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Disabled people are pushed so hard to live up to abled standards, and I’m honestly sick of it. Why should I have to work 1000x harder than the average person just to achieve someone else’s goal for me?

So what if I never have a job? So what if I’m happy focusing on my hobbies and spending time with my family? I still deserve respect. I still deserve to live in this world, and so does every single disabled person, regardless of what they can or cannot do.

When you've had ADHD for a long time but still feel dumb

Hey! I’ve had ADHD for a long time now, I’m 22 and was diagnosed at age 5.

Even knowing that I have it, I sometimes still feel useless, loser-ish, and lazy.

I’m not any of those things in reality.

When I lived in Maryland, schools had a good system for dealing with it, and I even managed to move up to advanced classes! I was an average/high achiever student in elementary school, but when my family moved to the Middle East… everything went to shit.

I had just started middle school then, but they had no systems or schools for students with learning disabilities! And I was the kind of person who couldn’t write a paragraph in an essay without teachers watching me.
In other words, I failed every course I had that year, and it was blamed on me. I felt like a failure.

I went through high school with serious depression and anxiety that went undiagnosed because nobody knew how to deal with my ADHD!!! With maturity and desperation, I managed to pick up my grades and get top scores in 11th and 12th grade and even managed to get into medical school with a scholarship!

I’m still in medical school (haven’t failed yet!!) and while I still annoy professors and friends now and then by suddenly interrupting conversations or stimming, I get by.
I still have depression, anxiety, and now panic disorder, but I get by. I take meds, use alarms to remind me, and even get good grades. My life is okay now.

I wanted to let people with ADHD know that sometimes it sucks, but that it can be overcome.

Good luck!

There is a New World’s Fastest Production Car

A Koenigsegg Agera RS driven by Koenigsegg factory driver, Niklas Lilja, has completed high speed runs in Pahrump, NV.

The average speed achieved, measuring runs in both directions, was 447.0 km/h (277.9 mph). This is a new world record for a production vehicle. All data recorded and verified on site by Racelogic.

According to the VBOX data, the top overall speed was 284.3 mph. 


Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Landspeed World Record, 2010. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. achieved a new land speed world record for production cars, on the proving grounds of the Volkswagen Group at Ehra-Lessien. In the presence of the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) and a representative of Guinness World Records, the Super Sport achieved an average top speed of 431 km/h (268 mph).

Sleeping Dogs: PROFILES [Youngbin]


based on my SF9 as: Mafia post found here

so this is a way for you all to get portions of each boy’s backstory prior to Sleeping Dogs; don’t be fooled though, there’s more to these stories than you think, and the scars, oh they run deep.

+ admin L

    They are one of the most feared gangs in all of Seoul, their names spoken only in hushed tones. Nine brothers with an unbreakable bond thicker than blood, who will kill all those who oppose them.

    But, in order to understand how these boys’ stories and hearts are intertwined, one must first know who they were as individuals.

    Enter: The Red Dragons

Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani



D.O.B: November 23rd, 1993

STATUS: Alive; Leader of the Red Dragons

NOTES: Youngbin had lived a relatively normal life; his parents owned a local bakery, he attended University and achieved above average grades, and had a woman he loved since high school.

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Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you run 8 miles straight
and eat 4 strawberries for breakfast
and half a slice of toast for lunch (with a teaspoon of jam)
and pride yourself for being healthy

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you use the phrase “nothing is impossible” as a weapon against yourself, a driving force to attain the unattainable

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
you got that internship you wanted and the straight A’s you desired
and I know you want a round of applause but sadly I can’t join in
I watched you pop pill after pill and never smile and wear yourself sick just to achieve your goal
and denied it when I asked why the little space under your eyes were becoming black holes

Take care of yourself
I sat and watched as you screamed in my face and got defensive when I said this
when I said “take care of yourself”
Because whatever chord those four words hit,
It hurt too much to bear
And you’d much rather be comfortable with being uncomfortable
and show everyone how wrong you think they are
Than admitting this all to yourself
And giving yourself a break

I hope you take care of yourself
Because you’ve turned yourself into a robot
Forced to oblige by numbers set by calories and pounds and inches and grade point averages and amounts of achievements and successes and wins
But can’t remember the last time you slept in
Or treated yourself to the warmth of those chocolate chip cookies made fresh and by hand
Or wrote an entry in your journal
Or had a deep soulful laugh
Or didn’t turn down a night out with the friends you had before they got tired of trying to reason with an empty being
Or even considered getting help (because you are human yet strive to be spotless like an unboxed doll)
but please
because I can’t force you, only hope for you
take care of yourself

—  n.c. “Take Care of Yourself”
between the lines

sometimes you don’t need words to be said out loud to hear them.
shallura, with pining. 

for @braincoins​ // rated t // link to ao3

notes: yeah, i know it’s been a while since i’ve written anything. i’m a bit rusty, forgive me. i hope you enjoy!

Sometime between waking up this morning to a demanding alarm and crashing into Allura while rushing around the hallway corner in order to get to whatever it was that he was late for, the sudden realization that he might like Allura dawned on him.

Like — like liked.

And oh what a terrible time to be found holding his chin in deep thought, especially now.

“You seem to be musing profoundly about something, Shiro.”

The sound of his name on her tongue catches him at the worst moment possible.

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Thouhhts on the HK P30L? I'm a John Wick slut and that gun looks fantastic.

I’ve owned one since August 2015, and have put somewhere between 7k-10k rounds through it.

And I really like it. It’s easily in my top ten favorite handguns that I currently own.

It’s is pretty lightweight for a full sized handgun, weighing about 24 oz unloaded. And, for a full sized handgun, it’s pretty easy to carry (for me, at least). 

It’s also quite accurate. On average, it tends to achieve ~2in 5 shot groups at 25 yards. Best 5 shot group I’ve gotten was about 1.6in with ASYM Action Match 115gr. 

The V1 “Light LEM” trigger is pretty good. Not anything “match grade”, but it has little to no creep or grit during the take up, clean break and has a very positive reset without being too long. 

To me, it has one of the most comfortable grips you can get on a handgun. On top of you can customize the back straps & side panels to however you see fit. 

And like most HKs I’ve owned/encountered, it boringly reliable. Like I said earlier, I’ve put thousands of rounds of various 9mm through this thing since getting it in August 2015, through several high round count, long & rather filthy pistol courses, a few steel challenge matches, and regular range time, and it hasn’t had a single hiccup yet. Todd Green of pistoltraining.com put ~91,000 rounds through his over the course of 322 days with few problems.

And, aesthetically speaking, it’s concentrated hotness. I think there’s very few pistols that beat the P30L’s looks.

Some complaints would be that while it’s not a difficult gun to shoot, it does have a bit more muzzle flip than some other pistols. Especially compared to my CZs. Not enough to really make that much of a difference (still can get sub 2 second bill drills all day), but it is noticeable.

It barely has any aftermarket support.

Like most HKs, it has a small capacity for it’s size, only being 15+1. And few options to expand that capacity.

While the Light LEM trigger is pretty good, the stock DA/SA triggers aren’t great. They have quite a bit of creep & grit in them & the reset isn’t that positive.

The stock photoluminescent “night sights” aren’t that great. They’re quite useable at the range & in lit areas, but even “charged” with light are borderline useless due to how short the charge lasts.

Lastly would be the cost. Brand new, you’re looking at $850+ on average with magazines that cost $30-40+.

If you can swing it, buy one. At the very least, try one out. You might like it.

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Mirio soothing a stressed s/o regarding college? I'm personally having a lot of difficulty with that at the moment;;

mirio to the rescue!! I didn’t know exactly what you wanted so I did some headcanons to try and cover all the bases! I hope these help and you feel better soon dear! college is a ton of stress but also super fun and it’ll all work out


-If you’re stressing about getting into college, then Mirio is your biggest motivator. He spends as much time as he can with you telling you how amazing and hardworking you are. “You’re so smart! They’re all going to want you!” He’ll say, totally sincere. Mirio’s never been too keen in school, happy to achieve average grades his whole life and he thinks you’re a genius. He’s just happy that he’s on the hero track because there’s no way he’d do too hot in college, but he knows you will. He’s there to ease your worries about all the decisions you’re making, telling you that you’ll be great at whatever you decide to do.

-He always hangs around when you’re filling out applications, reading your essays and adding to your list of accomplishments where he thinks you’re selling yourself short. He might not be book smart, but he’s you smart, and your applications need to reflect how great you are! He never leaves until you’ve finished all you planned for that day, even though he is occasionally distracting when he whines for your attention or begs you to sit in his lap while you work. He deserves at least a couple of kisses for his unwavering love and support.

-If you’re having a hard time handling all the stress that just comes with being in college, then Mirio feels a little more useless but he still tries his best to help. He can’t really teach you the material you’re studying, but he can test you on your flashcards and reread that section of your textbook for you. You guys schedule study dates even though he doesn’t have to study, and Mirio always comes prepared with coffee and reward sweets for every one. He pulls all-nighters with you at the library when he can, falling asleep across from you around four a.m. and waking up when you throw a pen at him for snoring too loud.

-Mirio doesn’t have midterm or finals season, he doesn’t have to register for classes next semester and he’s never going to have to choose between working on a group project, an essay, or studying for an exam. That doesn’t really seem to matter though, because every time finals roll around Mirio is in your dorm or apartment, eating takeout and making late night caffeine runs. He actually comes to like finals season because it means he gets to spend a lot of his time with you, even if it is just quietly sharing the same space together.

Mortal Instruments Hogwarts AU: Ravenclaw

Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis and Ragnor Fell

Ravenclaws personify intelligence, wit, curiosity and love of learning. We all know about Ravenclaw, so let me just go into depth about why I think these characters suit the House.

Magnus is one of the top students in Seventh year (but he’d never be a prefect, because he doesn’t quite behave). He is extremely knowledgeable and naturally talented when it comes to magic, and he always loves to expand his knowledge for the sake of it. This directly parallels how he’s a high warlock in the canon TMI Universe. And Magnus is witty. Fight me. 

Similarly, Ragnor, too, is a powerful warlock in canon, and therefore a very adept wizard in this AU.

Raphael is also extremely intelligent- but he’s one of those people that has no time for stupidity, close-mindedness or ignorance. In the Mortal Instruments- in Shadowhunters, even- we see his desire to lead the vampire clan (most likely because he believes he’s what’s best for it). This is why I’ve decided he’s Head Boy in this AU. Magnus, Ragnor and Raphael are in their Seventh year.

Simon is a very open-minded, creative person. He’s a free-thinker and has a very individualistic personality. We know that people like this tend to belong in Ravenclaw. He’s a muggle-born wizard, but he acclimatized to the wizarding world extremely well. He, too, is an above-average achiever in class (most classes. He doesn’t really enjoy Potions), but he isn’t a prefect. He does, however, harbor a lot of…feelings for the Head Boy. Simon is in his Sixth Year.

The actual AU fanfiction will hopefully be uploaded by the end of the week. You’ll be able to find it on my ao3 account~

I wish… more people would understand that even if the numbers of a hero are average or look acceptable, that doesn’t mean said hero is any more or less fun to play. A hero can be totally statistically average, but if they achieve that by using a mechanic that isn’t engaging, either for the person playing that hero, that hero’s team, or the enemy team, then that mechanic is still a fundamental problem.

Roadhog was never overpowered, he was never really central to any meta, but he got looked at and reworked because no one enjoyed getting hooked and instantly dying. It didn’t feel good. The entire premise behind Mercy’s rework is because Mercy’s Resurrect as an ultimate created a lot of frustrating situations for everyone involved. She was never overpowered, but her central playstyle wasn’t fun for a lot of folks.

I just hate when people try to look at numbers pulled from overbuff or what have you and use that as the only evidence to whether a hero needs buffs/nerfs because you’ll find that, interestingly, these numbers don’t mean a whole lot. They exist in a vacuum. If a hero gets an average of 10.4 kills a game, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to get 10.4 kills. Plenty of heroes with subpar stats get picked up all the time because there’s more to a character than just their DPS, HPS, barrier up-time, etc.

I mean goodness, for another example, turn to Symmetra. That’s a hero who previous had, as Blizzard stated, good numbers across the board, even really good numbers. By the charts, Symmetra was one of the best heroes. And yet it didn’t take a genius to look at old Symmetra to realize that those numbers didn’t reflect properly the actual feeling of Symmetra and how much of a struggle it was to use her. Hence, a big rework.

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hii there!! i was wondering if you can please write a jb x jr fic. something sweet like they both like each other but is too shy to confess. then one of them ends up confessing in some really really cute way. and the setting is in like a little shop or neighborhood. and try your best to put as much fluff keke. i hope it makes sense? idk i kinda just wrote without really thinking about it xD thanks so much!!

warnings: none
word count: 9.7k
author: mno
a/n: hello i’m new and i tried (i may have taken liberties with “small shop”)

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What Your College Application Decisions Won’t Tell You

This article appears in Huffington Post College. It was written by Patrick O’Connor.

With many colleges releasing early admissions decisions (MIT will drop their decisions on 12/13/14 at 15:16), seniors are creating more parallel universes than the Matrix movies combined. This “what if” game is so intense, it’s easy to think you’ll know all about your future life, once the college says yea, nay, or maybe.

And that is absolutely wrong.

Applying to college isn’t easy, especially when you’re still on two sports teams, taking demanding classes, and preparing for your last Winter Concert. But all the applications you completed, letters of recommendation you tracked down, and essays you wrote (by yourself—right?) are designed for one purpose only—to help a college decide if they should admit you. When it comes to other parts of your life, a college decision tells you absolutely nothing about [the following]:

Succeeding at that college.

Most colleges are receiving more applications than ever before—so many that they can’t say yes to every qualified student. If you hear from a college this week and they deny or defer you, it doesn’t mean they don’t want you; it means that, like a good restaurant, they have more people that want to partake than they have space. That has nothing to do with you.

If a college admits you this week, it means they think you *can* do the work—but nothing’s guaranteed. Getting in is time to celebrate, but not time to put your feet up; use the rest of high school to take your academic game to another level.

Your ability to have a happy life.

I could pull out data from studies showing where you go to college has nothing to do with average income, career achievement, or life satisfaction—but numbers just aren’t that comforting right now. Instead, think back to a time in life when you didn’t get something you really wanted. It was disappointing, it hurt, and for a while, you weren’t sure what you were going to do. You then found Plan B, and realized that the opportunities it brought were just as good—or better—than what you had hoped Plan A would bring. If a college tells you no this week, Plan B awaits.

Your value as a person.

This is the time of year when we believe, more than ever, that the right “stuff” will make us a complete person. When you see ads with people thrilled to get the latest smartphone, automatic vacuum cleaner, or big screen TV that’s larger than a school bus, you can’t help but wonder why we just don’t buy one for everybody, since that is clearly the key to world peace.

But stuff doesn’t do that—and neither does a college decision. A yes from a college does’t make you somebody; the work you put into earn that yes did that. A no from a college doesn’t make you nobody; that happens when you decide their denial is a character indictment, instead of an opportunity to build a great life at another school.

Either way, your worth isn’t waiting in an e-mail that’s going to drop on 12/13/14 at 15:16 o’clock. Your worth is within you, and it isn’t waiting for much of anything, other than your recognition of its existence.

Applying to college is a big deal, and there are a lot of people who love you for who you are. They hope it all works out for you when college decisions are announced. Whether it works out or not, they’ll still love you for who you are.

I’m really hoping one of those people is you.

You could measure how much money the Tooth Fairy leaves under the pillow, whether she leaves more cash for the first or last tooth, whether the payoff is greater if you leave the tooth in a plastic baggie versus wrapped in Kleenex. You can get all kinds of good data that is reproducible and statistically significant. Yes, you have learned something. But you haven’t learned what you think you’ve learned, because you haven’t bothered to establish whether the Tooth Fairy really exists.

Harriet Hall, Tooth-Fairy Science

Important words for feminism and patriarchy theory (and other sociological nonsense haunting the academic fields).

You can measure all kinds of data of how women are oppressed and hated by men: less positions in politics, less average earnings, fewer civilisatory achievements - but if you do not check whether the hatred and oppression of women by men existed in the first place, whether it is a viable concept at all, it will not show you anything. It will, of course, reeinforce your conviction in your a priori assumptions.

Okay, I’ll be fair, when I first heard the new ghost busters were going to be women I was so sure they were going to be pinup rule 63 curvy supermodels

So, naturally I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw this image:

Simple, almost every female character in the history of forever, especially in the scifi/fantasy genre, has had to be society’s definition of beautiful.
Doctors, scientists, engineers, occupation doesn’t matter, if they’re in a science fiction/fantasy movie they always have to look like runway models in one way or another. And, hell, even female characters that are arguably well written have to be traditionally beautiful to earn any screen time or respect.

And yes, you can argue that it’s the same way with men in many films, but the list of movies staring average looking males who achieve incredible things without changing their physical appearance is considerably longer than any such list of women.

Heck, name one science fiction fantasy action film starring an average looking female.

Just one.

Honestly I think we need a movie out there that tells young girls they can be plain, and still be incredible. They can be simple, strange, goofy, or clumsy (and not in the ditzy/cute way), while also being capable of accomplishing amazing things.
You don’t have to fit society’s definition of beautiful to be worthwhile.

That’s why I want this movie to do well. That’s why I want this movie to turn out good so badly.
We need this. Young girls need this. This movie is important.