comfortably aware of my limits.

but what was i gonna do. it didn’t go away. after a few days of walking around with my unfocused obsession and, like, walking into shrubs in madison square park while i had long internal discussions about what i wanted from fantasy as a genre, i wrote a first chapter. it was unbelievably bad but it was there. and maddi helped me talk into being something like a plot, something like a cast, something nascently like a world.

“this is a trilogy” she said “hahahahaha i don’t have that kinda time” i said

“this is a trilogy” my agent boss said “hahahahaha i’m not a trend slave” i said

i wrote most of the first book in the fall and it kept me sane when i had no permanent home and no form of identification and no way out of the country and no guarantee of getting a degree. i wrote the second book in less than a month, which is ridiculous but january’s my month so there was magic on my side. i finished the third book today. it turns out it was a trilogy. it turns out i do write high fantasy; it turns out to be my favorite. it also turns out, annoyingly, that i don’t know anything about anything until i write it. so these are functionally outlines. but now i get to go back. to rewrite it, knowing everything about everything. and god it is bad now, but it is going to be so good.

as of today i know what i need to know; as of today i am capable of writing a book i wanted to read. or, well, three as it turns out.

and okay, wordcounts are no measure of success (often the contrary), and these are nonfinal and frankly nonrepresentative—the draft is both skeletal and baggy, like i said it’s functionally an inefficiently-written outline—but uh:

it’s been a fuckin’ ride.