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Well, I think its because you haven't put anything out in a while. Maintaining interest is important in this market, its why Markiplier and DeadJosey pump out a video a day on average, they've achieved a fan base, but they need to maintain it. You just need to hit that sweet spot of quantity and quality. Its gonna take some time to do this.

We just can’t put out a video every day. We both work… God, this is frustrating…

Okay, I’ll be fair, when I first heard the new ghost busters were going to be women I was so sure they were going to be pinup rule 63 curvy supermodels

So, naturally I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw this image:

Simple, almost every female character in the history of forever, especially in the scifi/fantasy genre, has had to be society’s definition of beautiful.
Doctors, scientists, engineers, occupation doesn’t matter, if they’re in a science fiction/fantasy movie they always have to look like runway models in one way or another. And, hell, even female characters that are arguably well written have to be traditionally beautiful to earn any screen time or respect.

And yes, you can argue that it’s the same way with men in many films, but the list of movies staring average looking males who achieve incredible things without changing their physical appearance is considerably longer than any such list of women.

Heck, name one science fiction fantasy action film starring an average looking female.

Just one.

Honestly I think we need a movie out there that tells young girls they can be plain, and still be incredible. They can be simple, strange, goofy, or clumsy (and not in the ditzy/cute way), while also being capable of accomplishing amazing things.
You don’t have to fit society’s definition of beautiful to be worthwhile.

That’s why I want this movie to do well. That’s why I want this movie to turn out good so badly.
We need this. Young girls need this. This movie is important.

You could measure how much money the Tooth Fairy leaves under the pillow, whether she leaves more cash for the first or last tooth, whether the payoff is greater if you leave the tooth in a plastic baggie versus wrapped in Kleenex. You can get all kinds of good data that is reproducible and statistically significant. Yes, you have learned something. But you haven’t learned what you think you’ve learned, because you haven’t bothered to establish whether the Tooth Fairy really exists.

Harriet Hall, Tooth-Fairy Science

Important words for feminism and patriarchy theory (and other sociological nonsense haunting the academic fields).

You can measure all kinds of data of how women are oppressed and hated by men: less positions in politics, less average earnings, fewer civilisatory achievements - but if you do not check whether the hatred and oppression of women by men existed in the first place, whether it is a viable concept at all, it will not show you anything. It will, of course, reeinforce your conviction in your a priori assumptions.

Do white people want merit-based admissions policies? Depends on their competition.
Another example that meritocracy is a myth.
By Victoria M. Massie

an excerpt:

“Indeed, the degree to which white people emphasized merit for college admissions changed depending on the racial minority group, and whether they believed test scores alone would still give them an upper hand against a particular racial minority.

‘If grade point average is understood simply as an indicator of an individual’s work ethic or average academic achievement over a period of three or more years of high school coursework, the importance that grade point average should have as an admissions criteria should not vary based on the racial makeup or perceived group competition,’ Samson wrote.

As a result, the study suggests that the emphasis on merit has less to do with people of color’s abilities and more to do with how white people strategically manage threats to their position of power from nonwhite groups.”


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