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Quetzalcoatlus goes down in history as the largest flying organism of all time, with a wingspan of 12 metres, which is larger than some planes. Quetzalcoatlus was the undisputed king of the Late cretaceous skies, so it seems fitting that its name is derived from an Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. Although its wingspan is impressive, Quetzalcoatlus also had a huge 2.5 metre long skull, that is the average height of an Asian elephant!
To get such a huge animal in the air, a complex system of air sacs was needed inside the bones, this meant that Quetzalcoatlus probably weighed no more than 250kg. Quetzalcoatlus, along with many pterosaurs, was originally thought to spend most of its time gliding over the oceans, skimming fish out from the surface of the water with their elongated beaks. However, due to the skull and beak morphology and the presence of fossils far inland it has become more widely accepted that Quetzalcoatlus stalked prey far below on the land. The fore and hind limb morphology of Quetzalcoatlus also suggests that they were competent walkers on the land, they would have stood up to 3 metres tall. 

The feeding habits of Quetzalcoatlus still remain something of a mystery. It was originally thought to be more of a scavenger, but the blunt beak was unsuited to stripping and picking flesh of a bony creature. It is more likely that Quetzalcoatlus hunted like modern-day storks, stalking the land from the skies above for smaller animals and then swooping down to eat them whole.

the lunar chronicles is basically Fairytales In Space, but the royalty kicks more ass than they would in an average fairytale. highlights include:

  • Asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • anything apart from that is a spoiler. but really why would u need anything else. it’s asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • little Red Riding hood is a French farmer girl ready to Fight Anyone at All Times
  • despite her proficiency with a shotgun she doesn’t really like violence
  • Space Rapunzel is still named after a vegetable
  • her long hair which has tangled and matted after seven years of captivity is cut into the obligatory Space Bob
  • snow white is black
  • precious cinnamon roll literally too beautiful for her world
  • her head is The Terrordome (psychological issues)
  • the prince/emperor is so done with everything his adviser just lets him mope around visibly inside the palace walls it’s hilarious
  • the Evil Queen is so extra like gotdang she’s a powerful telepath with an army of wolf-men and a ton of evolved spaceships and she throws a lot of temper tantrums which involves killing thousands of people by the minute
  • kylo ren wishes he could
  • flynn rider was blind that one time
  • his ship is named the R A M P I O N and it has a naked lady painted on the side
I’d tell you more but really, spoilers. and i haven’t even finished winter yet

Meet NCT 127+ Ten feat. My bff

Aye I don’t usually put out original or creative content but I’m feeling a little frisky lately. And I already know that people have done this before so don’t comment on thattt… ight leggo

*disclaimer: I (obviously) do not own any of these photos nor am I responsible for my friend’s opinion because I am just a median*

Taeil (Owl Impressionist)

  • he has a nice jawline
  • he’s cute
  • 8.5

Johnny (Mr. Seo)

  • ya boy looks like an Asian Joey Tribbiani from ‘Friends’
  • he has good hair tho and a nice, strong jawbone
  • 6.5

Taeyong (TY Track)

  • he has a nice, slim face
  • and a nice nose
  • 9

Yuta (Utah)

  • he looks like a white punk rock kid
  • why do all these Asians have nice jawbones??
  • 7.5

Doyoung (Bunny)

  • the average Asian
  • he has good eyebrows
  • 7

Ten (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,TEN)

  • *suggestive eyebrows*
  • cute as heccckkkkkk
  • 8.75

Jaehyun (Jeffrey)

  • mmm-mmm-mmm good
  • there’s a word to describe him, mys-mis-… me: mischievous?? oH YEAH thatt
  • 9.25

WinWin (LoseLose)

  • meh I don’t really like em’
  • 5

Mark (Mork)

  • he looks like a frat boy at the beach
  • looks like he tryna bring the bowl cut back
  • 9 *still gives him a 9 tho…*

Haechan (Dongsookie)

  • mmmmm
  • i’d smash
  • 9.5

And that^^^concludes it

should I do the rest of NCT DREAM? 🤔🤔

State Of Emergency (Glenn Rhee Smut)

Summary: With the world changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know if the knock at your door is going to be your death, or your savior. This time it just happens to be a squishy cute pizza delivery man who was oblivious to it all. Someone you thought needed your help, but ultimate helped you more than anything. Helped you smile; helped you learn that maybe you could start to change your definition of okay. Smut.

(A/N: please see the end for more notes, because i’m upset and i’m going to blabber on waaay too much about Glenn. but i did start writing this, and had most of it written long before i got the most devastating news in the world last night. this is set pre-season one, very early on into the apocalypse, before society has dissolved and before Glenn meets any of the other characters from the show. and for this fic, warnings for: blood, gore, ‘killing’, violence, mentions of violence, alcohol use, drunkness, Glenn being adorable, smut, mild dominance, extreme dirty talk, swearing, and pretty much every no-no thing under the sun. i really hope you enjoy reading this. -Tanisha<3)

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Hello, hello, is anyone there?" 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Help me! Help me, please!” Bang, bang. “God, please someone open the door!”

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NSFW A-Z (BTS Namjoon)

A/N: This isn’t my format, but I cannot find who originally did it so ctto.  Please tell me if you like it! <3



Namjoon is at least into light BDSM, which means that aftercare is necessary and he knows that.  He will take such well care of you and make sure that you are okay.  If he slapped your ass, he would massage it and oil it.  He would be perfect.

B=Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

This boy loves your ass.  He touches it whenever he can.  When you make out, he grabs your ass.  He loves to touch.  For him, he wants your attention on his dick.  He like dick and balls worship so he loves when you pay special attention to his dick and “worship” it.


Namjoon loves to see his cum on you.  He would still be kind about if you don’t want him coming somewhere specific, but he still loves it.  He likes when it drips down your ass crack the best, but on your tongue is a close second.

D=Dirty Secret (A dirty secret of theirs)

Namjoon just has a lot of kinks that he doesn’t tell you about because he doesn’t feel super comfortable telling you about them and doesn’t think that you will be okay with it.  For example, Namjoon likes the idea of floggers, but thinks you won’t so he just sticks with his hand.

E=Experience (Are they experienced in sex?)

He knows what he is doing.  That’s all you need to know.  You don’t need to know about the number of partners he has had, the amount of porn he has watched, or how much research he has done.  Just know that he knows what he’s doing and that you can trust him.

F=Favorite position

His favorite position is doggy style because it gives him the ability to look and play with you ass and well as rub your clit and pull your hair.  He feels like a king in that position and he knows that it gives both you the most pleasure.

G=Goofy (Are they goofy or serious?)

Most of the time, sex is serious.  It is about pleasure and that is it.  However, every now and then, you two will have lazy morning sex and that may involve giggles.  Although this occurs far and few between so it isn’t something to often expect.

H=Hair (Are they trimmed?)

Namjoon finds it manly to have some slight hair down there.  He prefers to have his shaft and balls clean, but a little hair on the flat surface just above to show that he can grow hair.  It is not gross and makes sure it’s all clean.

I=Intimacy (How are they, romantic, passionate, etc…?)

He is debatable.  He loves you so dearly and shows you that after, but during he likes to degrade you and it makes his intimacy lessen.  You both trust each other and that shows how intimate you are willing to be, but it isn’t very visible during the act.

J=Jack off (Masturbation)

He likes to save it for you.  If he wants to masturbate, you have to watch.  He will call you up on facetime and make sure you see his face.  He would want you to give him a show as he gently strokes himself.  It would involve so much dirty talk and just be incredible.

K=Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Namjoon has plenty kinks and we all know this boy is daddy af.  He loves dirty talk, daddy, D/s, spanking, foreplay, bondage, groping, and so much more.  You can bet that daddy, D/s, groping, and oral will happen every time (except for the occasional lazy morning sex), but he changes it up and adds other kinks.

L=Location (Fav place to do it)

Namjoon wants your sex life to be private so he prefers your sex life to remain in the bed, sometimes a hotel bed.  No one knows much about sex with you guys and you two keep it rather private.

M=Motivation (What turns them on/gets them going)

Namjoon gets turned on by your ass obviously.  He also gets turned on by many other things and can basically get hard whenever he wants.  If you are horny, he can get horny right away.  You are what turns him on.  Every inch of your skin.

N=NO (Something they would not do/turns offs)

Namjoon would never share you.  He is a fairly smart man and when he sees a guy with you, he trusts that you will be loyal, but during sex, he becomes crazed with the idea.  You will hear “You’re mine” quite frequently.

O=Oral (Giving/Receiving/Skill)

When Namjoon gives oral, he teases you via overstimulation and denial.  He likes doing so, but prefers spanking.  When you give him oral, he likes to hold the back of your head and push your head down.  The longer it goes, the more frequent his bucks up into your mouth will be.

P=Pace (Fast, slow, etc..?)

When Namjoon wants to tease you, he will go slow and deep and make you whine for him to go faster.  If you have been a good boy/girl, he will eventually speed up and make you wish for a break because he was making you feel so good so fast and you didn’t know what to do.

Q=Quickie (Their opinions of quickies)

Namjoon prefers to take his time with you, but he can never say no when his baby begs.  Quickies happen every now and then, but Namjoon also likes to leave you waiting and telling you that you cannot play with yourself and that you have to wait.

R=Risk (Experiment, take risks)

Namjoon likes to experiment and likes to take risks, but he also requires trust.  He would never try something if the two of you weren’t okay with the experiment.  He wanted you to be comfortable in every regard.  He loved to experiment though, really loved it.

S=Stamina (How long can they last?)

He lasts an average amount, but makes it last forever.  He teases you and makes foreplay last so long that it drives you crazy.  By the time you actually get to the intercourse, you were shaking from it all and couldn’t last long.

T=Toys (Do they own toys/use them?)

You bet your ass that Namjoon uses toys.  He has such a large collection of toys under the bed.  He has different types of the same thing and he will use all of them on you.  His first toy was handcuffs, but now a days he uses a long, thick ribbon unless you have been bad.  There a more than that though, don’t worry.

U=Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)

Not so much of a tease as he is just able to get you riled up.  You hang onto his words and everything he does to you and he loves to over stimulate your body and make you shake.  He still loves teasing you, but he doesn’t really need to when he has the natural effect.

V=Volume (How loud are they/what sounds they make?)

Namjoon isn’t very loud with his moans because he prefers to hear your whimpers, but he is talking frequently.  He mainly just breathes heavily and swears … a lot.  He loves to hear you and talk you through your orgasms so he is silent mostly.

W=Wild Card (Random headcanon)

The first time you guys did the do, it was really awkward because he wanted to be rough and you wanted him to be, but he wasn’t sure and was nervous to share his kinks so it was lowkey bad and after you two laughed because it took forever to orgasm and that’s when you guys realize your funny mistake.

X=X-Ray (Under those pants)

Namjoon is very confident with his length and what he can do with it.  He keeps it manly and pretty and it really is above average for asian people so do not fret one bit.  He is solid.

Y=Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

He has as high a sex drive as anyone else his age.  He sometimes comes home from practice and tells you about how the adrenaline gave him a hard on.  He can also get horny whenever you are which shows how ready to go he always is.

Z=ZZZ (How quickly they fall asleep after)

He won’t fall asleep until he knows you have been taken care of.  He does his full deal of aftercare and asks you about how it was, craving the feedback and knowledge that you are okay.  He won’t fall asleep until after you do.

anonymous asked:

What ethnicity is Naveen supposed to be? Cause I honestly couldn't tell if he was South American or European.. I know he isn't white I just don't know what ethnicity he's supposed to be.

(Before I start, none of this is confirmed by Disney, just all inferred from what we’re shown in the film, and all screencaps are unedited)

Naveen: Sanskrit origin and Hindi (national language of India) usage, meaning New/Pleasant

onia: The name of his Kingdom is VERY likely based off the Maldives which is an island nation in the Indian Ocean/Arabic Sea. Someone hailing from the Maldives is referred to as Maldivian which has a similar conjugation to “Maldonian”

Maldakesh: From the newspaper announcing Naveen’s arrival, an early version of Maldonia’s name seems to be used, which is clearly a amalgamation of Maldives and Bangladesh (another South Asian country)

Accent: The Maldives was colonised by the Portuguese (along with the British and Dutch) from the 1500s, which would make sense to why Naveen has a accent similar to his Brazilian (Portuguese-speaking) voice actor Bruno Campos

Lawrence: The Maldives were also colonised by the British until the 20th Century, which would logistically make sense for Lawrence to be working in Maldonia

Parents: The hairstyle and clothing of Mother Maldonia is very similar to formal dress in South Asian nations, the facial features of Father Maldonia are very similar to average South Asian features (especially the mustache)  

Skin Colour and Features: Looking at the first appearances of all the Madonian Royal Family, Maldonians seem to be of either Middle Eastern/South Asian heritage

Also, I quite like these headcanon explanations here [x] [x]

In conclusion, it is very likely that Maldonia (names, colonisation, accent, features) is based off the Maldives, meaning Maldonians are very likely of South Asian heritage. 

(Although Disney will never confirm either way, as it is much easier to cast other races for lighter skinned characters with unconfirmed ethnicities such as Aladdin, Jasmine and Naveen in the parks and shows than for characters such as Tiana, Mulan and Facilier).

Joel Kim: Just Your average Asian Kid raised by Evangelical White Parents

Comedian, Joel Kim Booster, makes it clear in his first stand up special on Comedy Central that he did not have the most traditional life growing up in the Midwest as the adopted Asian son of Evangelical White parents. He jokes his parents are ambivalent about his success, but that can’t be said about all his fans.

Sneak a peek of his stand up special http://logo.to/2xiC40r

okay i just have to say one thing about colorism in the asian (mostly around the chinese/japanese/korean area) community.

considering the fact that i’m asian myself…and that i’m also a rather dark skinned asian in comparison to the average asian, i think i have a pretty good amount of knowledge in the area.

asian people in that area want themselves want to be white; they see beautiful as milky skin and rosy cheeks, also urged that way by society. when you see an asian woman go outside during the summer, even if it’s cloudy, she always has three layers of sunscreen on and has an umbrella over her head, and shes probably invested hundreds of dollars into whitening creams/other techniques. having pale colored skin, in their eyes, represents wealth, position, beauty, etc. it’s, in their eyes, a goal to reach to become beautiful.

to go with that, chinese people, at least, have two skin colors. white and black. there isn’t “darker skin” or anything in between the lines. your skin is either “white” or it’s “black”, and this is in the asian community. where everyone in the western world sees our skin as “yellow” etc. etc., in our own eyes, we’re white and black. 

the most casual compliment being “你又白了!” meaning: “you’ve gotten whiter again!” or they say “你又黑了“ , or “you’ve gotten blacker again” as a negative connotation. meitu xiu, the most commonly used photo editing tool in asia having the “whitening filter”, i could honestly go on and on and on.

that’s the worst feeling in the world, seeing someone through my asian eyes as beautiful because of their white skin. i do regret feeling bad about how dark my skin color is, but it’s still hard to shake off. 

to top that off, i live in a place where having tan skin is a better thing. being pale is seen as looking “pasty”. imagine actually living in korea/china/japan and having darker skin, facing segregation for not being “good looking enough”. everyone knows that there’s persecution against those who are seen as “ugly”, so having darker skin?one of the ugliest traits when it comes to them. 

i understand i’m not representing the entire asian community by saying this, but i am representing at least the chinese one. being called “blacker” or being teased for darker skin shouldn’t be as prevalent as it is. 

colorism in the asian community is not a joke, so don’t joke about it. thanks.