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i’ve talked about this before but the model minority myth has functions beyond creating a schism between asians & other people of color or justifying racialized income/education inequality by using asians as a gotcha.

it serves to make asians (and asian labor) simultaneously invisible and exploitable, while obscuring capital-driven destruction and manipulation of asian laborers in asian countries. 

asians are invisible not just numerically; quantity is not a sufficient enough explanation for our invisibility because asian immigration to the US is increasing and we’re populating multiple urban and suburban centers. we are invisible because of how white supremacy, specifically in this case the model minority myth, works to portray us as obsequious, robotic, hardworking, emotionless, and quiet, not prone to resistance or protest of any form. white supremacy does this through exploitation of labor + a series of rewards and punishments, rewards being assimilation to american society (if that can truly be considered a reward) or punishments being not hired or accepted by employers and universities. 

here’s the thing. you have a wave of immigration from asian countries that encompass asians who are middle-class, educated, and probably know english. they have an easier (not an easy but easier) time settling into the country, adapting american norms, and becoming financially stable and successful. they are the face of the model minority myth - the asian doctors, bankers, engineers, etc, the ones who “remain quiet and work hard with their head held high”, and get “great grades in STEM subjects” and provide intellectual/technological labor to the flourishing markets. 

you also have a wave of asian immigrants who do not fit this picture. they know little to no english. they may be undocumented. they’re working-class and don’t have college degrees. these are the asians who live in places like edison, new jersey, or chinatown and koreatown in NYC, or dearborn, michigan. they’re the ones who run laundromats and dry-cleaning stores, drive your taxis and ubers, own cheaply priced restaurants and grocery stores, work in manufacturing, cut, dye, or style your hair, paint your nails, wax your facial hair, maintain and work at your gas stations, dunkin donuts, and 7/11 type convenience stores. 

how is it that the model minority myth can exist alongside the “indian 7/11 worker / chinese restaurant owner / korean dry cleaner / afghan nail lady / arab taxi driver” stereotypes? how can one group be simultaneously stereotyped as “privileged, educated, assimilated, hardworking, technical geniuses” AND “provincial, smelly, backward, poor, scary, cheap”? how can one group be invisible yet also stereotyped as the population-heavy thieves of ol red white n’ blue good american labor and education? how do you have asians who do “succeed” under american capitailsm and asians who are exploited and even killed by american capitalism? 

because of the model minority myth, which impacts the first vs second group in different ways. 

the first group does have to work really hard to get “acknowledgment” by the state/by white supremacy. consider why asian-american students suffer so much from mental illness and suicidality. we are driven to work hard to exceed expectations, to outpace white american labor, to justify our presence in the country. we need to please not only our parents and communities but also appease employers and admissions officers who think that there are too many of us. i’m sure you’ve heard of harvard’s quota on asian admission. the school i attend, the university of michigan, also has “a lot” of asian students and in fact i often hear white students complain about that. it’s a complaint i’ve heard my entire life. so that’s where you get studies that show that people with “asian sounding” names don’t get hired, or why asian students who are deemed “too similar” to the “asian average” (which is higher than the “white average” because we are held to a higher standard because of white mediocrity) don’t get accepted. universities have to make room for their white alumni and rich students and because white people hate affirmative action, the best solution for universities and employers is to discriminate against us. 

of course this all happens under a quota system which means that they’re still using our academic prowess and labor to enhance their reputations or profit. their logic is to accept just the “right” number of asians to, say, prettify their research program or attain skilled workers for some financial or technological company. the “right” number of asian workers or students will drive up the image or profit of a certain institution but it won’t offend white people or “take up” white space. 

the second group, the one that is impacted by poverty, homelessness, income inequality, etc, is invisible precisely because of the model minority myth. since the myth posits that ALL asians are equally privileged and educated, poor asians are veritably nonexistent. and these asians cannot defend themselves - they do not have the financial, political, or communicative means to do so (language and financial barriers prevent them from speaking out). terrified of poverty, deportation, instability, assault, or police brutality, these working-class asian americans are forced to remain silent because if they don’t they will also lose their job or home or risk the threat of actual physical retaliation. this then feeds into the “asians are robotic and obedient” stereotype as much as the first group, comprised of “smart asian students and workers” does. it’s an insidious cycle. 

so this is the dual-function of the model minority myth. we are made invisible by a deliberate stereotype pushed forth that obscures the reality of our diversity, and this invisibility allows us to be exploited, whether we are being exploited by universities or by multinational corporations or by startups or any other institution or employer. 


I just wanna be like 55kg

the lunar chronicles is basically Fairytales In Space, but the royalty kicks more ass than they would in an average fairytale. highlights include:

  • Asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • anything apart from that is a spoiler. but really why would u need anything else. it’s asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • little Red Riding hood is a French farmer girl ready to Fight Anyone at All Times
  • despite her proficiency with a shotgun she doesn’t really like violence
  • Space Rapunzel is still named after a vegetable
  • her long hair which has tangled and matted after seven years of captivity is cut into the obligatory Space Bob
  • snow white is black
  • precious cinnamon roll literally too beautiful for her world
  • her head is The Terrordome (psychological issues)
  • the prince/emperor is so done with everything his adviser just lets him mope around visibly inside the palace walls it’s hilarious
  • the Evil Queen is so extra like gotdang she’s a powerful telepath with an army of wolf-men and a ton of evolved spaceships and she throws a lot of temper tantrums which involves killing thousands of people by the minute
  • kylo ren wishes he could
  • flynn rider was blind that one time
  • his ship is named the R A M P I O N and it has a naked lady painted on the side
I’d tell you more but really, spoilers. and i haven’t even finished winter yet
State Of Emergency (Glenn Rhee Smut)

Summary: With the world changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know if the knock at your door is going to be your death, or your savior. This time it just happens to be a squishy cute pizza delivery man who was oblivious to it all. Someone you thought needed your help, but ultimate helped you more than anything. Helped you smile; helped you learn that maybe you could start to change your definition of okay. Smut.

(A/N: please see the end for more notes, because i’m upset and i’m going to blabber on waaay too much about Glenn. but i did start writing this, and had most of it written long before i got the most devastating news in the world last night. this is set pre-season one, very early on into the apocalypse, before society has dissolved and before Glenn meets any of the other characters from the show. and for this fic, warnings for: blood, gore, ‘killing’, violence, mentions of violence, alcohol use, drunkness, Glenn being adorable, smut, mild dominance, extreme dirty talk, swearing, and pretty much every no-no thing under the sun. i really hope you enjoy reading this. -Tanisha<3)

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Hello, hello, is anyone there?" 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Help me! Help me, please!” Bang, bang. “God, please someone open the door!”

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ID #57050

Name: Laura
Age: 16
Country: United States

I’m an ‘average’ Asian living in the US but I really have no friends that can relate to me or have the same interests as me. I used to love reading and watching anime, but nowadays I mostly stay within the K-pop zone. I’ve been into kpop for around 3 years and my bias groups are currently BTS, EXO, GOT7, BIG BANG, Block B, KARD, IU, Twice and what used to be 2NE1, SISTAR, 4MINUTE :( I also like solo artists in K-hiphop including Dean, Jay Park, Heize, Zico, Crush, and Live. Other than K-pop, I love to draw and have won multiple awards in my state, district, and school. I would say I am quite reserved when I meet someone, but once I get to know them I’m more open and talkative. Other things you might want to know: dad jokes come with me, i also speak Cantonese and Spanish and I’m learning mandarin, and this is random but my favorite color is red (?? What are you lol)

Preferences: I would prefer someone around the age of 14-18. I would also like if you were Chinese but if not I’m okay with that :)

anonymous asked:

What ethnicity is Naveen supposed to be? Cause I honestly couldn't tell if he was South American or European.. I know he isn't white I just don't know what ethnicity he's supposed to be.

(Before I start, none of this is confirmed by Disney, just all inferred from what we’re shown in the film, and all screencaps are unedited)

Naveen: Sanskrit origin and Hindi (national language of India) usage, meaning New/Pleasant

onia: The name of his Kingdom is VERY likely based off the Maldives which is an island nation in the Indian Ocean/Arabic Sea. Someone hailing from the Maldives is referred to as Maldivian which has a similar conjugation to “Maldonian”

Maldakesh: From the newspaper announcing Naveen’s arrival, an early version of Maldonia’s name seems to be used, which is clearly a amalgamation of Maldives and Bangladesh (another South Asian country)

Accent: The Maldives was colonised by the Portuguese (along with the British and Dutch) from the 1500s, which would make sense to why Naveen has a accent similar to his Brazilian (Portuguese-speaking) voice actor Bruno Campos

Lawrence: The Maldives were also colonised by the British until the 20th Century, which would logistically make sense for Lawrence to be working in Maldonia

Parents: The hairstyle and clothing of Mother Maldonia is very similar to formal dress in South Asian nations, the facial features of Father Maldonia are very similar to average South Asian features (especially the mustache)  

Skin Colour and Features: Looking at the first appearances of all the Madonian Royal Family, Maldonians seem to be of either Middle Eastern/South Asian heritage

Also, I quite like these headcanon explanations here [x] [x]

In conclusion, it is very likely that Maldonia (names, colonisation, accent, features) is based off the Maldives, meaning Maldonians are very likely of South Asian heritage. 

(Although Disney will never confirm either way, as it is much easier to cast other races for lighter skinned characters with unconfirmed ethnicities such as Aladdin, Jasmine and Naveen in the parks and shows than for characters such as Tiana, Mulan and Facilier).

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Hi. I'm just entering the gay scene. I'm getting really demoralized by all the forum posts that talk about being Asian as an impediment to one's sex life in the US. I'd really like to believe that if I focused on my appearance and worked out, I could be just as successful as any non-Asian out there. Maybe I'd have to work harder than them, but being Asian isn't an automatic death sentence to being sexually desirable. Care to weigh in with some of your experiences?

To say being an average looking gay Asian man in America is not limiting to one’s sex life would be dishonest. Gay America highly values physical attributes that we possess or want to possess, and gay American society has not yet adapted “average” or “Asian” as a priority. This is to say that life can be though out there, especially when looking for sex and love.

When I first came out, I experimented with average/below-average looking guys because I had lower self esteem. I knew I was somewhat attractive, but I thought I wasn’t {insert desirable trait} enough for the guys I liked. My sex life was anchored to dating apps like Adam4Adam and Downelink (really old site), and when things didn’t work out I blamed it on either the guy for not being truthful for how he looked, or because I was not “good” enough.

Something happened, or rather an accumulation of revelations, happened when I was 20-23 years old. I began to understand that my face could only be so attractive to so many people, so I worked harder on other skills: music, languages, leadership, and teaching. I worked up confidence, albeit sometimes shaky, to be comfortable with myself. That gave rise to a sense of confidence and arrogance that some guys go crazy for.

You do whatever will make you happy, and if it’s being the recipient of sexual desire, then work on things that would attract the guys you want. I worked on my chest and arms and that did the trick for me. 

Internal validation is great, but external validation is so much sweeter.

v-mons  asked:

Hi there, so just a couple moments ago I stumbled upon an edited yoongi photoset and however much I am opposed to whitewashed Yoongi, the credits of the fansite state that it isn't editable. Now I understand that of course, this is a restoration blog and I understand that the main cause is to "restore" photos that have been whitewashed but at the same time we need to respect the original fansites regardless of whitewashing. (1/2)

I totally understand that you cannot control what has been submitted to you, and obviously you’d assume that if a photo has been edited that has respected the original fansite’s wishes but if you don’t mind, could you take it down? It was the flame in my heart: suga photoset from changwon kpop festival. I’m so sorry to send this message to you but it really does irk me when people edit non-editables, I hope you understand. (2/2)

It was nice of you to message us, but unfortunately we must decline on your request to take down “uneditable pictures”. 

But considering you were much nicer than most people that have talked to us, we will give you an explanation as to why:

  • Plenty of, but not all, fansites make profit off of their photos. Having a fansite means that you are offering a type of brand with the photos as a product. We as consumers are well within out rights to dispute, criticize, and call out on their behavior.
  • Some fansites that exist that are editable, also request us not to restore them. Because they don’t want people to criticize their behavior.
  • Think about the effect one whitewashed picture has on an idol: They have to deal with pressures of a damaging beauty standard by applying makeup/wearing skin whitening products/whitewashing their own selfies already from internalized colorism. And yet despite this, fansites are still DISRESPECTING and TREATING the idol/person they are taking pictures of as if they are a lesser being. Fansites/fans have already made fun of idols for their skin, whitewashed official photos, taken their selfies and whitewashed them more, etc. Idols have already publicly stated that they don’t like being treated this way. Including taehyung multiple times.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects fans: Fans are going to be brainwashed into thinking that the whitewashed photo is an  accurate representation to the real thing, and when it comes to international fans, they start associating these traits to all east/southeast asian people. This has already led to racial fetishization and stereotyping what a east/southeast asian should look like. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo effects an east/southeast asian people: It fuels colorism and xenophobia within the east/southeast asian community. This would give more power to light skinned asians as they are seen as the “right version” of what an asian should look like. It also justifies discriminating behavior towards asians with average/dark skin tones through bullying, violence, sexual harassment, and other dehumanizing acts. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects dark skinned east/southeast asians: It builds up their insecurity with their skin, seeing how a person they look up to look a certain way, or how people call the person they look up to ugly because of their skin color, damages their self esteem from internalized colorism. If you add discrimination based on skin color to it, especially to young kids, it could ruin them for a long time.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo leads to racism: Because colorism is based on the discrimination of dark skin color within a mono racial community, it already has lead into racism. This leads further prejudism and discrimination amongst race groups.

If you take these into account, from one whitewashed photo, it damages up to millions of people around the world. And the history of this has lasted for generations and generations.

Restores only hurt one person: The personal feelings of the whitewasher. Restore blogs have no respect to fansites whatsoever and we simply do not have to because of how damaging and prejudist their behavior is.

It’s not like the fansites respect company fan etiquette and idols’ personal space anyway. They aren’t supposed to take pictures at concerts and venues, they aren’t supposed to take pictures of them at private settings, they aren’t supposed to follow them around constantly, they aren’t supposed to make the idols feel horrible about themselves and yet they do.

And I will end off at this note. 

Why do you want us to respect the fansite, more than we should respect the person in the picture? 

Why do we have to respect people who hurt who they “supposedly” love?

- Admin Matte

Before I got into Tumblr, I was a very ignorant person. Not to where I would say something offensive to someone, but ignorant on how the world works. Before, I didn’t feel insulted when I had relatives call me an Oreo or nicknamed me “white girl”. I didn’t feel anything when people are surprised that I hated rap and hip hop, but like foreign music. I didn’t even feel insulted when I was commented on how I have big boobs but no booty. After I read so many important posts about feminism, gay rights, white supremacy, things black women going through and tons of other stuff, I decided to not tolerate any misogynist nor racist behavior from anyone. Don’t call me white girl. I’m BLACK. Don’t call me an Oreo. I’m dark both outside and IN. First off, you have no right to comment on my body. I can have the body of an average Asian woman and still be black. Just because I don’t fit the stereotype of black women does not make me any less of one. Educate yourself. Just like how I had to.


The staggering difference between rich Asian Americans and poor Asian Americans

As you can see on one end, the poorest Asian people average around $9K a year whereas the richest average over $1.4M a year. This is a HUGE gap. So by looking at this chart, yeah some Asian people are rich as hell but many are very poor as well.

It is dangerous to stereotype ALL Asian people as being rich and making hundreds of thousands to millions when we have lots of other Asian families making four-digit figures. What this does is that it masks all the poor Asian people and since everyone thinks all Asian people are rich, no one will pay attention to their cries.

So stop stereotyping all Asian people as being wealthy, stop using rich Asian people as “proof” of white privilege not existing, stop erasing poor Asian people, and most importantly, stop pitting the gains of Asian communities against black and non-black communities of color as a way of victim-blaming and thereby, ignoring their cries as well. Thanks.

Angry Asian Guy