average asian

dark google images show me pictures of women who actually look like how I’m picturing my OCs

not to be your local sentimental azn but wooow i would have killed to have someone like andi mack on tv when i was 10? 14?? the closest i got to feeling like a real girl was maybe miranda from lizzie mcguire? maybe??
but imagine now the young babes get to see themselves getting the cute crush…being looked up to as the leader of the gang…having an embarrassing and dysfunctional but loving family…awkward growing pains (i didn’t even know what a bra was till that lizzie bra episode)…..i just want andi mack to flourish and grow for over 10+ seasons and get a couple movies and maybe a singing career. i want kids to look up to her and want to be her and love her like they did with the yt girl characters of my youth.
idk idk i just want to see your average asian american doing their thing on tv for the rest of my life, and getting celebrated for it. i want deep storylines and cheesy dialogue and light-hearted fun. i want it all, for us.

ugh. But besides the death throes of my stomach, let’s talk about something that’s not my pain.

SO, FR TAG: I wanna know how tall y’all are! I get the impression that people who frequent FR are giants, but you never know.

Edit: Alright, the only fact I’ve ascertained is that everybody who reblogged this (besides the poliwag) is American is some way, shape or form. You guys and your feet. #metricforlyfe

This is like the original “Shit White people say to Asians” bahaha


15 year old Annie Wu rocks the Three Beats For Beatbox Flute (by freedomworksfilms)

Yo Oli Bata Step your game up, i need to hear more beat box flutes in your beats……thanksss

-Just Ra