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Where the Wild Things Are Chapter Update

↳   Chapter 1 Prologue (Hunted) Rewritten

Situated in the higher end of the middle-class, the house at the end of Oakridge Avenue wasn’t much different from the rest of the suburban replicas. The spacious two-story home was a faded subtle green with white trim, just as quaint and well taken care of as the other houses on its street. The grass was freshly mowed, the bushes surrounding the home well trimmed, and the wrap around porch often swept clean.

While the rest of the house was dark in the oncoming midnight hour, the two upper bedrooms remained alight.

A figured watched patiently from across the street, hidden by the overgrown elm and the cover of darkness. Focused blue eyes watched the distorted figure move back around the eastern bedroom, the female silhouette clear even through the beige curtains.

Gordon stared outside the mess hall window, squinting slightly in concentration and chewing on a mouthful of Quantico potatoes while Jeffries spoke, listening to him but also not listening. Conventional avenues weren’t going to work for this. He swallowed and then looked back at Jeffries across the table, interrupting him almost mid-sentence.

“I think we need to have a seance.”


Fanfic Author Interview :)

I was tagged by @visnomer. Thank you!

1. What inspires your work most? (The show it is based on, the actor who portrays a certain character, maybe the character itself…? It could even be an experience.)

Characters, esp characters with large amounts of cognitive dissonance going on. Is your character in deep denial about something? Do their actions not match their words? Are they kind of (or a lot) a dick? I’m there.

2. What is your favorite fandom to write for?

Right now Masquerada is really fun to write for, because I feel like there are so many avenues that haven’t been explored there. :D But Borderlands is very easy to write for, once I have an idea that catches my interest.

3. Which perspective do you prefer writing in? (First-person, third-person)

A tight third person limited. I am a sucker for the unreliable narrator, and since and since most people are unreliable narrators of their own lives, it’s a natural fit.

4. Do you prefer writing reader fics or OCs?

I don’t do a lot of either. I haven’t written any either fic, and any OCs I’ve written are small and temporary. I usually write very tight narrow stories, so it’s rare that more than two or three canon characters make an appearance, haha.

5. Do you prefer writing longer works or one shots?

Haha both? I’m really bad at writing longer narratives BUT I often have multiple ideas for the same setting, so what often happens is that I’ll write a series of one shots set in the same universe. Almost everything I write starts out as a one-shot, though - I rarely go into it planning to write a series. It just sort of - happens.

6. Do you take requests?

Yes and no. I love getting requests - but I am very bad at filling them in a timely manner. Additionally - and this is no reflection on the sender! - they don’t always jive with what I want to write. Different strokes, and all that. And I have too much to write already without forcing myself to write something that I don’t enjoy. So while I am always open to requests, I have a very low finish rate unless something really catches my imagination.

7. Do you enjoy getting random Asks?

Yes! But I never feel like I have a good enough answer, haha.

8. What inspires the names for OCs (or extra character names) in your works? Do you pick them from real life or just select them at random? A mix?

I just pick a name and random and try not to overthink it. Any non-canon charaters in my writing are meant to be unmemorable - I want you to be thinking about what I have to say about the canon characters, not secretary number 3. This is not her story.

9. If your story(ies) have OCs, are their appearances based on real people or celebrities? If so, who?

Again, when I write fanfiction I’m not writing for OCs. So they are often quite literally faceless in my brain. My writing tends to be light on the physical description anyway; I prefer to let the reader fill in the details as they please.

10. How long have you been writing fanfiction?

I think I just passed the two year anniversary, holy god.

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Do you, or any of your lovely followers, happen to know of a place one could watch the Viz dub of SM S? I've been watching the show streamed on Viz's site but it looks like they only have up through R... Or have they not dubbed past that yet?

Hi, anon! Viz has dubbed S, but it’s only available on DVD or Blu-Ray, as far as I know. I think it was a decision on Viz’s part to try and bring in more money from the DVD sales, which I can understand from a business standpoint. So, it is out there, just not in a web platform. Of course, I’m sure there are places in the far reaches of the internet where you can find it, but more than likely those avenues wouldn’t be legal xD 

Hi 😊 Just an update!

Halfway through the school semester and feeling soooooo amazing. Had a meeting with my math professor today and he quelled any fears I had about myself, academically. He was like, “Where did all your self doubt and negative self talk come from?! You’re super intelligent and you’re picking this stuff up so fast!” He was like, if ever, in your life you tell yourself “I can’t do it” REPLACE IT with “I can’t do it YET”. Wow. Probably the single greatest thing I’ve heard this year.

Sugaring is going great. I am so proud of what I’ve made for only being 10 days in. I can’t even imagine what it will be like in a couple months. I’m so, so, so grateful because the Universe has been taking care of me through various avenues. I haven’t had to worry. I don’t need to work a regular job. I’ve known for quite awhile that selling your time for money is inefficient. It’s all about investing and making money while you sleep. I am getting to explore new sides of myself. I am bowed over, filled with gratitude and love.

I turn 28 in 13 days!!! I am tripping out I just can’t believe it! What a fantastic phenomenon it is. Saturn my Daddy has found me to gift all of the solutions to life!

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Favorite song(s) by the following queens: Kesha, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Adele, Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato, Lorde

Kesha: Boogie Feet, Boots, Praying, and like 80% of her old stuff.

Pink: Perfect, Raise Your Glass, So What, True Love

Miley: Wrecking Ball, Party in the USA

Avril: Keep Holding On, Happy Ending

Katy: Literally too many to count. BUT. Teenage Dream, The One that Got Away, By the Grace of God, It Takes Two, Into Me You See, and Save as Draft.

Taylor: Love Story, Shake it Off, Blank Space, Wonderland

Gaga: All her old shit, but Paparazzi and Speechless are my favs.

Rihanna: Love the Way You Lie Part II is my shit. Also Disturbia is always a banger.

Beyoncé: Love on Top is my #1

Ariana: Honeymoon Avenue, They Don’t Know About Us, and One Last Time are my favs.

Adele: God, where do I start. Make You Feel My Love, Hello, Remedy, and All I Ask. 

Alessia Cara: Here, Stars, Scars to your Beautiful, Wild Things.

Demi: So many…. La La Land, Don’t Forget, Stone Cold, Skyscraper, Stars, Made in the USA.

Lorde: I don’t know a lot by her tbh. Royals is like one of the only Lorde songs I know. 

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1. The Moment I Knew - Taylor Swift ):

2. Only Place I Call Home - Every Avenue

3. I Can’t Not Love You - Every Avenue

4. Gonna Get Better - Fifth Harmony

5. Fearless - Taylor Swift

What a fucking good playlist. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. WOW.

**Send me a “♫” and I will put my music on shuffle and give you a 5 song playlist**